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If you can't afford to hold the Olympics without slashing the fuck out of education, financially crippling teachers and support staff and fucking up the opportunities of students? DON'T HOLD THE FUCKING OLYMPICS!

Why is this not obvious? Why is this not utterly and completely fucking obvious? Imagine if private citizens decided to hold a giant party in their backyard, redecorate their house, add a few rooms, change the bathrooms and the kitchen, do landscaping, and then when the bill game due went 'oh, shit... guess I didn't have enough money for that. No worries--I'll just cut back the amount of money I pay in taxes per month... I'm sure that the government can get the money from somewhere else. Plenty of other sources out there for them to get money from!'

Yeah. Okay. Probably not the most fluid of all analogies, but come on, here. We don't get to pay for things we can't afford without being the ones to suffer the consequences. But when they do it... we suffer the consequences.

I'm a fan of sport. I see the value in it, and I see the value in athletics, and athletic competition. I also see the value in building infrastructure that holding an event like the Olympics requires, and the benefit to the city and province that comes from having that infrastructure built. I see that it creates jobs.

But you can't sell me on the benefit of the Olympics and how it creates jobs when you turn around and gut the education system. When you cut the jobs from thousands of people, either entirely, or down to part-time, or even casual and substitute work. People who have held jobs for years now are going to be back on the substitute and casual lists in BC because all of a sudden, just coincidentally a few months after the Olympics have been held, the schools budgets have been drastically, devastatingly cut.

And you can't sell me on the concept that we don't have money enough to pay for education when not only did you just hold a giant party in our backyard, but it turns out that millions of dollars were spent on free tickets and complimentary this and that for VIPs.

Because wow. I'm so glad that I'll be working two jobs this fall just to break even, if we're lucky. I'm so glad that I'll be working twelve hour days, at least three days of the week to pay for daycare because the only job I could work that has benefits is smack in the middle of the day--meaning that I have to pay for a full day and not just a half day of daycare--but doesn't pay enough to cover daycare because it's only part time hours. I'm so glad that my husband's going to be substitute teaching for his eighth year running, because, you've raised class sizes, cut programs, and removed actual teaching positions. Again.

No, really. All of this was completely worth it, so long as we managed to impress and wine and dine and entertain the VIPs. And if teachers and support staff are affected by the cuts to education, if children are affected, well. All part of the cost of doing business.
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Why? Because this is my wee frog, who is still supposed to be a tiny baby and not growing up and getting ready for y'know, his own car, and university, and dating, and whatever, but here he is, at ten months, sixteen days, and he's standing, all by himself.

*does [ profile] iharthdarth BREATHE*

I'm not ready! Where did my tiny wee alien who left the hospital at under five pounds go?

And you know, his sister's not far behind him. Look!

I think I really do need to go lie down. Or have a drink. Or a cry. My babies are growing up!

*awesome Hollywood t-shirt from [ profile] sabrinagb

**awesome monkey dress from [ profile] ashinae

A few more GIANT ALIEN pictures behind the cut... )
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The icon I'm using is the view of the lake, and the tree my parents named for me when I was born, out at their property. Right now, due to a forest fire that keeps getting out of control (and I'm never comforted by being told that a fire is under control, because one gust of wind and they whip right up again), my parents are about to go on evacuation alert. This is one of three fires in the immediate area around where I live... houses are being destroyed, some people have been ordered out of their houses with only two minutes before they had to be in their cars and driving (fast) away.

Getting a call from your mother to ask what irreplaceable things of yours are still at their house that you want them to pack up is one way to wake up, long night of taking care of babies or not.

Off I go!

Jul. 9th, 2009 09:52 am
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I'm off to Vancouver Island for my baby sister's wedding. If it were anything else, would I be making a nine hour trip (which I'm spreading over two days) to attend a function with about 150, with two not-quite-two-month-old-babies? Um, NUH. But I love my sister, and I'm incredibly happy for her, so off I go, off I go.

