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I've been commenting in a lot of places over the past few days, and I've friended a few new people, and I realized that I don't have one of those handy 'all about me' posts to give people the quick 'who is this person?' details about who's just shown up to babble in their journal. So I'm gonna do that now.

Jay Linden used to be my 'oh my god, you're a total freak' name. As in, someone would approach me, be a total freak, and ask for my name, and this was the name I gave out automatically. It was an obvious choice when I came onto live journal, where being a freak is kind of the order of the day and all.... )
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1) I am tired. Raise your hand if you're shocked. Really, I need to find a new #1 thing to whine about, but it's just so, well. True.

2) The aliens have been getting slightly better about sleeping now that they're not sick anymore, but that didn't stop them from having a truly epically wretched night last night. Poor Monkey kept falling asleep and waking up in hysterics, like she was having nightmares, and the Frog was just completely stubborn and Do Not Want as regards sleep. I blame it on them having shit naps on Sunday in the daytime. Hopefully I can break the cycle if I can get them down for two good naps today.

3) Work continues to be... interesting. I only get one more training shift at my actual job before I'm all on my own on a weekend *cue panic*. I left a note for my boss that said I didn't feel ready and that I'd like one more training shift before my last training shift, but he never called me back. Which leads me to:

4) Work has called me three times already today. At nine am. NINE AM. 1) I have babies, and 2), dude, I know I didn't work last night, but I work the night shift. Who calls someone who works the night shift at nine am!?!?! The first was to ask me about my tax forms (which I left in a pile with the note that never got answered, so clearly he didn't find those), the second was to ask me for my Social Insurance Number, and the third was to ask me for my birthday. This is all for my paycheque, so y'know. I'll take the calls, but he better not have been kidding when he promised not to call again today.

5) I am on episode 12 of Season Two of Doctor Who. I have been warned by [ profile] ashinae that my opinions re: some things/characters/whatnot might be considered heretical in circles, so I will tread carefully until I know what kind of Whosits I have on my flist. I will say this though--watching Doctor Who? Making Torchwood make OH so very much more sense.

6) It may be Monday, but I have hot chocolate, three cattens curled up on my bed, and napping aliens. I'll take that as a win, for now.
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I remember when baby sneezes were cute. Kind of wee tiny and precious and adorable. That lasts as long as them getting their first icky disgusting head cold. Which, okay, they're mostly better now--no fevers, not so congested that they can't function, but they're still coughing, and there's still STUFF. It's like they're little ticking time bombs of gross. Look at them wrong, and they EXPLODE.

And of course, their little noses are sore, so trying to mop them up with a tissue or a cloth, no matter how gentle, produces shrieks so loud that any minute now someone is going to knock on my door and ask me what on earth I am DOING to those children you horrible woman.

This is my world right now. Grumpy, post-cold, current-disgusting children who think sleep and tissues should be outlawed under the Geneva Convention. The next person that tells me that having twins must be so much fun/omg, I wish I had twins/it can't be that much harder than a single baby? They're getting kicked in the shins.

With steel toed boots. I'm just saying.
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I wonder if I went back and did a check, how often I'd find that as the lead up phrase in any post I write? Probably it would just depress me if I found out the answer to that. I haven't slept yet--at all--and I still need to go out shopping for jeans, go to a physio appointment, and then--joy of joys--I will be taking the babies on their first airplane ride as we go to visit my grandmother and aunt for a week. My mother's coming with me, I'm not so totally insane to fly with two not-quite-ten-month-olds on my own.

I'll be gone for the better part of a week, and I won't have much access to the internet, although I will be at least checking email, so if anyone needs to get a hold of me, use that, or contact [ profile] fiercy or [ profile] ashinae. They can track me down.

This has been a really tough week for a lot of people I care about. I'm crossposting this, and of course many of you already know this all too well, but for those who don't, we lost [ profile] lunasv to cancer this past week. I have thoughts, and I'm trying to get them in coherent order, and if I do, before I go, I'll post them. For now, I have two things to say. I respected [ profile] lunasv deeply, as a writer, as a person, as a mother, and as a friend, and I wish very much that I'd known her better. The second is, in the words of [ profile] apetslife, fuck cancer. Fuck it so hard. I know that's not a positive or uplifting thought, and I'm usually better at those, but I'm so tired of losing people to it.

