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Okay, we all knew I wasn't gonna make it to 40 weeks. Next to no twin mums do, and chances are, if you make it to 38, you're going to get served an eviction notice. But my guys decided that even 38 was too long for them, and came a full four weeks early, at 36 weeks and, well. 14 and 21 minutes, respectively.

And if I was planning to do a recap of Life With Twins, of my pregnancy, my labour and delivery, you'd think I'd have done it four weeks ago, when the aliens turned one. But it turns out that when aliens turn one, and you invite a whole bunch of people into town to celebrate the mad event, and you're working a new job and are on day 9 of an 11 day stretch, you don't have the time you'd expect to be able to write a post about how Life With Twins is insane. Because, as it turns out... life with twins is too insane. Go figure.

The other mark of how life with twins is insane is that the birth post that I was going to put up? Never exactly materialized. It's funny how you plan to do things, and life just looks at you, pats you on the head, and tells you that you're just so very pretty. So I'm going to do that now, and I'm going to throw it behind a cut, because if we know me, it'll be long, and if you don't want to read potentially TMI-like details regarding birth? I will not be offended if you don't hop behind the cut. I'll be putting up a proper picture post later where I won't talk about placentas at all, I promise, and if you just want to see cute pictures of the Frog and the Monkey, you can scamper off to there.

So. Twelve months ago today was my due date. But thirteen months ago? I had my aliens. )
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Why? Because this is my wee frog, who is still supposed to be a tiny baby and not growing up and getting ready for y'know, his own car, and university, and dating, and whatever, but here he is, at ten months, sixteen days, and he's standing, all by himself.

*does [ profile] iharthdarth BREATHE*

I'm not ready! Where did my tiny wee alien who left the hospital at under five pounds go?

And you know, his sister's not far behind him. Look!

I think I really do need to go lie down. Or have a drink. Or a cry. My babies are growing up!

*awesome Hollywood t-shirt from [ profile] sabrinagb

**awesome monkey dress from [ profile] ashinae

A few more GIANT ALIEN pictures behind the cut... )
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So just to get the obvious out of the way--I'm tired, I'm stressy, and the Frog has absolutely no concept of what sleep is supposed to be, or that it's a nice and good thing, and that all the cool kids are doing it. I'm feeling frazzled, I'm low on creative brain, which is making me feel even more frazzled, and I'm dog paddling as fast as I can, determined to keep my head above water.

That said? I really need to focus on the positive here, so this is going to be a post where I goo about my kids. And post a lot of pictures. You stand warned.

The aliens are just over six months old. )
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I really feel like I'm caught in some kind of weird science fictioney time thing most of the time right now. Time is passing too quickly, and yet not quickly enough, both at the same time. It's been hellishly hot here all summer, which is bad at the best of times, but even worse when you live in a duplex with crappy insulation and windows that face the setting sun, and no AC, and you have two wee people whose body temperature don't regulate all that well living with you.

So I'm looking forward to the end of summer, but I'm not trying to rush away these early months with the little people, not even when they want to eat for the third time in two hours again!, and I don't want to rush the Academic Husband back to work in the fall. Honestly. It's like we planned it this way--having him home for almost all of the first four months of having these guys. Very cool.

So, I keep meaning to post, and keep forgetting to post, and keep forgetting what I'm going to post, so I figure that I should just post, give over some pictures, and figure out what I meant to say later.

The Aliens! )
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Okay, so, did anyone guess that having twins at home might be a little time consuming? Because yes. Time consuming. Also tiring, awesome, tiring, funny, tiring, frustrating, tiring, amazing, and tiring.

They're doing amazingly well. )

Dude. They just yawned in tandem. I need to keep my camera next to the computer at ALL TIMES, apparently.

And speaking of cameras--I have pictures! )
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I haven't posted anything I've made in a long long LONG time, so I guess I was due! These are all things I've been working on over the spring and summer, mostly at work and such. Some of them are for 'assigned' babies and folks, people I know about, and some of them were me liking the yarn. I'm shallow that way. Okay, so on with the project spam!

(PS--for bonus points, play 'spot the Snafu', who decided that it was his job to 'help' the Academic Husband take these pictures for me.)

Yellow knit blanket and sweater: )

Blue/White/Blue&White crocheted baby blanket, and knit blue sweater: )

Pink/White/Pink&White crocheted baby blanket and pink knit sweater: )

Purple/green/white crocheted baby blanket and knit purple/green/white sweater: )

Yellow/Green/White crocheted baby blanket and yellow and green knit sweater: )

Green knit sweater: )

Multi-coloured squares blanket: )

Blue verigated ripple afghan: )

Blue and white granny square blanket: )

And now? Kitten spam )
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The academic husband is an angel who was able to take pictures for me, then actually do the uploading to my computer thing because for a person who spends all day on the computer, I'm surprisingly technophobic.

Blanket for my dad )

Blanket for my mom )

Blanket for my nephew )
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Okay, this is so far due that it's ridiculous, but in my defense, I only got the pictures developed right before Christmas. Back in September, I went back to BC to attend my baby sister in law (Amer)'s wedding. Never mind the fact that she was a full 3 years older than I was when I got married, I met her for the first time when she was only four years old, and I knew her before I knew the Academic Husband, (she's the youngest of four, with three older brothers, AH being the oldest. His second brother is my age, and we were in the same grade) so she's doomed to be four forever.

The past few weddings I've gone to, I've spent most of the day following the wedding party around and taking a couple (few, many, dozen) rolls of film, both black and white, mostly atmosphere and candids, very little posed (that's what the pros are for). This is just a taste, but it's a bit image heavy. )
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All right- this is the once and for all definitive explanation on how Canadians make iced tea. Forget all that nonsense with putting things out in the sun and tea bags and boiling water and sugar and all that nonsense- THIS is iced tea- in steps, with pictures:

This is how we do things up North, y'all. Okay, we don't say y'all, but I like it... )

A bonus for those of you who don't actually know what Smarties are... )
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Peace and love to you and yours.

Love Jay and the AH.
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I've finally, finally gotten around to uploading a few of the pictures off my digital camera, so y'all are just gonna have to put up with a picspam or two.

First off- Babies and baby projects!

My Godson Isaac )

Baby blanket- complete )

Baby sweater )


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