I haven't slept in two days, Thing Two screamed for most of last evening to the point where my ears are still ringing, and the AH still has to finish a slide show/power point by Saturday afternoon.

Wish us luck surviving. Seriously.

Don't burn down the internets while I'm gone!

Love Jay.
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So, we went on a historic tour, which included two hours in Costco. Very shiny. The girls are in the hot tub (I forgot a swim suit, so I am not in there with them), and the boys are watching hockey. I am drinking a mix of Red Bull, raspberry vodka, and regular vodka. This is following having a "martini" that was vodka and pomegranate cherry juice. I think. I'm not in charge of mixing things.

I also have a full bottle of wine on the counter, we have another bottle of vodka, and a bottle of kaluha the size of my head.

Pray for me.
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Yeah, I might be just a little bit excited about that. I'm sure it doesn't show *g*.

So instead of watering the lawn and cutting it today, which is what the original plan was, I am trapped in the house hiding from the really big, really cranky bear that's decided to hang around our place. Not the wee cute bear of a few days ago, but a bigassed mean male bear who's come down to look for food and is lurking around our house. I found this out this morning when I got up and found a note on the kitchen table, written in big black marker in my Dad's serial killer handwriting. Pretty amusing way to wake up.

My dad bought a few bear bangers just in case, which aren't nearly as dirty as they sound (I know you were all thinking about it!) A bear banger is like a cap and a firework combined, but without the light show, and with a delayed fuse. It looks like a pen, and you wear it in your pocket if you're walking in the woods, and if you need to scare away a bear, you take the safety off and fire this thing in the direction of the bear. It goes about 100 feet, and then goes off with a HUGE bang, which scares the fuck out of the bear and it runs away. Just don't fire it behind the bear, or it can get freaked out and run AT you. Not so good.

Also, I had my Dad watch Shut Up and Sing, and now we've got a brand new Dixie Chicks fan on our hands. It's pretty darned cute. I'm clearly going to have to burn him a few cd's.
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Well, first of all, yesterday there was a bear.

Wee, cute little bear, that ambled up and along the side lawn, past my house, and up into the meadow. I got a picture of it (maybe), but that'll have to wait until I burn off a whole roll of film (because yes, I am one of those crazy people who has not succumbed to the digital revolution). I have however gotten a cell phone after 5 years of not having one, but that's a whole different kettle of lampshades.

I also got an apartment. )

In other good news, my Nana is out of the rehab centre and back in her own place. )

Also, I haven't mentioned anything about it because I didn't want to jinx it, but I've been on a series of job interviews over the last week or so. )
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So, last night, I got to spend my first full day and night all by myself since we moved here. Bliss. Seriously. I got to run around and sing along to the Dixie Chicks at the top of my lungs, and watch six episodes of Heroes, and eat white powdered donuts without my dad acting like they were going to kill me (seriously, this isn't Flowers in the Attic, Dad, they're not poisoned), and just fuck around on the internet all evening. I've been needing to do that for way, way too long.

The fact that my night out here at my parents place all on my own happened to coincide with my ninth wedding anniversary, well, that was not so ideal. But, he was helping his sister move all evening, and I needed to be out here with the cats, so we sucked it up. Honestly, we've never had any luck actually doing something for ourselves on our anniversary anyway. We've always been moving or traveling or moving or a pet gets sick or there's been a family party or just something happens to get in the way. So, no big. Once we have our own place, we'll have a birthday/anniversary/housewarming party, to make up for it all.

Today is The Fair. It's an annual event, with all the traditional stuff. Rides, games, livestock... whatever. My best friend from all the way back in elementary school is in town, and we're going to go together. Should be seriously entertaining *g*.

And this weekend, I go away to a wedding on the Sunshine Coast. I'll be gone Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, for a combination wedding/family reunion. On an island on the ocean. I'm planning to take about seven thousand pictures, so you'll all see what it looks like.

