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And staying that way. We just finished our last performance, and I am exhaustipated. It was fun, it was the realization of a dream, and now I want to fall down and sleep for a long, long time. But instead, I'm going to get up and work at a stupid hour of the morning, then fly to Calgary to visit [ profile] ashinae, which should be fun, if not relaxing. There will be lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

I suck at going on trips though. I just spent an hour frantically looking for my wallet, which has all my ID in it, only to find it on my desk buried under a McDonalds napkin. Yes. I am JUST that cool. Either way, I have my ID, and my heart can start beating again, and more importantly, I can finish packing so that I can go to SLEEP already.

I haven't seen SPN yet, since I can't find a download and I was at the show when it aired, so I'm gonna have to really really hope I can manage to not get spoiled for a few days. And agonize. Lots.

I miss everyone, and I want to send extra love out to those what need it, and come next week, I should be back and Jay again. Which is good. I've missed that girl.
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Good. Grief. Tired. Seriously, omg tired. And if I've got any sense or logic, I'll be at least trying to go to sleep in the next ten minutes or so.

I'm still so far behind that I can't even get close enough to kick my own ass. I spent the weekend at a Shakespeare festival with a bunch of the drama kids, attending workshops and watching performances and stuff. We've got a few more shows left and then we're closed, and I'll be getting my life back after working on one show or another since September. I love these kids, and I love theatre, but fuck, I need the break.

I've got so much stuff that's been going on that I don't even know where to start. My mother and sister are on vacation in Greece and Italy, so we'll be celebrating my birthday (and the AH's, and my father's) once they get back. I'm finally just about over being sick, although I'm still coughing my guts out like a wounded seal every time I do anything that gets me breathing too quickly.

And I'm about to go on my second meet-a-fandom-person-in-real-life trip! Just over a year after I met [ profile] apetslife, I'm going to get to meet [ profile] ashinae, which will be shiny! I really have to get my act in gear and get myself a passport so I actually can take advantage of the opportunity to meet a few more people, since most of you aren't in, y'know, Canada.

Okay. Sleeping for now, work tomorrow, then drama rehearsal, then actually home for a whole evening! I may have to pinch myself.
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I seriously don't even know where to start.

I owe emails, comments, tags, posts, meme thingies, and more. I owe thank yous to so many people who were wonderful and supportive and said and thought lovely things for me and my family while we were being with my Nana as she died. And I still need to figure out how to grieve for her, because I don't feel like it's happened yet.

I'm behind at work, my house is a disaster, my show opens in 3 days, and I'm now acting in it as well as co-directing, and it's not ready. I know, I know. No show is ever ready. But it's stressing me out. I don't have my lines completely memorized. There are props I still need to pick up. There are scenes that don't feel properly blocked. Two more rehearsals and we're on.

And now I'm sick. I woke up feeling like a Volkswagon was parked on my chest, and I almost immediately started coughing so hard that I came close to throwing up, the spasms taking over completely, plus I ache all over like I've been beaten. It's the bronchitis/flu combo, showing up every 9-15 months for me like clockwork. Awesome timing. really great. And this week, I have to work two days for the secretary, which means a 7:30am start.

Seriously? Seriously? Seriously.
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So, my internet connection has gone completely to shit, and they can't fix it until Friday, which is, y'know, awesome. Except not. So if you're looking for me and I'm not around, I'm probably puttering around my apartment, randomly hollering at the computer to 'work, damn it, work!'

It's the last day of Spring Break (SIGH) and I am so not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. It doesn't really feel like I got much of a break, since I was in rehearsals almost every single day. Ergh. Plus I have a bigassed project I have to finish before tomorrow so... yay. I feel sleepy just thinking about it.

The Academic Husband is doing fine now, after last week's scare. He had ... oh, I don't even know how to begin spelling this... an attack of diverticulitis, affecting his large intestine. They've done tests and they know that it's not anything horribly bad (after scaring me half to death in the ER). They're going to run some more tests in another week or so, once his system has calmed down. Poor boy had to go an entire week on nothing but clear fluids. That's a lot of Jell-o and broth for one person to eat.

Highlights included:

- Me accidentally buying diet Jell-o because I didn't read the label carefully enough (yeah, he's practically fasting, getting maybe a third of the daily recommended calories just for survival, and I buy the stuff with less calories. I am SMRT
- AH yelling at a box of chicken broth. "What do you MEAN only 40 calories in the entire box? DAMN YOU TO HADES, CHICKEN BROTH!"
- AH yelling at the television every time it showed a food commercial.

