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If I ever finish the '100 things about Jay' meme that I started oh, quite some time ago, one of the things that will be listed on it is my love/fear relationship with horses. I think they're beautiful and wonderful and cool and shiny and all things good, and they scare the absolute PISS out of me. They're big! And too damned smart! And I fear their hooves and how they could stomp me into Jay-pudding. But at the same time as the aforementioned scaring-the-piss-out-of-me, I love them and think they're wonderful.

The most wonderful one I've met is [ profile] apetslife's pony, Dom. I got to meet him when I met her, back last spring, and he's just the sweetest, cutest, suck of a pony ever. Like a big puppy, really. Even I, scaredy-pants that I am, wasn't afraid of him, and was snuggling him before long.

And Dom needs some help. He's having eye surgery this weekend to correct blindness in one of his eyes and cataracts in both. As you can imagine, pony-surgery isn't cheap, especially since you can't just put them in the back of your Honda and take them to the vet. There are trucking costs involved, the surgery costs themselves, and medication following the operation. [ profile] apetslife's been working her butt off at two jobs to save up and pay for it, and manage to feed herself as well (although sometimes I wonder about her... I think she'd live on noodles and vitamin water if it would mean her horses got something they needed, bless).

If you're able to help, and chip in even a couple dollars, she's got a paypal link set up on her livejournal. If you've got a few dollars you can spare and you'd like to donate to help the pony-love-bug, that would be beyond lovely. I don't know how to make icons, and I don't solofic, so I can't offer that in exchange, but I can rant and rave about things! Yeah, I'm kind of useless. But either way--whether you can chip in or not, spare a few thoughts for [ profile] apetslife's pony this weekend. Thanks, everyone. *big Jay squishes*

Donation link and picture beneath cut )
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I am in exile! It's a self imposed exile, but it's exile nonetheless. )

As for the lj-related shenanigans )

I'm not making any decisions on staying or going at this point, and I will most likely maintain an lj presence/cross post my stuff here even if there is a fandom exodus. So, if there IS a fandom exodus, this is where you can find me:

Journalfen. Personally, I love journalfen. The maintainers are fandom folk too, and they do a great job both with keeping things going with limited resources, AND in communicating with people when there are problems, expected outages, or whatever else. If you don't like fandom wank--hey, that's okay. Plenty of people over there have nothing to do with fandom wank, so come on over. Also, I have a paid account or three over there, so if there's anyone who is 18 or over, a fandom person, and wants a journal, comment or email me (jay.linden at gmail dot com) and I can hook you up.

I'm also about at:



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It really does feel kind of surreal, honestly. I fought getting a journal for a good... well, since about February of that year, which was when I found fanfic. I didn't see a point in having a journal--I didn't think I'd ever use it. I didn't write, I didn't even beta, and I was too shy to leave feedback or comments, even anonymously.

Apparently some things changed. Quickly too. Within two days, I'd joined a roleplaying game, even though I'd never written so much as a line of fanfic. I made friends in that game who I'm still close to today, people who I can't imagine not knowing, people I'm still writing with even. And that game led to others, to new writing partners and friends and a whole community that I feel lucky to be a part of.

It still blows my mind how many things changed all starting from that one simple act--Jay's first livejournal. The people I've met, the things I've learned, the books and music and TV and film and cultures and experiences that I'd never even have thought about or looked twice at that have been delivered here, right to my metaphorical door, opening my mind and my heart and my world.

Some things haven't changed. I'm still too shy most of the time to comment or leave feedback, anonymously, or with any of the well over a dozen journals I've got now. But I'm so, so glad that I'm here. Even when I don't peep my head out to tell people so.

I'm a better person, a more interesting and complex, thoughtful and happy person, for having known you all. So thank you, all of you, so much for that.

Love, Jay.
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I never remember to check the paid members page so I'm shocked I didn't miss this, but if you've got a paid account, they're offering an extra week's time since they were all sketchy and on and off last week. Just follow the link...
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I don't even know if this will post- my lj won't let me stay logged in, I can't check my flist and see the flocked entries- grrrr!

I am displeased.

Oh- also, [ profile] _ravengirl, can you tell K that I'm not dead? 'Cause... as it turns out- I'm not! My life is just bizzare.

*kicks lj a few more times and goes to bed*
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...also known as why this post is two weeks/seventeen days later than originally planned.
July 5, 2004... Jay gets a livejournal... )

July 5, 2004. Palace? )

Claiming Harry Sinclair... what have I gotten myself into?! )

From the beginning...
laideedai )
anorienbean )
angiepen )
little___hobbit )
fin_anwamane )
sairalinde )
tsinivari )
drachekatze )
angel_nat_nat )
bijouatweb )
your_own_path )

And the corrupters:
darknight999 )
lady_adrian )
darkenheart )

And finally, the benevolent despot herself:
tarnished_raven )

And so here I am. )
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The following is my opinion on the whole issue of friends locking, flists, and friends locked posts. If you're not interested in reading that, then here:

Look at that for a few hours moments, then move on to the next thing on your flist. The rest of you, walk this way. )
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Okay- everyone who is reading this on your flist- click the thing that takes you to my actual lj, because [ profile] tarnished_raven has gone and made it all shiny and pretty for me!

*points at pretty wallpaper and grins like all hell*

(And yes, for anyone who hadn't figured this out just yet- I am a spoiled brat.)

*runs off for more Pepsi, skittles, Reese Peanut butter cups, and, apparantly, to listen to the New Kids on the Block- DAMN those meme's that I feel strangely compelled to answer with a degree of honesty!*

*explodes a pine cone while none of you are looking*

Holy CRAP!

Nov. 29th, 2004 04:54 pm
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*checks email... blinks rapidly... blinks some more*

When I went to sleep, my account was a free one.

I woke up, and now it's paid.

That's damned cool! *dances around the room, giggling happily, makes self calm down and sit back down at the computer*

Whoever you are, thank you! I'm shocked and giggly pleased and practically drooling at the mood theme and icon possibilities!




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