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Both my family and the Academic Husband's family have a habit/flaw/whatever you want to call it that drives me absolutely crazy. They don't tell you things. They aren't generally keeping them from you, no. It's not as simple as that. They just... don't pass important information on--information that other people might really like to have.

The AH's cousin is due to have her first baby this month, July 25th. She and her husband were lovely when we had the twins, and I've been looking forward to being able to give a little bit of that back. She came and visited me in the hospital when I was trapped there for almost two weeks, and was generally lovely. So, when I talked to my mother in law this afternoon, and asked her how T was doing, and asked what her due date was again (because I'd forgotten), she kind of went 'oh, just wait until I tell you' in that wry way that is textbook my mother in law (I love my mother in law, btw. She is made of awesome and sunshine, and she never does this to me).

She tells me that T's doing great, since she's just been released from the hospital for the weekend, where she's been for a week, on mandated bed rest, due to skyrocketing blood pressure. Oh, and she's being induced on Monday, about 3 weeks early.


I go "UH!" and she goes, but wait wait--the reason why she didn't tell me is that her sister, this baby's about-to-be-grandmother, didn't tell anyone that T was in the hospital until this morning.


So... just to make this a little bit less about me, and a lot more about where it should be, which is thinking of T and her husband and their wee one... can you please all do that? I'm not sure of anything medically regarding how she's doing, just that it seems they can't be panicking that much if they're willing to let her go the weekend at home from the hospital so that she can be induced on Monday when it's not a long weekend. But even still, high blood pressure and early babies and inductions make me worry. So if you could please think good thoughts for T and her little person, I'd appreciate it.
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If you can't afford to hold the Olympics without slashing the fuck out of education, financially crippling teachers and support staff and fucking up the opportunities of students? DON'T HOLD THE FUCKING OLYMPICS!

Why is this not obvious? Why is this not utterly and completely fucking obvious? Imagine if private citizens decided to hold a giant party in their backyard, redecorate their house, add a few rooms, change the bathrooms and the kitchen, do landscaping, and then when the bill game due went 'oh, shit... guess I didn't have enough money for that. No worries--I'll just cut back the amount of money I pay in taxes per month... I'm sure that the government can get the money from somewhere else. Plenty of other sources out there for them to get money from!'

Yeah. Okay. Probably not the most fluid of all analogies, but come on, here. We don't get to pay for things we can't afford without being the ones to suffer the consequences. But when they do it... we suffer the consequences.

I'm a fan of sport. I see the value in it, and I see the value in athletics, and athletic competition. I also see the value in building infrastructure that holding an event like the Olympics requires, and the benefit to the city and province that comes from having that infrastructure built. I see that it creates jobs.

But you can't sell me on the benefit of the Olympics and how it creates jobs when you turn around and gut the education system. When you cut the jobs from thousands of people, either entirely, or down to part-time, or even casual and substitute work. People who have held jobs for years now are going to be back on the substitute and casual lists in BC because all of a sudden, just coincidentally a few months after the Olympics have been held, the schools budgets have been drastically, devastatingly cut.

And you can't sell me on the concept that we don't have money enough to pay for education when not only did you just hold a giant party in our backyard, but it turns out that millions of dollars were spent on free tickets and complimentary this and that for VIPs.

Because wow. I'm so glad that I'll be working two jobs this fall just to break even, if we're lucky. I'm so glad that I'll be working twelve hour days, at least three days of the week to pay for daycare because the only job I could work that has benefits is smack in the middle of the day--meaning that I have to pay for a full day and not just a half day of daycare--but doesn't pay enough to cover daycare because it's only part time hours. I'm so glad that my husband's going to be substitute teaching for his eighth year running, because, you've raised class sizes, cut programs, and removed actual teaching positions. Again.

No, really. All of this was completely worth it, so long as we managed to impress and wine and dine and entertain the VIPs. And if teachers and support staff are affected by the cuts to education, if children are affected, well. All part of the cost of doing business.
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Okay, we all knew I wasn't gonna make it to 40 weeks. Next to no twin mums do, and chances are, if you make it to 38, you're going to get served an eviction notice. But my guys decided that even 38 was too long for them, and came a full four weeks early, at 36 weeks and, well. 14 and 21 minutes, respectively.

And if I was planning to do a recap of Life With Twins, of my pregnancy, my labour and delivery, you'd think I'd have done it four weeks ago, when the aliens turned one. But it turns out that when aliens turn one, and you invite a whole bunch of people into town to celebrate the mad event, and you're working a new job and are on day 9 of an 11 day stretch, you don't have the time you'd expect to be able to write a post about how Life With Twins is insane. Because, as it turns out... life with twins is too insane. Go figure.

