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What are 10 of your most favorite actors' portrayals of characters in movies or television?

I have cheated. A lot. But I tried to make myself pick 10 different shows or movies, and in the process, I realized that a lot of the characters I truly love, it's a package deal, and not even usually in a shippy way.

In no particular order: )
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... I will never watch [fill in the blank].

Because as soon as I do, the universe takes notes. And someday, somehow, for some reason, I end up doing it after all.

This time? SG1.

Once upon a time, [ profile] lady_adrian started watching it, and tried to talk me into it, and I said 'ah ha ha ha NO'. Going on (at that point) nine or ten seasons of canon? Science Fiction? Aliens? HELLS, no. Especially because of the aliens. Jay+aliens=badness.

Also, I don't think Michael Shanks is cute.

But then, I watched SGA ([ profile] ashinae's fault), and she's been gradually working her way up with a whole get-Jay-to-watch-SG1 mission, and, well... I'm currently watching Meridian, which those of you who've seen the show will know well. For anyone else, it means that since I'm at the 21st episode of the fifth season... I'm now almost half-way through the series.

I'm funny about TV. Especially when I know something's over and not still ongoing. I watched seasons 2-4 of Angel as they aired, then didn't have cable when the final season was showing. It took me years to watch it because I knew that that would be it once I did. No more Angel. I'm the same with Rome right now--I've gotten as far as half-way through the final season, and I can't seem to make myself finish watching it, because then I will have seen all that there is to offer of the divine James Purefoy chewing scenery in the most glorious of ways as Marc Antony.

But still... SG1 is interesting. I prefer SGA, and I still don't think Daniel is pretty (although he has lovely eyes, and thank GOD he got rid of that hair and those glasses from the early seasons).
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...and what's really bizarre is that what I'm sulking about led to something really good! I'm watching Gilmore Girls, and I'm still back around season five or so, which is Jared Padalecki's last year. And I haven't really gone out of my way to avoid spoilers because obviously, he left the show and ended up on Supernatural, and obviously, uh, yay Supernatural!

...but it's pissing the hell out of me that something is going to Happen (I know this, but I don't know the specifics of WHAT) to break up he and Rory. This IRKS me. A lot. *watches with hands over eyes*.

Also, I'm still cranky as hell about The OC getting canceled, especially since I only got interested in it as of this year, and it was so good! I haven't even watched last week's episode yet, because it's just making me pout that there's only X number of episodes left, and every one that I watch means that there's one less left of new canon. POUT.

Told you I was sulking.

ETA: That was the LAMEST breakup I've ever... did they let the kid who makes coffee write that? Did... I... *flail* My god, that was so stupid! Five seasons, and they write him out with.. was his truck PURPLE?

*wanders off muttering*
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Cut for spoiler )
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I have a... well, I don't know if it's a good habit or a bad habit, but if a movie is recced strongly enough for me by people I trust and I find it for a really good price, chances are I'm going to buy it, even if I've never seen it before. But sometimes even if they're sitting on my shelf, it takes me forever to actually just sit my ass down and watch them, so... this is my list of movies/TV shows that are actually in my house, and the boxes still have the plastic on them.

On VHS: )

On DVD: )

And I have 'acquired' these, and have them on my computer, but haven't watched: )

So... what haven't I seen that I need to go and watch right this minute, young lady!?

The OC

Dec. 5th, 2006 09:57 am
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Just finished the end of The OC Season 3... )
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Oh dear lord, why am I not asleep yet? *hits self in the head with heavy objects in the hopes of falling asleeps*

So, I've been crocheting and knitting like a freakin' demon trying to get stuff done in time that we can send it home for Christmas, since we're not going to be going back home this year, which basically means me multitasking my ass off, sitting crosslegged in my computer chair, watching episodes of TV that have conveniently found their way to my computer, crocheting or knitting, and nattering and tagging with people. Incidentally, if I go silent, it probably means that I've dropped stitches, and am in the middle of a full out tantrum before I fix whatever I was working on.

Last night, it was all of Studio 60, which I am head over fathoms in love with, night before last it was all of Supernatural this season so far. Please to be reminding me NOT to watch Criminal Minds when I'm home alone, stoned on lack of sleep and... I don't know, fumes coming off the yarn, something or whatever, but either way--it's not good. The show's good, but it scares the buggering PISS out of me, especially when I'm home alone. Between that and Supernatural, it's not safe to go anywhere or do anything. Either the serial killers or the pissed off spirit of a serial killer's gonna get you.

But I went on a massive... acquiring binge, since I've re-watched all the shows that I'm watching, and now that a few more shows are cleared for a full season, I'm willing to give them a shot.

So, the question is: Friday Night Lights, Jericho, Brothers and Sisters or Heroes? What should I be watching that I'm not?

(And by the way, if anyone is able to find a way for me to get ahold of the episodes of Smith, I'd be eternally grateful. I can't watch them on CBS website, or buy them from, both because I'm in Canada, and it's so far not up on iTunes yet. I'm getting both cranky and desperate, and that's a scary scene, y'all. Trust me.)
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So, the bad news is that Smith is still canceled, 'course, but the kind-of-good news is that they've released or are releasing all the episodes onto the CBS website for that innertube watch-it-later thing so that at least people can see the episodes that were filmed.

Oh, wait. That only works if you actually live in the USA. If you live in Canada or anywhere else, well... you're SOL.

Yeah, this is me going GRUMP in big letters. Dammit, I wanna SEE this show, even if it's only seven episodes worth! Simon Baker! Jonny Lee Miller! Dumbassed Amerocentric networks.

*huffs and kicks things*

Uh... okay.

Nov. 9th, 2006 04:48 am
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So, I put my copy of disc one of season one of The West Wing in my computer DVD drive to watch, and the track listing and album cover comes up.

As "Bellydance Surprise... Queen of Flowers".

Oh, it's playing disc one of "The West Wing"... but not according to the track finder-thingie on my WMP.

I have like... no words.
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... this is what happens when you go spoiler free...

Obviously, spoiler... but check your ETA at the door... )
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This week's theory about Studio 60

Spoilers, and rampant speculation below cut... )
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I think the one thing doing this meme proved to me is that there are movies and TV shows I have possibly watched a few too many times, 'cause I totally thought that some of these were well known. Turns out that outside of Jaybrain... not so much!

Anyway- if you wanted to know which quotes was what, here are the answers... )

So with two and a half right, and bonus marks for recognizing Joss-dialogue when she hears it, [ profile] fiercy wins!
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Pick 10 of your favorite movie, tv, book or other quotes and post them in your journal.

Comments screened so everybody has a chance to leave a comment guessing where they're from. Some are harder than others.

The Quotes... )
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When you see this on your flist, quote Firefly.

What are we up to, sweetheart?
Fixing your Bible.
I--uh-- What?
He starts moving over to her.
Bible's broken. Contradictions,
faulty logistics--it doesn't make
Now Book sees what she's doing. His Bible's all fucked up, and there's a small stack of torn out pages next to it...

If wishes were horses, we'd all be eatin' steak.

And my favorite section of quotes... deleted scene from Our Mrs. Reynolds... )


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