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My child still thinks sleep is for suckers and keeps getting me up every few minutes. That means that it's time for Fast and Furious. Not too fast, nor too furious, but just fast and furious enough. There are also no numbers in this title.

Well, Brian has not developed any sense of protecting himself from getting all kinds of dead and/or seriously injured, it seems... )
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Apparently you never know how much you can miss Vin Diesel until he's gone. Funny that. Still, this movie had many things going for it, and many things that made me want to hit my head with a rubber mallet until it Stopped Being Like That Oh My God. Also, Paul Walker is a pretty, pretty man, who has clearly made someone in wardrobe very unhappy. I sincerely hope that this trend does not continue in the next movie, or I may sustain a brain injury of some kind.

I begin by restating my opinion that if the police wanted to stop this whole street racing thing, they might want to start by following the booming music, giant crowds, and dozens of so-bright-you-can-see-them-from-space cars. Just a thought. )
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Okay... I made a promise to [ profile] apetslife about a million years ago, and then life and babies and distraction happened, and I'm only just now catching up on it. Therefore? It is now time for:


(contains spoilers. Many, many spoilers.)

I feel like I'm Eddie Izzard talking about watching girls play hopscotch. 'What? Did what wrong? Fucked up what? What did they do right? It makes no sense!' )
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What are 10 of your most favorite actors' portrayals of characters in movies or television?

I have cheated. A lot. But I tried to make myself pick 10 different shows or movies, and in the process, I realized that a lot of the characters I truly love, it's a package deal, and not even usually in a shippy way.

In no particular order: )
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I have a... well, I don't know if it's a good habit or a bad habit, but if a movie is recced strongly enough for me by people I trust and I find it for a really good price, chances are I'm going to buy it, even if I've never seen it before. But sometimes even if they're sitting on my shelf, it takes me forever to actually just sit my ass down and watch them, so... this is my list of movies/TV shows that are actually in my house, and the boxes still have the plastic on them.

On VHS: )

On DVD: )

And I have 'acquired' these, and have them on my computer, but haven't watched: )

So... what haven't I seen that I need to go and watch right this minute, young lady!?
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... wow. That subject line is just... meh. Imma leave it *snerk*.

So, I've now seen Alexander and A Home at the End of the World, and I can no longer claim that I've never seen a Colin Farrell movie. t, Jess, Fiercy- I hope you're proud *blames*.

Alexander I was actually surprised with how much I didn't dislike what you were given in the movie- my main piss off was how much you weren't given. There was SO MUCH they could have done with that movie, they had the cast, they had the talent, the money, the location, the frickin' elephants. And the fact that they cut out the emotional center of the movie crippled it. I'm not saying anything that anyone who watched it a kazillion years didn't already know, but still.

A Home at the End of the World solidifies my point that Colin Farrell needs a clause in his contract that says no more doofy wigs. Like, ever. He is way too pretty to let them keep doing that to his head- it's just wrong. And good lord *sob*. Good movie. Might be a long time before I watch it again, but I was really impressed.

Next up, I have Phone Booth, Gia, A Slipping Down Life, The Hours and The English Patient. Right. Okay, so... by the time I'm done watching seventeen sad assed movies in a row, can someone please ping me until it annoys me enough that I take my head out of the oven long enough for y'all to... tell me to keep my head out of the oven? Or- even better...

Rec me your favorite movies! Happy, funny, ones your favorite actor/pup/whatever is in, whatever- but for every sad movie I get rec'd, I need at LEAST two happy or funny ones.

Oh, and PS? It's 6am, and it's already 38C, with humidity (100F). *cries*
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I think the one thing doing this meme proved to me is that there are movies and TV shows I have possibly watched a few too many times, 'cause I totally thought that some of these were well known. Turns out that outside of Jaybrain... not so much!

Anyway- if you wanted to know which quotes was what, here are the answers... )

So with two and a half right, and bonus marks for recognizing Joss-dialogue when she hears it, [ profile] fiercy wins!
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Pick 10 of your favorite movie, tv, book or other quotes and post them in your journal.

Comments screened so everybody has a chance to leave a comment guessing where they're from. Some are harder than others.

The Quotes... )
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Okay... 'tis t-minus an hour before I leave to go see gaycowboymovie.

I have been awake for nearly 24 hours straight

I get teary just writing emotional/angsty RP logs

And I'm on my rag /TMI warning too late.

I am so totally fucked.
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Now, why have I been going to Blockbuster and tearing my hair out when there's a teeny little precious video store just around the corner from where I live. Granted, they don't have everything, but what they do have really surprised me- plus they've got previously viewed dvd's on sale.