More later, after The Fair! MWAH everyone!
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This was supposed to be the post where I let folk know that my Nana was doing better. Because she was. She'd had surgery on her hip (both broken and dislocated, because why do things half-way?), and she was out of the hospital less than a week after surgery, moved on to an intermediate care and rehab center where she'd get care and learn how to do things differently while her hip healed, so that she could probably-maybe (don't know) go back home.

Then last night, she had what appears to be a seizure. They don't know for sure--she's back at the hospital (and pissed as hell about it, as only an 87 year old Scottish-Canadian lady can be--hint? It involved copious use of foul language), and undergoing tests, trying to figure out what happened, if it's likely to happen again, and make sure she's all right. I don't know any more than that right now, so for the moment... that's how that is. Continued thoughts and prayers are appreciated and very welcome.

Cut for talk about moving and life... )


Jul. 14th, 2007 01:15 pm
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The year, and the Smashing Pumpkins song. Almost everyone in my grad class was born in 1979, which made us all graduates in 1997. Which makes today my 10 year high school reunion.

No big deal, really... it's just a picnic in a local park for whoever can make it. Hot dogs and burgers, coolers with beer, volleyball and swimming in the lake.

Seeing who's done what. Who's gotten fatter (that would be me), who's had kids (that would not be me).

I'm not dreading it or anything, I just don't particularly want to go. There's maybe 3 people that I feel like seeing, and I'd rather go out and get a drink with them, sit out and talk, whatever. But, well... I'm going. And I'm going to hope that it's fun and that there's more people that I really want to see than I realize.

Wish me luck.
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To all Canadians on my flist, and everyone else who just thinks we're shiny, a very happy Canada Day to you all!

I'm out at my parents place on the lake for the weekend, and if there's a place more typically Canadian (western Canadian anyway), it's out here. I'll post a picspam once I'm back to my regular computer, but I'm out in the middle of the woods, in a house that's about 10 metres (30 feet or so) from the lake. There are mountains on every side, pine and fir trees all over the place, and before I went to sleep last night, I got to sit out on the screened porch and watch the nearly full moon rise, bright yellow, spilling a moonpath across the lake that was so bright you'd really think that if you got running fast enough, it would hold you up. Not bad, that.

I love my home. I love my country. Happy Canada Day.
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So... I'm off to my parents place at the lake for the weekend, land of lakes, hills, lawnmowers, a place that needs to be painted... dial up internet, and a computer that's about a 486. Remember those? Oh yeah.

I'll be gone for at least the holiday weekend (yes, this is a holiday weekend, but only if you're Canadian, I suppose), and then next week, I'll either be back, or off to visit my sister in Vancouver and family on the island for awhile. Things could get interesting... believe me.

I'll have access to gmail and writely, so if I'm tagging either of those two places, I'll be about, and I'll be on *shudder* MSN messenger. I know.

I'll post in more detail later, but for now, well, that's the state of the Jay. Talk to you soon!


ETA: Due to weather of the extremely crappy type, and my sister getting delayed, just... consider this an FYI for me being gone tomorrow instead, since we're sticking around for the night!
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So it's been just over a week now since we came back to the town we both grew up in, and moved back in with my in-laws.

God, it sounds kind of pathetic worded like that *shudder*. All right, moving on.

Longwinded babbling about moving, work, family, stress, medication, and depression, below the cut. )
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I was checking my settings before I started writing this, changing my profile so that it didn’t list me as being in Ontario anymore, whatever, and found out this is my 300th entry in this journal. Huh. Shiny!

So, moving. )

So, that’s The Move to British Columbia. Wow, I really babble. 30 second version—cats were bitchy, we survived, never moving again. Well, until the next time, a couple months from now, anyway.

For the rest of today? I think some jelly beans, Pepsi, and curling up with the AH and watching Casino Royale sounds just about perfect. Then dinner, writing, posting (I hope!) and internet-hanging-about. See some of y’all later!

