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Some of that's my fault. I slept in too late on Saturday, which led itself to being up way too late (say, seven am) on Sunday, then only getting 4 hours sleep before waking up again, but ugh. So. Tired. And this is going to be a hell of a week at work, then I've got a weekend of wedding and wedding related events, a baby shower one night this week that I haven't even considered what to get for the mom as a present (my sister in law), work is going to be batshit fucking insane all week 'cause I've got 65 Colombians in town to contend with, and to top it all off, we're moving in just over two weeks.

Oh yeah. You all wish you had my life, don't you?

Cut for moving related nonsense... )

In other news:

- I've updated the [ profile] jay_bean journal here, if you're following things along there, but not friended.

- I'm so far loving all of my shows that I'm watching this season. I'm a ridiculously easy fangirl to please, and I enjoyed last season of Supernatural and Heroes, so I'm not surprised that I'm liking this season too. I'm still a very laid back fangirl, but I might try and post fannish related things more often.

- The AH officially decided not to continue his doctoral studies, and I'm glad he made the decision. You really can't know until you're immersed in the world of higher academia whether it's where you want to be or not, which is kind of a bitch because it's not like choosing to leave a job, where it's seen as just a change in career path. People see it as quitting. I don't, partly because I just don't, and partly because he passed his comps. As far as I'm concerned, that proves anything he may have needed to prove. So he's now teaching high school, writing in his spare time (or will be once we move), and a much, much happier creature. Which is all that matters to me.
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Let me repeat that. It's FIVE THIRTY in the morning. Anyone who knows me will know that I am about the world's farthest thing from a morning person. At the best of times, I'm an insomniac, and I'm much better at 2am after having been awake all day than I ever am at say, well, FIVE THIRTY after trying to sleep all night.

Basically, my job is trying to kill me.

I'm still doing the job for the woman in my office who got hurt and won't be back for god knows how long. Besides, once she gets back, she won't know how to do her job anymore, so I'll either have to train her, or keep doing it until she gets caught up again, but still. So we've had a casual in to do MY job, while I do her job. Except, for the past two weeks, we couldn't get anyone. So, instead of doing the job that already had me averaging a couple of hours of over time every few days, I was doing two jobs. My original job, and the job I'm covering. And having disaster after disaster that pulled me entirely away from the job I'm covering.

So now, it's two weeks later, I put out all of the metaphorical fires, while getting behind like whoa on my other job, and I've got a two inch high stack of emails (literal, not metaphorical) that all need to be answered this second, and people getting pissy at me because of all the stuff I'm behind on. Oh, plus about two major projects that have to be done by the end of today, while doing all that stuff.


Thank god I've got a sense of humour. If I didn't? I'd be crying right now.
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I went to bed just past ten last night. I KNOW! Am I sick or something? I don't think so... but clearly my body thinks that working 3 hours of overtime, including working through my lunch, is incredibly stupid. I have to say, I don't disagree there.

The job is going well, although it's looking like I'm going to be replacing broken-ankle-coworker for at least another 2-3 months. She can't even put weight on it yet, and once she gets out of various casts, she's gonna be in rehab for ages. So, I keep trucking merrily along, making her wage (which is nice), and trying to learn mostly on my own what she got two months of training on and still didn't master.

UM. Yeah, no wonder I'm exhausted.

We're getting a break in the stupid STUPID heat that we've been suffering through, but this is BC--I know better than to think it's going to last. That sounds pessimistic, but it's not... this is one of those places where if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes. Plus, it's summer in a place that is desert climate, just with a lot of lakes. So I have to suck it up for another month or two, but in the meantime, I'm gonna enjoy the weather being COLD.