Closer and Garden State for only $16 Canadian- and that's for both! Granted, I haven't seen Garden State, but I've wanted to for awhile, and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be good. It's supposed to be good, right? *peeks around*

Also rented:


I've seen Memento before, but I've been looking for an excuse to see it again. And I figure that for less than $3 a film, two for one, and you get them for a week, I can justify that.

I tried to find S.F.W, The Professional, and Who Shot Andy Warhol, but he didn't have them. Have to look for them later. But still- it was a good day.

I'm just all excited now. Nothing says fun like knitting a scarf while watching a movie about BDSM...
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Saw Serenity.

Was absofuckinglutely unbelievable. And I know that I"m the only one I know besides Oti who's seen it, so I'm not going to say anything, except go. Go, go, go, go, go. Go this weekend, go right away, go.

It was fun, it was scary, it was classic Joss.

And my love for Adam Baldwin (Jayne) has increased- and I didn't think that was possible.

Seriously, go see this movie, and don't ask me about it if you don't want to be spoiled, because ... just damn. Shocked the fuck out of me, and you'll enjoy it better if you don't know


Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Do you want to be Captain?
Jayne Cobb: Yeah, I do.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Oh.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Well, you can't!
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Okay- how did it take me this long to see that movie!

Loved it- absolutely loved it.

Renee- you were right- Juliet was a complete scream.

*am so tempted to just go back and watch it all over again*

Oh, and I want to lick JRM's accent, yes I do...

*goes back to the world of packing.*
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Mmm... so guess what trailers we got in new today?

Aeon Flux

A History of Violence


And guess who got to do trailer checks and get to watch them on the big screen!!!!

Okay, it was the two other people I work with...

Guess who snuck into the theatres for the second set of shows and just fucking WATCHED them- okay, THAT would be me!

All three look awesome, and Aeon Flux looks fucking cool. Still no release date yet, but at least I'll be able to watch the trailer, many many time over to console myself *smirk* *ducks and runs*
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Okay, was super bored at work last Box Office shift, so I wrote down projected release dates for anything that I was interested in, or ones I thought others would be interested in... these are, 'course, only projected... last time they put one of these out, Elizabethtown was supposed to be a summer release *grumble*

What's coming out from August to December... now with added Jay-commentary! )
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Okay, this I've been meaning to post for awhile. One of my managers at work is a really nice, strange, and deeply deranged fella. We have a button on the Box Office computers that has a place for a description of the movie to be typed in- something quick and easy to read out to the guests [read- SC talk for customers] when they ask 'what's the movie about?' 'Course, since we're the only ones who can see the screens... aw hell, just read 'em.

Herbie: Fully Loaded:

Takes place at an Italian wedding where creepy Uncle Herbie takes advantage of the open bar.

Cinderella Man:

A man named Cinderella must learn to fight at an early age, for obvious reasons.


Chronicles the dynamic story behind the entrepreneurs who created 'Bewitched', the haunting new fragrance from Ralph Lauren.

Pssst! In case you hasn't figured it out-- these are ALL LIES! And I have more behind the cut! )
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...Not that I've seen it. Not even a bit of it really, not a scene, not a line, not a moment. Even though I've worked every shift since it opened, and I'll be working straight through the weekend- and by the way- it's a holiday weekend in Canada. Holiday weekend + Star Wars + working at a movie theatre on Box Office = Hell. And I've decided to blame it all on George Lucas and the whole Star Wars ... thing. Except that guy wearing the Storm Trooper Costume. That was fucking cool.

Honestly, I'm so exhausted and tired and frustrated with the whole thing, I doubt I'll even go see it for a good few weeks just out of spite. Eight days straight I'm working. Fucking Star Wars.

A few tips, if you do happen to be braving your way to the movie theatre to see Star Wars over opening weekend- and I know some of you are:

1) When the doors are opened, do not push past the person opening the doors and RUN for the ticket counter- you look like an ass, and you're not going to get into the theatre any faster - if you've been waiting outside the theatre and you're there when it opens and there are only fifty other people with you and we're showing it in FIVE theatres- you're going to get a seat! A good one even!

2) We are showing Star Wars in five theatres, twenty times a day, in half-hour increments (11:30, 12, 12:30, 2 shows at 1:00- add 3 hours for the show and time to clean each theatre and restart the process). Do NOT come up to the till and do this:

[Dumbass Customer]: "Hi- can I have a ticket to Star Wars?"