Take care of each other, and be good to yourselves. Be at peace.
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2010 is here, and thank fuck for that. Seriously. I have never had a year that I was so happy to see end as 2009, and I know it's been that way for a lot of people that I love. So goodbye, 2009. Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you, as they say. I got two good things in 2009, and they're both sleeping right now, which is another thing I'm grateful for. I might do some of those retrospective things in the next day or so, if I can stop hissing at 2009 long enough to get them typed. But for tonight, at least:

The Bad )

The Good )

What's sad? I know I've missed some of the bad stuff, but I'm pretty sure that I got all of the good stuff.

Anyway--goodbye, 2009. You will not be missed.

*From my 2010 'The Daily Bitch' calendar, which I was given for Christmas by my mother in law. I love that our relationship is such that she can give me a Daily Bitch calendar, and she knows it'll make me laugh. I'm planning on using them as my status messages for the year, as I try and post more.
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I've been out of sorts lately, behind in writing and posting and commenting and tagging in all the games that I'm in, on my journal, on my everywhere. And it's been bugging me and stressing me out when I realized that it's been since sometime in August since I've posted anything, and that I've got a few tags that have been lingering since spring. I hate that. I hate not being organized, and I really hate being behind. And then I started doing the math on things.

In May--there were those baby-creatures who showed up, and a twelve day hospital stay to go along with it.

Summer--baby things, combined with insanely hot temperatures that made doing anything just about impossible.

And then? August hit, and that's when things really fell apart. )


Oct. 13th, 2009 09:18 pm
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And oh my god, does it feel good, even though I feel ass.

There will be a more detailed update of all the what the fuckness that was my Friday through Tuesday night at another time. So for right now, a few bullet points under the cut... )
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Ash here again. Just a very, very quick note to say that her Jayness is on her way home tonight!
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Hello, all, Ash here.

I have spoken to the Jay. The gallbladder is out, but things didn't exactly go entirely according to plan. She was very hard to understand over the phone, but the gist of it is that there was a stone blocking something, and that meant that she couldn't be clamped, she had to be sutured. So she's in rather a lot of pain, she's got a nice little morphine drip, and they're making her do breathing exercises as her blood pressure's on the low side, and they're having her do some walking (about thirty feet or so, to the nurses' station and back). So she's in discomfort, but she is going to be just fine, and they anticipate sending her home on Monday or Tuesday, but with the caveat that she has to be able to move and all that. As I said, she was rather difficult to understand, but the AH is bringing her the handsfree for her mobile phone, so I am sure I'll have an update at some point over the weekend when she's a little more up to talking.

Not so much with the six hours and home with a couple of bandaids, alas, but at least the gallbladder is out and it shan't be bothering her, or anyone, ever again.

(I did of course have to tease her that this was a rotten, tricksy way to get out of having to socialise for Thanksgiving.)
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Quick backtrack 'cause I'm an idiot and haven't posted an update--apparently I have a whole fistful of gallstones in my gallbladder. This, apparently, is a bad thing. Ya think? So, I'm seeing the surgeon in about an hour to discuss what's going to happen in terms of getting the annoying and persnickety organ removed. This is something I am not in any way, shape, form, whatever, looking forward to.

But my disappointment in people is different. Today, we received news from one of the AH's cousins, a very close family friend and Anglican priest, that he will be splitting from the Anglican church at large, and joining up with a much more conservative faction, largely because he cannot tolerate the recent progressive stance the church has taken towards homosexuals, and in particular, gay marriage. Which, y'know, is already legal in Canada. Has been for quite some time. But the Anglican church wants their priests to be able to bless same sex marriages in the churches itself. And he can't abide by that.

This is a guy who did a degree in theatre--he's a brilliant actor and singer--and has been performing since he was a little kid. He's kind, he's smart, he's the last person I would have ever expected to take such a negative and conservative stance. And yet, he has.

I'm just... so discouraged about this. I expect better of my country, my friends, and my family. I expect better of a person I've respected and liked since I was sixteen years old. I expect better of the man whose daughter I'm godmother to. And I just... *hands*. I don't know what to say to him. I don't know how to talk to him. And I don't know what to do.
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So, today, my aliens are being baptized. This is a special event in our church, and in our family, particularly the Academic husband's family, who have been Lutheran for as long as there have been Lutherans. We have godparents who have traveled a long way to be here for the service, his uncle is going to be doing the baptism, there's a dinner and stuff afterward, big deal stuff.

Despite being exhausted, I toss and turn from about 2:30 when I go to bed after baby feeding, until about 4:30 when the frog wants food. At 4:30am, I feed the frog. At 4:45am, I have sudden onset, acute, motherfucking OW FUCK OW pain right below my ribcage. Can't breathe kind of pain. Very similar to my birthday in London, oh, say four years ago. Signs point to gallbladder attack/gallstones. MOTHERFUCK.