Okay. So. To work, on time, for the first time this week. BAD JAY. Be good everyone. Don't set anything on fire without me here to enjoy the flames.
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See, this is why no matter how cold it gets, you aren't going to catch me complaining about it being cold, not unless I've just been stranded out in the snow or something like that. If it's cold, you can always put on a sweater. When it's hot? There's only so naked you can get. And when you don't have air conditioning and it gets up to 43 degrees Celsius, it's just not even fair. Especially not when I had to go to a wedding and be in like, a dress and all. And makeup. I came within inches of breaking a glass and hacking my hair off with the jagged edge, because I couldn't find a ponytail holder to put it up with.

It's so hot, and my apartment gets all the afternoon sun in the living room and kitchen. So, pretty much can't use the oven. Or really the upstairs at all. I was going through cupboards trying to find something I could eat, and all the chocolate chips in the baking drawer have melted. That drawer doesn't even face the window or get any direct sunlight. That's just from heat.

My boy is gone for the whole week, and I'm in my second full week of my new job, which is possibly the first day I'll have my very own desk for. Which seriously is totally shiny. After a full month of managing on whatever spare space I can beg, borrow, or steal, having my own space is a luxury I was not expecting. One that makes me more gleeful than should be allowed.

This post wins for being random. You'd think I was sleepy or something.

Further posts and topics may or may not include: Canadian weddings, my life as an international super-something, the joy of bathing cats, and possibly an actual post in that [ profile] jay_bean journal I've set up, which is supposed to be for more real life like stuff. Feel free to friend or not, as you please... some of it will be flocked and some won't, but I want somewhere to post Stuff and Things that are rattling up my brain.

Okay. Bed. Now. Lets find out if it's cool enough for me to sleep, especially without the boy around.
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It's my last week of work at the old job. Of course, because Murphy is a tricky bastard, it's not going to go down without a fight. )

The new job is doing better... )

Real life that is not work is getting slightly more complicated, and slightly more interesting than it has been. Which brings me to the un-cut portion of tonight's post. I've decided to create a journal that will be a little more focused on things of a real life nature. I'll probably still post Jay-related stuff over here as well, or crosspost/link but it's likely to be centered over there.

Some of it may be flocked, most of it won't be, but I'm giving people the option of friending it if they want to read that, since some of the stuff I'm going to be nattering on about over there will have little to do with things fanfic or game related, and some people may not be interested in that. So--yes. If that's something you're interested in, it'll be over at [ profile] jay_bean. Friend, don't friend, lurk, kick back and hang out, whatever you please, but you're welcome.
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Huh. So this is what it's like to wake up more than fifteen minutes before I have to get in the car and drive to work. Time to actually check my email and my flist, and brush my hair before I climb in the car? Trippy. Now to decide if it's actually worth giving up that forty-five extra minutes of hitting the snooze button for...

I am so, SO glad this week is almost over. First I had to get through a weekend of stressing about the test I had to write to qualify for my job, then writing the test, then waiting for them to mark the test, then starting to work two jobs back to back (I get to take my break in the car, driving between both--isn't that lovely?), and now I just want to curl up on the floor and sleep for a little while. Possibly the entire weekend. I'm undecided.

The new job is insanely fast paced, and I have to keep reminding myself that I'm allowed to ask questions and allowed to not know what I'm doing, even though everything needs to be done yesterday, because it's a hell of a lot worse if I don't ask and fuck it up. It's really interesting though to be in a job where they're trying to actually create the position around my strengths. Responsibility, respect, and a lot of autonomy, once I know what I'm doing. It's so different from my old job that it makes my head spin.

Okay. Blood work, then real work, then other work, then falling down. I can do this, right?
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As subject lines go, it's rather on the nose, but this time, I think that's okay.

I got the job, glory be, I got the job, and I'm so giddy I could spit!

I'm probably going to be posting about it more, but likely on a filter or at least flocked. If I don't have you friended, or you lurk (says the professional lurker), holler on me, and we'll see about adding you on if that's the sort of thing you'd be interested in reading--the life and times of Jay: International Superclerk. I mean... I get business cards. That's kind of badass.

Okay, not really.

And now--bed. Details later. But for now?

I got the job, I got the job, I got the job!!!


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