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I'll admit that I'm really not the best when it comes to computers. I'm pretty good with them operationally, but I don't know that much about them as machines, and I don't know much about one brand over another. I want them to work, and when they don't work, I want them fixed and fixed quickly, and I'm willing to be the guy who shells out the extra $200 for the 3 year warranty so that when things fuck up, it can be fixed. Sense and logic, right?

Except that despite the fact that we paid for the 3 year extended warranty, AH just got back from having to pay another nearly $200. $80 for them to try and save my stuff, if they have to do a complete and total burn it to the ground system restore (which I'm pissed about, but fine, we never got an external harddrive to do a backup of all my stuff, so I guess this is our penance) but the other $100? Because apparently this sounds like a software problem. And the extended warranty doesn't cover software problems.

What the ever-loving FUCK? I don't even... is this standard? What's the point of paying for the extended warranty if they're going to charge you all over again when you bring the damned thing in? I do NOT understand and I am confused and more than a little pissed off, although not quite as much as the Academic Husband, who just had to take the computer to Future Shop on the freakin' bus in the middle of a blizzard, and then argue with the guy at the store about this, lose the argument, and pay for them to fix the damned thing.

Going to watch Pride and Prejudice (BBC) with the boy. Colin Firth-therapy is clearly required.
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Okay. So, my luck with computers? Not so great this year, apparently.

I've been having trouble with my computer on restart for awhile lately, sometimes taking over an hour to get it to start up again after it had been turned off or restarted. No idea why, although I'd tried everything I could think of and the AH could think of to get it to Stop Doing That, finally giving up and just leaving it on full-time. And then last night it decided to do a Windows Update and restarted itself, and I couldn't get it to restart properly, even though I tried for over 2 hours. I abandoned it, AH couldn't get it to work, and now, joy of joys, it's off to Future Shop to get fixed, which will take God knows how long, and no idea if the stuff I wasn't able to back up or save is going to be retrievable.


So I'm gonna be a little more random lately, since I'll have to be sharing the AH's computer with him. And he's got that whole silly 'doing a PHD' thing that goes and takes up time. Honestly, what kind of an excuse is that for actually needing the computer? PFFT! I have porn to write!

Not. A. Happy. Jay.
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... yeah, that didn't exactly work out. It was the computer itself, not that it was a Mac--we just somehow ended up getting shipped a lemon. So, they're taking it back, refunding the money back onto the credit card, and we're back to square 'damn it, need a computer'.

Ka sigh. Pain in the ass, that's what.
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Okay, so I have a new computer, and it's a Mini Mac desktop, and it's whoa teeny, and it's cool except that I don't have the faintest clue how to use it, but hey--working on that, if I don't smite it first, but got one major grr that I can't figure out how to do: Install Trillian. Also, it's not recognizing page up/down and home/end on my keyboard... but first of all of all, I need Trillian, and it's not making sense. Help, please?
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Okay, so I'm going to be on the AH's computer for the next 5-7 days while we wait for me to get a new computer. Joy. I've been using a web based messenger, which, while it's better than nothing at all, it's still pretty much not great. At all. So--question.

Can Yahoo, AIM and/or Trillian be completely uninstalled, all the way, off the computer and gone once they're no longer necessary? AH doesn't want me to load them on because apparantly MSN messenger, once it's on, you can't get rid of the fucker, and he doesn't want the same thing happening with other messenger programs that he really doesn't want cluttering up his comp.

Any information on this would be great, thanks.

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[Poll #848922]
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Okay... so my computer might be totally fucked. I am really hoping that I'm being overly dramatic and there's something that will just magically go poof, but I think it might be fucked.

I've been leaving it on when I crash out, and just restarting it when necessary, and for some stupid fucking reason I thought hey--I'll give it a break and turn it off for a few hours while I go to sleep, and now it won't start up. Won't do anything. It just kind of sits there, no screen even comes up, and it makes kind of a whirring noise. I can't get it to do anything at all.

If anyone has any advice, knows what it might be doing, anything, please, please, help me. I know less than nothing about computers and it has never done this before. It's been kind of slow and bitchy for the past while, and the past couple days, but it's never just done nothing at all.

*hopes like hell that emailing and posting this out to everyone will somehow make it randomly work.*
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All right... this is aaaaall hypothetical, 'kay? Definitely not going to do this at all, nope.

So- hypothetically lets say that my computer has a dvd/cd burner. Just the one though, I don't have like, one to play stuff on and one to burn stuff on.

And lets hypothetically say that- for my own archival purposes of course- I want to make copies of things that I have on dvd. Movies, Episodes of Greg the Bunny, The Care bears movie- you get the picture.

How the hell do I do that? Do I need to buy/upload a program for my computer? Do I rip the DVD to my computer and then record it some how? This must be possible- so hook a girl up, people and help!

Please to be keeping in mind that I am a technological Luddite and those jokes about using the dvd/cd tray as a drink holder could possibly have been about me, except that I like my Pepsi to be kept at desk level.




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