I wake the Academic Husband, he drops me off at the hospital, runs the aliens to his parent's house. At 5:00am. I cry through intake from the pain, get put into a room fairly quickly, get an IV, get morphine.

I like morphine. Morphine is KEEN. But I'm still crying, because they're talking X-Rays, they're talking Ultrasounds, and they're talking noon at the earliest before I can get the ultrasound done.

The baptism is at 10:00am.

So we're scrambling, trying to find a video camera, trying to find someone who can record it for me if I'm stuck in the hospital, and in the meantime, I'm bargaining with nurses, trying to find out if I can leave now that my pain is controlled, just for two hours, just for enough time to see my babies get baptized. We're debating (at the nurse's suggestion) just signing me out against medical advice, if necessary, IV heplock still in my arm.

And the the doctor comes back and says that they'll do the ultrasound tomorrow, gives me a few tabs of Dilaudid, and says to come back if the pain gets uncontrollable again, but other than that, it can wait until tomorrow.

You're not supposed to get married under the influence... I wonder if there are rules against getting folk baptized under the influence. Because WOW am I loopy right now. Did I mention I like morphine?

It's only 8:15am right now, and I'm already so totally done with this day. SERIOUSLY. I am on freakin' narcotics, and I have not yet SLEPT fortheloveofMishaCollins.

PS. I like morphine.
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Ow. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Two came out easy, one was determined to get to stay put. I was sedated, but I wasn't unconscious. I don't know why, but I was too loopy to ask.

Teeth are weird. T-3 are good, at least once the mother fuckers kick in.

My lips are still numb. Why my lips and not the rest of my mouth? I have no answer for this.

The aliens are with my mother, which is good 'cause if either of them whumped me in the mouth right now I might cry.

The AH, as always, is awesome on toast.

sleeping now.
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So, tomorrow I get my wisdom teeth out. All four at once. This is going to be AWESOME.

SO, if you're looking for me in the next couple? I'm probably drugged out of my gourd.

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I figure a lot of this is assumed, but sometimes it's good to just say things so that they're said.

If I disappear on chat, sign on and don't say anything, forget to sign on, forget to answer a comment, miss a post, miss a tag, miss where I put my glasses/head/something I've promised to do?

Blame my kids. They can't verbalize yet--they can take it.

Off I go!

Jul. 9th, 2009 09:52 am
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I'm off to Vancouver Island for my baby sister's wedding. If it were anything else, would I be making a nine hour trip (which I'm spreading over two days) to attend a function with about 150, with two not-quite-two-month-old-babies? Um, NUH. But I love my sister, and I'm incredibly happy for her, so off I go, off I go.

I haven't slept in two days, Thing Two screamed for most of last evening to the point where my ears are still ringing, and the AH still has to finish a slide show/power point by Saturday afternoon.

Wish us luck surviving. Seriously.

Don't burn down the internets while I'm gone!

Love Jay.
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Okay, so, did anyone guess that having twins at home might be a little time consuming? Because yes. Time consuming. Also tiring, awesome, tiring, funny, tiring, frustrating, tiring, amazing, and tiring.

They're doing amazingly well. )

Dude. They just yawned in tandem. I need to keep my camera next to the computer at ALL TIMES, apparently.

And speaking of cameras--I have pictures! )
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Jay is on her way home from the hospital again...WITH BABIES THIS TIME! Don't know when she'll get a chance to update, so I thought I'd drop a heads up.

That is all.
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... and this time I'm happy about it. I got a call from the Academic Husband at about 2pm today telling me not to make any plans for dinner 'because I was going to be back in hospital'. He'd been here all day, since I'd had a mini crash and burn Saturday night with the back and forth.

It had started to feel like they weren't even really my babies, that they belonged to the hospital, and that I got to cuddle and feed them once in awhile, as long as I was properly supervised. I knew that wasn't how it really was, but it felt like that. I cried the whole way home from the hospital Saturday night, and spent the whole night, morning, and early afternoon at home, while the boy took the day shift at the hospital. Thank goodness for nurses we felt comfortable leaving the babies with overnight.

But now I'm back, and unless the whole world falls down around the hospital's ears, I shouldn't be leaving again until it's with them! Yes, I am utterly, totally giddy to be in the hospital. Maybe that means there's something wrong with me, but this time, I think I get a note excusing my crazy.

And oh! Boy baby (Thing One) took his whole last feed by bottle, and girl baby (Thing Two) took almost all of hers. We're getting closer!!!!!!!

Love you, miss you, and can't wait until we're all home!


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