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Oct. 21st, 2005 10:09 am
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So- today's my last day of work at the movie theatre of doom.

It wouldn't be fundamently wrong to pick a fight with the manager I hate just because they don't give out references of any kind and therefore, I have nothing to lose, would it?

Because it might feel reeeeeeeally good to do.

*ponders this, tips y'all the wink as I head out the door.*

See everyone later- I'll the the one at about 7pm with a giant glass of red wine in my hand!
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I finally got a few pictures of Loki developed and put on photo cd, (I really need to get a scanner or digital camera *gripes*) so if you want to see puppy cuteness, tis all behind the cut... )

In slightly other news... I quit my job at the movie theatre. This probably seems a bit presumptuous considering that I haven't even interviewed for Stratford yet, (but give me two hours...) but it's been a decision that's been coming for some time now. I've got 4 days left, and even that is feeling like it's too long.

Sorry if I missed anyone I was meant to see last night- I actually went to bed early, (one am- aren't you all proud!) but I'll be back later on this afternoon/evening.

And now I go off to put on makeup for interviewy thing. Am I supposed to be nervous? Because I'm still not.

Hope I still actually own some makeup... hmmm...
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... and I'm dreading it.

I mean, lord only knows that at the best of times, I'm really not all that thrilled to be there, but I'm really not looking forward to going back tomorrow. I booked a bunch of time off to move, then, as I wrote about last time, I ended up getting disgustingly sick, and had to have the Academic Husband call me in sick all five shifts I was supposed to work last week. The first four of those, I could hardly even move, I felt so crappy. And I still feel crappy, but no longer crappy enough that I can justify calling in sick... unless the cough that I've developed decides to turn into bronchitus like it does every 6-15 months, but that's a whole 'nother kettle of lampshades.

The general rule at work is that you're supposed to call yourself in sick, and that they give you a list of phone numbers to find someone else to work for you- which I think is a stupid assed thing in the first place. To paraphrase... I think it was Angie, if you're sick, you're not coming in anyway, whether you can find someone to take your shift or not, so it's just sheer laziness on their part to try and make you find the person to cover you. If you just want the day off- absolutely. Find your own cover. But for a sick day? Bitch please.

Dear god, I'm still going... )
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I am just in the most pissy-assed mood of all pissy-assed moods, and I've been stuck there for a good three or four days, and I just can't quite snap out of it. Particularly since I'm not quite sure what's caused it.

Could be moving.
Could be my job and the fact that I am steadily loathing it more and more every day.
Could be reading about wank that made my tummy turn inside out and backwards.
Could be the fact that I still have to clean my whole apartment.
Could be that I'm stuck in place, and I don't know where I'm going with my life yet while we're in London.
Could be that I'm just a pissy-assed cranky bitch person lately, and I need to snap out of it and get over myself.

I want to sleep for a month. But instead, I'm going to go to work and deny movie tickets to 12 year olds who think they should be allowed into 14A movies with no ID... because god knows that'll cheer me up.

Lord, I really am self pitying right now... somebody slap me around or feed me sourdough bread or just tuck me into bed for about a year.
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I dread being scheduled to work Wednesdays. Well, I dread Thursdays too... and Friday... pretty much any day that ends in a ‘Y’. But Wednesdays are particularly gruesome if you work at a Famous Players Cinema, because of one thing *cue low ominous music*

Famous Babies. )

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So, I work box office and as an usher for a twelve screen movie theatre in a largish city in Ontario, Canada. I don’t know how ratings systems work worldwide, but in Canada (Ontario at least) it goes like this: Cut for Rating explanation and mass sarcasm re: inforcement of ID policies... )

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Mmm... so guess what trailers we got in new today?

Aeon Flux

A History of Violence


And guess who got to do trailer checks and get to watch them on the big screen!!!!

Okay, it was the two other people I work with...

Guess who snuck into the theatres for the second set of shows and just fucking WATCHED them- okay, THAT would be me!

All three look awesome, and Aeon Flux looks fucking cool. Still no release date yet, but at least I'll be able to watch the trailer, many many time over to console myself *smirk* *ducks and runs*
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Okay, was super bored at work last Box Office shift, so I wrote down projected release dates for anything that I was interested in, or ones I thought others would be interested in... these are, 'course, only projected... last time they put one of these out, Elizabethtown was supposed to be a summer release *grumble*

What's coming out from August to December... now with added Jay-commentary! )
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So,was at work today, standing on podium, taking tickets and talking to the Academic husband, who had dropped by to visit me, *squishes much*. And this adorable little boy, maybe two years old, definitely not three, comes toddling out of a movie with his older brother and Grandma. Grandma goes to the ladies room, asks older brother to watch little, which, 'course, he doesn't- grabs a magazine and sits down in the chairs to wait for Grandma.