[Jay the Ray of Fucking Sunshine]: "... For what show time?"

[DAC] "For Star Wars!"

[Jay] *headdesks, changes mind, beats customer to death.* No really. This is now on the list of things I am allowed to kill people for doing**

3) When I tell you that we are expecting the shows to be very busy tonight, and that we are recommending people come early in order to make sure they can get the seat they want/sit with their family- particulary when there is a large group- do not bloody YELL at me for this- be grateful! Honestly- is it my fault that the show is successful? Next time I won't tell you, and you can think you can show up ten minutes before the start time for a show on Friday evening, opening weekend, on a holiday weekend. Oh yeah, and the show is fucking Star Wars. *mutters* Fucking Star Wars. Hope you enjoy sitting in the front row, because that's the only place you're going to find seats if you come that late!

Oh- and as a side note to management who set up the schedule so the matinee box crew (basically me and one other girl) were scheduled to finish at 5:30pm and 5:45pm and the evening people weren't scheduled to even show up until 5:45- meanwhile there's a showing of Star Wars starting at 6:15, 25 people in each line up trying to buy tickets, and you made my coworker sign off at exactly 5:30 so you could count her till, leaving me to handle 50 frantic, crazy, costumed people who were all yelling at me for not going fast enough - never mind that the tickets only print off so fast no matter how fast I go? Fuck you. Fuck you very much.

Fucking Star Wars.

**Things I am allowed to kill people for doing:

1) Leaving used kleenex stuffed into the cupholders in the theatres. Seriously people- how fucking sick is that. If you're leaving them behind already, instead of carrying them out and throwing them away, toss them to the floor- okay? At least then I can sweep them up instead of having to touch them with my hands.

2) Holding your ticket between your teeth and then handing it to me. What is wrong with people! I don't want to touch it if it's just been in your mouth- how the hell do I know where you've been! When I'm taking tickets, it's not like I can leave to go and wash my hands- just don't do it! Fuckin' nasty gross disgusting... *trails off muttering*

3) The "Can I help you?" 'Yes- I would like a ticket to Star Wars' thing. Seriously- seven thousand times a day. That and coming up to the till, doing that, me asking what time, THEN starting to stare up at the showtimes while there's a line behind you all glaring at me. Fuckers. The showtimes are all over the building- stop being so fucking lazy.

**list is subject to additions upon my whims**

Oh, and I know this is long and I probably should have cut it, but Janine said I dint have to so blame her *smirks*. Plus - it's important. Get the word out enough, and I might keep from impaling someone on their own light sabre this weekend. Fucking Star Wars.

[Cross-posted to [ profile] customers_suck]
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[during press for Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan's latest film - Where the Truth Lies - starring Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth and Alison Lohman.]

[The Globe and Mail]

Obviously the Firth role was cast somewhat against type, and an Englishwoman asked if after being known as a "rather nice romantic hero," he minded playing "a pill-popping, oversexed bisexual."

"It's a role that's not really a stretch for most actors," Firth answered.

*Jay falls out*

ETA- and now my slashy wee brain pipes up to remind me that this is a man who has worked with Rupert Everett... *drools*
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Yes, I went to see Kingdom of Heaven- even though I had to pay for it (I get to see movies for free except when they go and pass restrict them *pouts lots*.) But I had gift certificates left from before I got this job, and I was more than happy to use them seeing KoH.

I'm not going to say anything about the movie until after I've seen it a time (or 8) more, but I will say this:

1) Orlando Bloom is a hawt bitch.

2) Marton Csokas is a hawt bitch.

3) Point me towards any fic specifically involving these two doing hot and dirty things to each other, and I will be your bitch.

In other news, I have finally gotten off my ass and rented The Adventures of Pricilla, Queen of the Desert, in the hopes that Adrian, TR, and many others will stop threatening my life. Except, I didn't.

I rented The Adventures of Pricilla, Queen of the Dessert. If it turns out to be about some Martha Stewartesque pastry chef instead of about drag queens, I'm gonna be hella pissed.
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So- last week, we were running Sin City and Sahara in the two theatres that are directly across from each other, which the door person's (she who takes tickets) podium is directly in between. For the first shows of the day, they started only 5 minutes apart from each other, which meant they were running previews at the same time. Generally, it’s just distracting and annoying, but on this particular occasion, the trailers for Kingdom of Heaven and Star Wars: Episode Three: much longer title were just offset enough to, well, you’ll see. Kingdom of Heaven is in plain text, Star Wars is in bold. Enjoy!. )


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