It was a pretty special week, all in.
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I need more hours in the day. I know, I know, doesn't everyone? But no--I need more hours. I need to work at the library at the school that I'm at, then race to another office and work for three hours for the International Student department, then race right to rehearsals, five days a week.

See, what really works for me is when I go through those phases where I only need 4-5 hours of sleep in a night. I don't sleep much, but it's good sleep. Concentrated or something. These days, I'm sleeping eight or nine hours, but it's on and off, waking and crashing again, never quite finishing a REM cycle. That sucks. Especially when Tarfun decides to play glitter ball soccer on top of the bed while I'm trying to sleep. She thinks I'm just pretending, I think, since she keeps pushing the ball into my hand and waiting for me to throw it for her. Yes. My cats are weird.

Overall, things are mostly okay. The show's going well, work's going well. And I forgot to update people, but my Nana's doing all right. She's out of the hospital, and we don't know what it was that was wrong with her, we just know it's not happening any more. So.. good? I guess?

I'm still having to go to massage therapy for my back getting crunched in that dumbassed car accident, which is not fun. I imagine regular massages that are for relaxation are fun. These are the kind of 'oh, does that hurt? Let me POKE AT IT MORE until you're in tears.' It's helping though, so that's good at the very least.

Okay. Working. Making schedules for rehearsals. Trying not to panic about how little time is left to get this show up and running and ready. BREATHE.
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When I was doing theatre, there was a set of twins who were two years below me. In their first year, I worked a show with me, and they just utterly impressed me, all the way through. They were smart, they were committed, they were dedicated. I worked three shows with the pair of them that year, and I told them that the next year, when I got to stage manage my own show, I wanted them on the team as ASM's--assistant stage managers.

This was more or less unheard of, since second year students did get to ASM, but they weren't plucked out of first year to do it. They were worth it. One of them was a genius when it came to lighting and organization... excellent at keeping me on track. The other--Ali--was a real stage manager in the making... good with actors, good with crew, a dream to work with.

Ali just died of a heart attack. She was twenty-six. Apparently a virus attacked her heart, and she suffered a series of heart attacks, and they lost her.

I'll be going to the service next weekend. And at some point, I'll probably let myself grieve, but right now I'm too mad. Twenty-six year olds don't die of heart attacks. Thirty year olds don't die of pneumonia. Except that they do.

The fates? Just made my list.
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I still can't sleep even though the boy is here, although that has more to do with having slept an obscene amount during the day yesterday. So it's 6am and I'm still awake and that's just WRONG, seriously.

But, at least I finally got something accomplished. I got... okay, I need to backtrack a little.

This past fall, I got to co-direct a play that the drama teacher at one of the high schools wrote. He and I've got a great working relationship, which is seriously awesome, and he wanted some input into the spring production. Long story short, we're putting on Romeo and Juliet.

Cut for babbling... jump back here for more detail, as well as to find out why Romeo has two mommies... )

So tonight, I finally finished editing the script down to size, and sent it to the primary director. I am exhausted, but giddy. And if there's anyone out there who's really familiar with Shakespeare in general and Romeo and Juliet in particular and you wouldn't mind scanning through for pronoun-change errors and 'what the fuck did you do here?' issues for how I've cut up the script... well, that would be really awesome, actually, 'cause I did most of this at 3 am and afterward and I'm not entirely sure I didn't just create mass blasphemy. More than I already did with my girl Tybalt and Romeo and his two mommies.

Oh my god I'm tired. BED.
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So! I am on my two days off from the show before I move into dress rehearsal and the first week of the run, which means me being at the theatre every single night for a solid week. Ugh. But- first I get two days off, which is yay!

I still have in mind to write up everything that has Happened over the past few weeks, just to get it out of my head, but for now, you get what happened yesterday.

I fell down. )


Apr. 19th, 2006 03:29 pm
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I like theatre. And I love Shakespeare.

I do not like being tired when I'm not used to being tired. And it is very strange being up before noon (yes, yes I know I'm a freak).

But I got to harass t and Jess most of the late afternoon/morning, so that's a good thing. But now everyone's about to come online, and I have to go and listen to people cold reading Shakespeare who don't understand that just because the line has come to an end doesn't mean that you're done speaking.