So AH and I are keeping an eye on the wee one, who's just kind of toddling about in the lobby of the theatre, wandering aimlessly... until he sees the huge piece of popcorn that fell out of someone's bag onto the floor.

His eyes light up, and he's barrelling off towards this piece of popcorn like a fat kid on a smartie, and I know how nasty our floors are, so I'm saying, loud as I can, "No, sweetie- YUCK! Don't eat it!" but I'm too far away, and he has no intention of listening to me.

He sits down on the floor, (ew ew ew EW!) because he's not quite mastered leaning down to pick stuff up, slowly picks up the piece of popcorn, almost reverently, carefully gets to his feet, cradles it in the palm of his hand like it's something precious... )
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Okay, this I've been meaning to post for awhile. One of my managers at work is a really nice, strange, and deeply deranged fella. We have a button on the Box Office computers that has a place for a description of the movie to be typed in- something quick and easy to read out to the guests [read- SC talk for customers] when they ask 'what's the movie about?' 'Course, since we're the only ones who can see the screens... aw hell, just read 'em.

Herbie: Fully Loaded:

Takes place at an Italian wedding where creepy Uncle Herbie takes advantage of the open bar.

Cinderella Man:

A man named Cinderella must learn to fight at an early age, for obvious reasons.


Chronicles the dynamic story behind the entrepreneurs who created 'Bewitched', the haunting new fragrance from Ralph Lauren.

Pssst! In case you hasn't figured it out-- these are ALL LIES! And I have more behind the cut! )


Jul. 4th, 2005 10:21 pm
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So yay! A friend of a friend of the AH found out that I've got theatre experience, and I got called to volunteer to work on a production of Twelfth Night- w00t! Yes, it's volunteer, yes, I don't get paid, but it's still theatre, and maybe I'll meet other people who do theatre, and that might lead to more theatre, and... yes, yes I'm happy.

The downside, 'course is that I'll be working days, then going off to do the play at night, and I don't know yet if I can get the weekend shifts off I need to work the matinee's, but still- am v.v. excited.

Oh, what am I doing? Front of House. So, selling tickets, basically.

Yes, yes that is what I spend the entire day doing at work.

Shut tup. It's still theatre.

So yay - from Thursday July 7 through Saturday July 16, I'll be the Front of House Manager for Twelfth Night... go me!
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...Not that I've seen it. Not even a bit of it really, not a scene, not a line, not a moment. Even though I've worked every shift since it opened, and I'll be working straight through the weekend- and by the way- it's a holiday weekend in Canada. Holiday weekend + Star Wars + working at a movie theatre on Box Office = Hell. And I've decided to blame it all on George Lucas and the whole Star Wars ... thing. Except that guy wearing the Storm Trooper Costume. That was fucking cool.

Honestly, I'm so exhausted and tired and frustrated with the whole thing, I doubt I'll even go see it for a good few weeks just out of spite. Eight days straight I'm working. Fucking Star Wars.

A few tips, if you do happen to be braving your way to the movie theatre to see Star Wars over opening weekend- and I know some of you are:

1) When the doors are opened, do not push past the person opening the doors and RUN for the ticket counter- you look like an ass, and you're not going to get into the theatre any faster - if you've been waiting outside the theatre and you're there when it opens and there are only fifty other people with you and we're showing it in FIVE theatres- you're going to get a seat! A good one even!

2) We are showing Star Wars in five theatres, twenty times a day, in half-hour increments (11:30, 12, 12:30, 2 shows at 1:00- add 3 hours for the show and time to clean each theatre and restart the process). Do NOT come up to the till and do this:

[Dumbass Customer]: "Hi- can I have a ticket to Star Wars?"

[Jay the Ray of Fucking Sunshine]: "... For what show time?"

[DAC] "For Star Wars!"

[Jay] *headdesks, changes mind, beats customer to death.* No really. This is now on the list of things I am allowed to kill people for doing**

3) When I tell you that we are expecting the shows to be very busy tonight, and that we are recommending people come early in order to make sure they can get the seat they want/sit with their family- particulary when there is a large group- do not bloody YELL at me for this- be grateful! Honestly- is it my fault that the show is successful? Next time I won't tell you, and you can think you can show up ten minutes before the start time for a show on Friday evening, opening weekend, on a holiday weekend. Oh yeah, and the show is fucking Star Wars. *mutters* Fucking Star Wars. Hope you enjoy sitting in the front row, because that's the only place you're going to find seats if you come that late!