The other mark of how life with twins is insane is that the birth post that I was going to put up? Never exactly materialized. It's funny how you plan to do things, and life just looks at you, pats you on the head, and tells you that you're just so very pretty. So I'm going to do that now, and I'm going to throw it behind a cut, because if we know me, it'll be long, and if you don't want to read potentially TMI-like details regarding birth? I will not be offended if you don't hop behind the cut. I'll be putting up a proper picture post later where I won't talk about placentas at all, I promise, and if you just want to see cute pictures of the Frog and the Monkey, you can scamper off to there.

So. Twelve months ago today was my due date. But thirteen months ago? I had my aliens. )
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1) I am tired. Raise your hand if you're shocked. Really, I need to find a new #1 thing to whine about, but it's just so, well. True.

2) The aliens have been getting slightly better about sleeping now that they're not sick anymore, but that didn't stop them from having a truly epically wretched night last night. Poor Monkey kept falling asleep and waking up in hysterics, like she was having nightmares, and the Frog was just completely stubborn and Do Not Want as regards sleep. I blame it on them having shit naps on Sunday in the daytime. Hopefully I can break the cycle if I can get them down for two good naps today.

3) Work continues to be... interesting. I only get one more training shift at my actual job before I'm all on my own on a weekend *cue panic*. I left a note for my boss that said I didn't feel ready and that I'd like one more training shift before my last training shift, but he never called me back. Which leads me to:

4) Work has called me three times already today. At nine am. NINE AM. 1) I have babies, and 2), dude, I know I didn't work last night, but I work the night shift. Who calls someone who works the night shift at nine am!?!?! The first was to ask me about my tax forms (which I left in a pile with the note that never got answered, so clearly he didn't find those), the second was to ask me for my Social Insurance Number, and the third was to ask me for my birthday. This is all for my paycheque, so y'know. I'll take the calls, but he better not have been kidding when he promised not to call again today.

5) I am on episode 12 of Season Two of Doctor Who. I have been warned by [ profile] ashinae that my opinions re: some things/characters/whatnot might be considered heretical in circles, so I will tread carefully until I know what kind of Whosits I have on my flist. I will say this though--watching Doctor Who? Making Torchwood make OH so very much more sense.

6) It may be Monday, but I have hot chocolate, three cattens curled up on my bed, and napping aliens. I'll take that as a win, for now.
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Well. That was a giant clusterfuck of a night.

My parents always take the aliens on Wednesday evening... go for a walk in the stroller, show the babies off at Safeway, whatever, and they were worried about how wheezy The Frog was, and how badly he was coughing, and I decided okay, no more screwing around, and I took him to the walk in clinic. I figure that we go in, they say 'oh, it's a virus, blah blah blah' like the last two times, I go home, and I've just wasted some time, but gotten some peace of mind.

We got in, saw the doc, who'd been able to hear him coughing in the waiting room from way in the back, and she took one look at him, a quick listen to his breathing, and said that considering what time of night it was, and not being able to get to a pediatrician until tomorrow, she didn't want to screw around, so she sent us right to the ER. This is what happens when you've got an ear that looks red and horrible, and are coughing and wheezing like a smoker with a fifty year habit.

I stopped at home, grabbed a bag for him and myself, and went to the hospital. They treated him with Ventolin by mask, and checked his lungs in an hour, which were perfectly clear. He has congestion in the upper airway, complicated by a massive ear infection, which I can't believe hasn't had him screaming his fool head off. My wee one is a trooper.

We are now home with a prescription for antibiotics for his ear, an inhaler, and I swear, the phone number of every nurse and doctor (men and women) in that ER. He charmed them all. They thought he was awesome. I think it was the peekaboo with his blanket that put him over the top, plus the part where he only cried once, when the doctor looked in his ears.

So. Yeah. That was fun. *falls down goes boom*


Apr. 14th, 2010 11:03 am
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That's the sound of me hitting the floor. Ergh.

Know what's unfair? Having to be charming and intelligent in an interview on less than two hours of sleep. Oh. I had an interview. Did I mention that I had an interview? Because I had an interview. My maternity leave only covers me until mid-May, and I won't go back to work at my really job until September, and the boy's work will start to seriously slow down in June, so... job. Even though I don't want to go back to work. I want to stay home with my babies until they go to school. Why can't the world be like that? It's nofe air.

So yes. Interview. For a hotel. Which I said I'd never work at again, and yet, the ad came up in the paper, and I answered it. I think the interview went well. I think I talked too much, but that's nothing new, and at least this time I managed to keep from doing my worst ever thing I do in interviews when I get nervous--interrupting the person who's interviewing me. I mean, WTF, Jay! Way to self-sabotage!