Rehearsals will be better. Auditions suck. Everyone play nice and miss me! *grins* *snugs*

Oh, Lex? I totally dropped $33 buying both the live Kane album, and the first one. I need help.

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*points to subject, while taking a huge breath*

I have a job, I have a job, I have a JOB!

*dances around in circles, laughing like mad*

Okay... little overexcited.

I'll be Stage Managing The Winter's Tale for a summer Shakespeare production- the one that I worked Box Office for last summer. It'll be a few nights a week, plus meetings and work from home for May and June, then a two week run in early July. But it's STAGE MANAGING! And what's more, I've even talked the director into the notion that he will have to pay me- it's not much, with summerstock and amateur theatre, you're usually lucky if it's enough to pay your bus fare, but it's something, and that's all that matters right now.

Yes, I'll still have to get a 'real' job to get us through the summer, but this is something- a big something, and it's in my area of study even- go figure that- so I can actually be doing something that I'm trained to do.

GOD this feels good! WOO HOO I HAVE A JOB!

*goes to run around the apartment some more*
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...went pretty well, I think. The drive out to Stratford was beautiful- London is such a grimy city a lot of the time, and it was just nice to see fields and countryside. It really reminded the AH of Saskatchewan... maybe that's why he dragged me out here. Knew he couldn't get me to move to actual Saskatchewan, so he found it's Ontario equivalent.

We got there in less than an hour, over 40 minutes before I was due for the interview, and had less trouble finding the building than I expected, so we went for Tim Hortons (just when you thought this entry couldn't get anymore classically Canadian *snort*).

The interview itself...  )
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I just got an interview for a position as a Production Assistant for the Stratford Festival of Canada. This is... live theatre in Canada doesn't get any better than this. I applied, but as much as I hoped I'd even get an interview, I didn't actually think it was going to happen- and it DID!

Oh my god, I think I need a paper bag to breathe into. Thank god I've got over a week to calm down build up a healthy dose of freak out before the actual interview happens.

*tries to be calm and reasonable* And it's just an interview- nothing is set yet, I still have to get through that first. Plus, it's an hour away, and I'd have to get a car, which certainly isn't cheap. It's a lot more hours and a lot more work than I'm doing right now...

Ah, fuck it- I can be reasonable and practical tomorrow. I got an interview at the Stratford Shakespeare festival, and that's gonna keep me happy a long damned time, whether I get the job or not. WHOOO HOOO!
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...not that they actually perform outside when it's raining this badly, but me getting there still involves a very, very wet Jay.

It was fun. Not hard at all- just selling tickets and handing out raffle tickets, but it's made me realize that there is an actual theatre community in London. It's not huge, but it's there... and it doesn't have a lot of Stage Managers.

What am I? Oh that's right... imma stage manager.

So, I've had an epiphany. Maybe, just maybe, I should get up off my arse and actually look for a job that has something to do with the degree I went to school for. I was talking to a guy last night, and it doesn't even seem like I'd need to join the unions in order to do that, so I really think I'm going to go for it. Even if I'm having to look for work more, it's a word of mouth business, and if you do well, a lot of the time, people are seeking you out. And while it doesn't pay a lot right off the bat when you compare it to a profession, say, or being a teacher, which is the whole ultimate goal, it pays more than working at a movie theatre, which I'm rapidly disliking more and more.

Plus, the AH said if this works out, and I like it, we could look at moving to Stratford [has a HUGE Shakespeare festival that's months long, tons of theatre there] once he's finished with the having-to-take-classes part of his doctorate. So that's something too.

So that's my great epiphany. Now I just have to get up off my butt and do something about it.


Jul. 4th, 2005 10:21 pm
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So yay! A friend of a friend of the AH found out that I've got theatre experience, and I got called to volunteer to work on a production of Twelfth Night- w00t! Yes, it's volunteer, yes, I don't get paid, but it's still theatre, and maybe I'll meet other people who do theatre, and that might lead to more theatre, and... yes, yes I'm happy.

The downside, 'course is that I'll be working days, then going off to do the play at night, and I don't know yet if I can get the weekend shifts off I need to work the matinee's, but still- am v.v. excited.

Oh, what am I doing? Front of House. So, selling tickets, basically.

Yes, yes that is what I spend the entire day doing at work.

Shut tup. It's still theatre.

So yay - from Thursday July 7 through Saturday July 16, I'll be the Front of House Manager for Twelfth Night... go me!


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