Apr. 14th, 2010 11:03 am
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That's the sound of me hitting the floor. Ergh.

Know what's unfair? Having to be charming and intelligent in an interview on less than two hours of sleep. Oh. I had an interview. Did I mention that I had an interview? Because I had an interview. My maternity leave only covers me until mid-May, and I won't go back to work at my really job until September, and the boy's work will start to seriously slow down in June, so... job. Even though I don't want to go back to work. I want to stay home with my babies until they go to school. Why can't the world be like that? It's nofe air.

So yes. Interview. For a hotel. Which I said I'd never work at again, and yet, the ad came up in the paper, and I answered it. I think the interview went well. I think I talked too much, but that's nothing new, and at least this time I managed to keep from doing my worst ever thing I do in interviews when I get nervous--interrupting the person who's interviewing me. I mean, WTF, Jay! Way to self-sabotage!

I'll know something by the end of the week, and while I really don't want to work... I do want the job. So, think happy thoughts for me? Please?

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Huh. So this is what it's like to wake up more than fifteen minutes before I have to get in the car and drive to work. Time to actually check my email and my flist, and brush my hair before I climb in the car? Trippy. Now to decide if it's actually worth giving up that forty-five extra minutes of hitting the snooze button for...

I am so, SO glad this week is almost over. First I had to get through a weekend of stressing about the test I had to write to qualify for my job, then writing the test, then waiting for them to mark the test, then starting to work two jobs back to back (I get to take my break in the car, driving between both--isn't that lovely?), and now I just want to curl up on the floor and sleep for a little while. Possibly the entire weekend. I'm undecided.

The new job is insanely fast paced, and I have to keep reminding myself that I'm allowed to ask questions and allowed to not know what I'm doing, even though everything needs to be done yesterday, because it's a hell of a lot worse if I don't ask and fuck it up. It's really interesting though to be in a job where they're trying to actually create the position around my strengths. Responsibility, respect, and a lot of autonomy, once I know what I'm doing. It's so different from my old job that it makes my head spin.

Okay. Blood work, then real work, then other work, then falling down. I can do this, right?
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As subject lines go, it's rather on the nose, but this time, I think that's okay.

I got the job, glory be, I got the job, and I'm so giddy I could spit!

I'm probably going to be posting about it more, but likely on a filter or at least flocked. If I don't have you friended, or you lurk (says the professional lurker), holler on me, and we'll see about adding you on if that's the sort of thing you'd be interested in reading--the life and times of Jay: International Superclerk. I mean... I get business cards. That's kind of badass.

Okay, not really.

And now--bed. Details later. But for now?

I got the job, I got the job, I got the job!!!
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Okay, wait. Stop. Rewind. I've ALMOST got a new job.

It's pending a couple of things--I have to pass an exam for a course I've never taken on this computer program I've been using all year, and I have to have an interview with the principal of the program, BUT--assuming those two things go all right (and considering that the principal called my mother--who also works in the district--to be all giddy over getting me, I'm pretty hopeful there)? I HAVE A NEW JOB!

- Fifteen more hours a week.
- Higher wage
- Possible overtime
- BENEFITS. Including dental, medication, glasses... the works.
- Doing new and different things, actually getting to LEARN stuff, instead of what I've been doing in the library which is fun (sometimes), but so easy it numbs my brain.
- No evil overlord.

I've got a week to study, and I write the exam next week. Please to be wishing me luck because

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Today is clearly a day wherein I need a list, if I'm going to get a quarter of the things I want to get done accomplished.

Big fucking list of shit to do... )

And in other news, I broke my toe yesterday. I tried to convince people that I did it kicking a child that really annoyed me, but no one believed me. I guess I'm just too nice. I was running through the kitchen and I caught my toe on the strap of my bag, and my foot went one away and my pinky toe went the other. And poor AH was on the phone, talking to the University, as I let loose an absolute swear TORNADO from the pain. He ran out of the room FAST.

I only thought I stubbed or sprained it though, so I get home, and it's still hurting (after walking on it all day, go figure) and I ask the AH to take a look at it and see if it's swollen. He takes my sock off and goes GAH! because my toe is so purple it's almost black. So. Yes. Broken. Also gross. Which is of course, why I had him take a picture. If you don't want to see my gross toe, don't look behind the second cut. )
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This is the second day in a row that I can actually remember every hour, on the hour, all night long, with the knowledge that I only dozed a little bit between each of them.

So of course, while desperately trying to get at least a little more time with my eyes closed, if not sleeping, before I have to be at work at nine, the phone rings at 7:30.

The secretary is sick. They need me in the office all day.

When does she start work? Oh yeah. 7:30. Le sigh. It's gonna be a long fucking day.

Sorry to everyone I missed yesterday. I left IM signed in when I wasn't around. I'm just that kind of clever.

And in totally unrelated news, a wonderfully happy birthday to Lottie! Much love and happiness, beautiful woman! MWAH!

omg sick.

Feb. 6th, 2008 08:52 am
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So, yeah, I decided to call in sick to work today when I realized I was so dizzy and gross feeling that I wasn't sure I could stand without falling on my head, let alone drive. Considering I don't get sick days, I think that also proves that I'm feeling pretty frelling crappy.

I already fired January, and I really don't want to have to fire February too, but come on. In the past less-than-two-weeks, I have: cut for whining in list form... )

But on a good note--a VERY good note--the Academic Husband finally got an actual job, instead of eternally substituting. A job that's in his field, no less. It's a long term TOC contract that goes from now to the end of the year, 50% course load, and it means that he'll get what's called a continuing contract for next year. Which means a really-real job next year, with benefits and everything. After nearly five years of working as a sub (interrupted for Master/Doctoral studies, but still), this is an utter and absolute godsend for us.

So, yes, a lot of crap, but my boy has a job. So I'll drink orange juice and deal, now that I've had my whine.
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Yeah, I know--how does one 'accidentally' get a job? Well... I didn't apply for the one I've been temping at because I was quite sure that someone else would apply, and then no one did, and the principal came to talk to me and wanted to sweet talk me into taking it. It's less hours than I wanted, but the salary is great, and I'm still available to get called out for afternoons if they need extra people elsewhere, so... yeah. I have a job *blink*.

Now I seriously, SERIOUSLY need some clothes, since they've already seen everything I own about seventeen times. Guess that's this weekend's goal. Not today though. I'm in too good a mood to go clothes shopping.

So, yes. JOB! Yay!

Oh, and in other news, I need some kind of a portable media player. iPod, MP3, whatever. I know nothing about them at all, so... this is the part where you rec me whatever it is you have, or make suggestions or whatever. Thank you!
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So, the AH's substitute teaching position today?


I've been making fun of him since he got the call. Of course, teaching dance for him has turned into letting both classes watch Step Up (which means he has to watch it twice), but still. Poor, poor Lutheran boy, teaching dance. I'm gonna get a LOT of mileage out of this one, I tell ya.

In other news, I'm officially on the on call list for the school district as secretarial relief. And I just got my first posting--a whole week of working in an elementary school library for half a day, each day. I guess I really am going to need to go out tomorrow and buy a pair of shoes. Damn.

I'm still waiting to hear back about the actual job I interviewed for, but they said it would be awhile before I heard back one way or another, so I'm trying to be patient. But in the meantime, sorting books and helping little kids check them out? Sounds good to me, dude.

My mom and I are going on a massive trip to Superstore tonight to build up stuff in my kitchen, which should be totally awesome in that I will then have FOOD. Which probably means I should finish organizing the kitchen-ack!

Two more days until I have internet at my house again. Believe me--I'm counting.


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