I'll know something by the end of the week, and while I really don't want to work... I do want the job. So, think happy thoughts for me? Please?

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Sigh. The Frog did not sleep. I know, right? Shock. He's still sick, still snotty, and I think he keeps trying to breathe through his nose in the middle of the night, not being able to do it, and freaking himself out into a coughing fit because of it. Every. 45. to. 90. Minutes. Good grief on toast.

You know it's bad when the babies are so tired and snarky that they can't get through a bowl of applesauce. Take a bite, lip tremble, SOB. Only an hour after they wake up. Okay, back to bed for you. Never mind that Mummy hasn't slept yet, that's immaterial! Clearly we need a nap! Except... why are you bouncing in your crib? Two minutes ago you were so tired you were rubbing apple sauce in your eyes and hair... and now you're bouncing? WOT? That makes NO SENSE.

Babies are freaks, man. Also possibly evil.

I was already prepared for today to suck. I'm a month away from running out of maternity leave (I know, cry moar you Canadian, with your year long paid maternity leave), but that means that I need to find more work. Because my job won't start up again until September, because that's when the new school year starts.

There are two things I hate more than anything in the world: doing the cold call walk in the door and drop off a resume thing, and training for a new job once I get the new job. HATE HATE HATE. I hate not being good at things. I hate the fucking up until you get it right stage. Plus, I'm convinced that my resume looks like it was put together by a particularly intelligent Shi-tzu.

I think that I don't hear babies. Oh please, please let me be right. I am so tired.
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I remember when baby sneezes were cute. Kind of wee tiny and precious and adorable. That lasts as long as them getting their first icky disgusting head cold. Which, okay, they're mostly better now--no fevers, not so congested that they can't function, but they're still coughing, and there's still STUFF. It's like they're little ticking time bombs of gross. Look at them wrong, and they EXPLODE.

And of course, their little noses are sore, so trying to mop them up with a tissue or a cloth, no matter how gentle, produces shrieks so loud that any minute now someone is going to knock on my door and ask me what on earth I am DOING to those children you horrible woman.

This is my world right now. Grumpy, post-cold, current-disgusting children who think sleep and tissues should be outlawed under the Geneva Convention. The next person that tells me that having twins must be so much fun/omg, I wish I had twins/it can't be that much harder than a single baby? They're getting kicked in the shins.

With steel toed boots. I'm just saying.
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Why? Because this is my wee frog, who is still supposed to be a tiny baby and not growing up and getting ready for y'know, his own car, and university, and dating, and whatever, but here he is, at ten months, sixteen days, and he's standing, all by himself.

*does [ profile] iharthdarth BREATHE*

I'm not ready! Where did my tiny wee alien who left the hospital at under five pounds go?

And you know, his sister's not far behind him. Look!

I think I really do need to go lie down. Or have a drink. Or a cry. My babies are growing up!

*awesome Hollywood t-shirt from [ profile] sabrinagb

**awesome monkey dress from [ profile] ashinae

A few more GIANT ALIEN pictures behind the cut... )
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Anyone want to guess what I've been watching? I know, I'm Canadian and this is the first time I'm actually watching Due South, which I think [ profile] apetslife has been trying to pimp me into for even longer than the Fast and Furious franchise. I'm about halfway into my second disc, in the middle of an episode where there is a baby and a baby faced Mark Ruffalo, and this episode is making me SAD. Because however it ends up, it's going to be sad in some way and I don't ever like adoption storylines because it just... something always feels sad about the whole thing, whichever way the adoption goes. Which I suppose is realistic. I just don't have to like it. SAD.

But. Still. I have questions. Questions which the Due South people will have to answer for me, as I am, of course, very late coming to this party.

Fetish mounties? In 1994? )

In unrelated to that news, the babies are both disgustingly sick. Frog's worse than Monkey right now, with the head cold to beat all head colds, combined with a truly disgusting cough. I'm still not even going to get into the colours of what's coming out of their noses, except gross. I've had a humidifier going in the nursery around the clock, to the point that I hear white noise every time I close my eyes. I've clearly watched too much SPN because it's freaking me out. Still. Poor wee ones.

So if you don't see me right now, it's because I'm packing around wee aliens who are doing their best to wipe every yucky thing coming out of their noses and mouths on every shirt I own. Pray for me.
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Babies are evil, sleep is non-existent. Oh well, at least my current issues are ecologically sound. I'm recycling.