*hugs to all*
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We made it! I've got the dehydration headache that ate Vancouver, and I'm travel fucked and exhaustified, and my brain can't figure out what time it's supposed to be, but we got it all done, and we made it. Adventures and details to follow, but for now, just letting everyone know that we're here and we're good, if tired, and only small crazy things happened, nothing majorly crazy. And I'm not unpacking a THING until tomorrow at the very, very earliest. Maybe not for longer, if I can get away with it.

More later--for now? Family and visiting and a few litres of water.

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Or, stuff-moving-day. We move tomorrow. I've got about 20 minutes before the AH pries my keyboard from my cold, dead hands and packs my computer away in a box, and then I'll be out of reach until I'm three time zones away from where I am now.

So, it's looking both less good than I thought it would, and better than I thought it would at the same time. )
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This is another one of those 'so much stuff tumbling around in my head I can't figure out what to talk about first' days. Ugh. But, trying to put it off until I've got time to write about all of it isn't making that list of stuff any shorter, so here goes.

Some of you know this, some of you don't, but we're moving. Those of you who've been around for a few years will remember the great trek from British Columbia all the way out here to Ontario. Well, we're doing the same thing all over again, but in reverse. All the way back to BC, all the way back to the town I grew up in, even all the way back to the spare room at my in laws house. And we're doing it by the end of May.

More on the whole moving thing... )

Things are going to be a little (lot) discombobulated over here for the next few-couple months. I'm alternating between being totally cool and fine about the move, and then freaking the absolute fuck out. I'm trying to keep things as business as usual as possible, but if I forget something, a tag, an email, a post, anything, well... my brain isn't always cooperating with the whole business as usual not freaking out thing. So, I'll either be normal (as normal as I get), or possibly a little emo if I start running out of boxes or something...
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Okay, this is so far due that it's ridiculous, but in my defense, I only got the pictures developed right before Christmas. Back in September, I went back to BC to attend my baby sister in law (Amer)'s wedding. Never mind the fact that she was a full 3 years older than I was when I got married, I met her for the first time when she was only four years old, and I knew her before I knew the Academic Husband, (she's the youngest of four, with three older brothers, AH being the oldest. His second brother is my age, and we were in the same grade) so she's doomed to be four forever.

The past few weddings I've gone to, I've spent most of the day following the wedding party around and taking a couple (few, many, dozen) rolls of film, both black and white, mostly atmosphere and candids, very little posed (that's what the pros are for). This is just a taste, but it's a bit image heavy. )
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and good hell, I'm drunk. Not remotely sleepy though, poor AH. Just really, really really drunk Jay, poor fucker. Fortunately he didn't feel like hanging around for all the country, since my SOL is really a fan. But still, was good, was pretty, shot a metric fuckload of film and three events tomorrow. Note to self- don't try to keep up with the SOL's on the wine drinking. Okay, cannot see the screen MWAH!

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I'm still working on my 'details of a Canadian wedding' post, so once I get that done, I'll slam it up here and you can all can see just how crazynuts we are up here. Get your money's worth though when you attend a Canadian wedding, that's for damned sure.

Tonight, rehearsal dinner, then visiting with my two best friends since... once since grade four, the other since grade eight. Totally can't wait to see them again, it's been way too long.

I'm just starting to get really twitchy to be home. I have about a week-ten day limit for how long I like to be away from my place and my stuff and my life, and I'm past it right now. The wedding should be gorgeous though--I'm taking two cameras and really looking forward to shooting it, (I always do about 6-10 candid rolls at the wedding when I go to a big family one, colour and black and white) so that's going to be a total blast.

Don't know how much I'll be around in the next couple days--could be about, depending on sleep, could be I won't be back for a bit. Either way, we're only down to a few days before I'm back home! Til then, miss you all omg so much! MWAH!


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