Oh- and as a side note to management who set up the schedule so the matinee box crew (basically me and one other girl) were scheduled to finish at 5:30pm and 5:45pm and the evening people weren't scheduled to even show up until 5:45- meanwhile there's a showing of Star Wars starting at 6:15, 25 people in each line up trying to buy tickets, and you made my coworker sign off at exactly 5:30 so you could count her till, leaving me to handle 50 frantic, crazy, costumed people who were all yelling at me for not going fast enough - never mind that the tickets only print off so fast no matter how fast I go? Fuck you. Fuck you very much.

Fucking Star Wars.

**Things I am allowed to kill people for doing:

1) Leaving used kleenex stuffed into the cupholders in the theatres. Seriously people- how fucking sick is that. If you're leaving them behind already, instead of carrying them out and throwing them away, toss them to the floor- okay? At least then I can sweep them up instead of having to touch them with my hands.

2) Holding your ticket between your teeth and then handing it to me. What is wrong with people! I don't want to touch it if it's just been in your mouth- how the hell do I know where you've been! When I'm taking tickets, it's not like I can leave to go and wash my hands- just don't do it! Fuckin' nasty gross disgusting... *trails off muttering*

3) The "Can I help you?" 'Yes- I would like a ticket to Star Wars' thing. Seriously- seven thousand times a day. That and coming up to the till, doing that, me asking what time, THEN starting to stare up at the showtimes while there's a line behind you all glaring at me. Fuckers. The showtimes are all over the building- stop being so fucking lazy.

**list is subject to additions upon my whims**

Oh, and I know this is long and I probably should have cut it, but Janine said I dint have to so blame her *smirks*. Plus - it's important. Get the word out enough, and I might keep from impaling someone on their own light sabre this weekend. Fucking Star Wars.

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So- last week, we were running Sin City and Sahara in the two theatres that are directly across from each other, which the door person's (she who takes tickets) podium is directly in between. For the first shows of the day, they started only 5 minutes apart from each other, which meant they were running previews at the same time. Generally, it’s just distracting and annoying, but on this particular occasion, the trailers for Kingdom of Heaven and Star Wars: Episode Three: much longer title were just offset enough to, well, you’ll see. Kingdom of Heaven is in plain text, Star Wars is in bold. Enjoy!. )
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But, then, that would involve having some sense, wouldn't it? I mean, it's not like I have to work tomorrow or anything... *drifts off.*

Hokay- am doing an update post it seems, so had best say something. Point the first- damnit, I miss Lex (aka [ profile] darkenheart). Haven't talked to her since December 31 in the early am, and I'm driving everyone at Palace mad without her around to keep me out of trouble... or at least to keep both of us in trouble, but somewhat contained. Lex- love you, miss you, get your ass back here already! And now that I've said that, nothing bad had better have happened or I'm going to look like a total asshole. So, just for the sake of paranoia, if anyone has talked to Lex, or can think of a legal way to contact her, that's be nifty.

Point the second, have been reading 'The Archer' by [ profile] legomyarrow, and I'm reccing it despite the other 12 million people who have already done so because it rocks. But also because [ profile] tarnished_raven has made fangirl icons for the fic, which are nearly all stealable, and posted here for anyone who wants to swipe 'em. She doesn't ask for credit, but I think she should get it anyway because they're amazing, and because she made me one of my very own, which is NOT stealable and I love it.

All right- my work uniform is in the dryer, which means I can now officially go to sleep, and still be ready and able to go to work tomorrow, even if I wake up 5 minutes before I have to catch the bus *erk*!
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Melted movie theatre butter... the new bane of my existence.

To everyone on my flist who celebrates Christmas- a very happy one to you and your families.

To everyone who doesn't- hey- just think- only one more day of the radio playing annoying Christmas carols non-stop!

To everyone who (like me) is actually working Christmas day- especially in retail- remember... killing customers=bad. Even if they deserve it.

To all my Palace girls- Adrian, TR, Jess, Janine, Lex, Renee, Angie, Kat, Fabala and Natalie- huge MWAH from me and the boys.

To everyone who reads Palace, everyone I've written with this year, and everyone I've met on livejournal- I'm glad for all of it. Wouldn't give it up.

Take care everyone, and if you go anywhere that's open Christmas Day, be nice to the people who have to work... or you might find the melted butter heading in your direction...

Merry Christmas!


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