The Monkey also has nasty diaper rash, which seems to be bothering me more than it's bothering her, at least in the sense that I want it to go away, and she doesn't seem to be all that in pain or itchy because of it. However, since it has currently refused to respond to the fistfuls of zinc cream I've put on it, we're trying something new.

Leave the baby naked.

I can sense that some of you are seeing some flaws with this plan. First of all... it's winter. Second of all... the baby is not wearing a diaper. Yeah. I know. This is gonna be a fun couple of days.

The one positive in all of this? She thinks that getting to be naked=Christmas and her birthday all wrapped up in one. So, at least she's happy.
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Getting so frustrated whilst trying to get your uncooperative boycreature to sleep that you end up winding yourself up, so that by the time he falls asleep... you can't.

Hey, you know what's not fun?

That, because I just lied.

I will now celebrate my newfound sleeplessness by cleaning my house... after taking two muscle relaxants to make my back stop hurting.

Actually, this could be fun after all....

ETA: Why does it make me giggle that this is the 600th entry in my lj? SIGH.
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So just to get the obvious out of the way--I'm tired, I'm stressy, and the Frog has absolutely no concept of what sleep is supposed to be, or that it's a nice and good thing, and that all the cool kids are doing it. I'm feeling frazzled, I'm low on creative brain, which is making me feel even more frazzled, and I'm dog paddling as fast as I can, determined to keep my head above water.

That said? I really need to focus on the positive here, so this is going to be a post where I goo about my kids. And post a lot of pictures. You stand warned.

The aliens are just over six months old. )
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I've been out of sorts lately, behind in writing and posting and commenting and tagging in all the games that I'm in, on my journal, on my everywhere. And it's been bugging me and stressing me out when I realized that it's been since sometime in August since I've posted anything, and that I've got a few tags that have been lingering since spring. I hate that. I hate not being organized, and I really hate being behind. And then I started doing the math on things.

In May--there were those baby-creatures who showed up, and a twelve day hospital stay to go along with it.

Summer--baby things, combined with insanely hot temperatures that made doing anything just about impossible.

And then? August hit, and that's when things really fell apart. )
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Isn't part of the fun in having twins that you can conduct experiments?

Like, have one of them watch the Star Wars moving in release order (4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3), and have one of them watch them in numerical order?

Or would that be wrong?

This pondering brought to you by Jay on far too little sleep.
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Quick backtrack 'cause I'm an idiot and haven't posted an update--apparently I have a whole fistful of gallstones in my gallbladder. This, apparently, is a bad thing. Ya think? So, I'm seeing the surgeon in about an hour to discuss what's going to happen in terms of getting the annoying and persnickety organ removed. This is something I am not in any way, shape, form, whatever, looking forward to.

But my disappointment in people is different. Today, we received news from one of the AH's cousins, a very close family friend and Anglican priest, that he will be splitting from the Anglican church at large, and joining up with a much more conservative faction, largely because he cannot tolerate the recent progressive stance the church has taken towards homosexuals, and in particular, gay marriage. Which, y'know, is already legal in Canada. Has been for quite some time. But the Anglican church wants their priests to be able to bless same sex marriages in the churches itself. And he can't abide by that.

This is a guy who did a degree in theatre--he's a brilliant actor and singer--and has been performing since he was a little kid. He's kind, he's smart, he's the last person I would have ever expected to take such a negative and conservative stance. And yet, he has.

I'm just... so discouraged about this. I expect better of my country, my friends, and my family. I expect better of a person I've respected and liked since I was sixteen years old. I expect better of the man whose daughter I'm godmother to. And I just... *hands*. I don't know what to say to him. I don't know how to talk to him. And I don't know what to do.
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So, tomorrow I get my wisdom teeth out. All four at once. This is going to be AWESOME.

SO, if you're looking for me in the next couple? I'm probably drugged out of my gourd.

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I really feel like I'm caught in some kind of weird science fictioney time thing most of the time right now. Time is passing too quickly, and yet not quickly enough, both at the same time. It's been hellishly hot here all summer, which is bad at the best of times, but even worse when you live in a duplex with crappy insulation and windows that face the setting sun, and no AC, and you have two wee people whose body temperature don't regulate all that well living with you.

So I'm looking forward to the end of summer, but I'm not trying to rush away these early months with the little people, not even when they want to eat for the third time in two hours again!, and I don't want to rush the Academic Husband back to work in the fall. Honestly. It's like we planned it this way--having him home for almost all of the first four months of having these guys. Very cool.

So, I keep meaning to post, and keep forgetting to post, and keep forgetting what I'm going to post, so I figure that I should just post, give over some pictures, and figure out what I meant to say later.

The Aliens! )


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