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I've been commenting in a lot of places over the past few days, and I've friended a few new people, and I realized that I don't have one of those handy 'all about me' posts to give people the quick 'who is this person?' details about who's just shown up to babble in their journal. So I'm gonna do that now.

Jay Linden used to be my 'oh my god, you're a total freak' name. As in, someone would approach me, be a total freak, and ask for my name, and this was the name I gave out automatically. It was an obvious choice when I came onto live journal, where being a freak is kind of the order of the day and all.... )
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Yes. Um. That. I posted that on twitter, and never quite explained myself. So, new job!

This is one of those situations where someone went 'hey, the night auditor at the hotel doesn't have nearly enough work to do--so why don't we also have them do all the pool maintenance, as well as mopping the pool area/vacuuming the front lobby area/other work that we used to pay a bellman to do. This is much better!' As it happens, I disagree with this assessment. But they don't pay me to disagree.

As much as I tangle my work, home life, and fandom all together, I think I'm going to be mostly blogging at work over at [ profile] jay_bean, just to keep it away from the [ profile] jay_linden identity. I'll also probably be flocking most of my work related rants whether they're here or there, but particularly if they're here (oh, there are going to be work related rants... I can see this already), so if you want to be on that filter, or you want off that filter, then look! It's a handy poll!

[Poll #1557066]

Later, I can do the actual, y'know. Ranting. But I figured I should know who wants to listen to me do the ranting first.
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I'm watching 2 Fast 2 Furious because [ profile] apetslife told me to (and the English major in me is flinching every single time I type the title, I'll have you know), and I'm at the 40 minute mark, and I just have one question:

Did Paul Walker sleep with the costume designer's boyfriend?

No, I'm serious. Did he? Because I'm hard pressed to come up with any other reason for the god awful clothes that they're putting him in. This is causing me mental damage, man, I am so not even kidding.

[ profile] apetslife, you owe me something HUGE for putting me through him in those clothes. And I haven't even gotten STARTED on the colour of the cars....
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If you forward me an email, and it's a joke, I'll read it and laugh, especially if it's funny, and not sexist, racist, or homophobic.

If you forward me an email, and it tells me I have to send it to X number of people in order to incurr good fortune/save the spotted owls/earn money/not bring on the apocalypse? I will delete it. Unless it's meant as a joke, in which case I'll probably still read it, but then delete it, and I wouldn't expect me to forward it to anyone else. Just saying.

If you forward me an email that has seven THOUSAND forwarded lines in it above the actual message and I have to scroll for an hour to get to the message? I will yell at the top of my lungs and frighten my children and cats, before I delete it with a growl and an angry stab of my mouse finger. I will then wish bad things to happen to you. Not really bad things, because I'm not that guy, but maybe your milk will go bad before the expiration date, and you'll eat a bite of really bad eggs and it'll taste gross, and you'll run out of toilet paper and forget the next time you sit down and have to use tissues or paper towel. Something like that.

This rant inspired by some dippy twit I friended back on facebook, not anyone on any journaling system, but y'know. Sometimes you gotta rant.
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Okay--it's ten am, and I haven't slept since about one-thirty in the morning or so, when my children decided it would be AWESOME to keep mummy up all night with the yelling and the fussing and the whatever, so! I have a question. Mostly RPG related, but I think it actually applies to FPS/RPS as well.

What prompts you to make the decisions that you do about the spouses/partners/significant others/parents/siblings/children of your characters, and how that relates to how you play your character in game/how you present them in fic?

More specifically--why do you keep them as part of your characters life, or why do you not? How do you keep them or not keep them?

Are RL partners fair game? What if they're a celebrity themselves? What if their parents are celebrities themselves, or their siblings? Does that make a difference in your decision? Do you invent/fictionalise the people in your characters lives? To what extent--do you keep the names and make up the details (yes, I know it's all pretend so to a degree we're always making shit up, but you know what I mean, right?), or do you invent people all together? Do you find that the way that you include "canon" relationships has changed throughout the time you've been writing/rpging?
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Isn't part of the fun in having twins that you can conduct experiments?

Like, have one of them watch the Star Wars moving in release order (4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3), and have one of them watch them in numerical order?

Or would that be wrong?

This pondering brought to you by Jay on far too little sleep.
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I figure a lot of this is assumed, but sometimes it's good to just say things so that they're said.

If I disappear on chat, sign on and don't say anything, forget to sign on, forget to answer a comment, miss a post, miss a tag, miss where I put my glasses/head/something I've promised to do?

Blame my kids. They can't verbalize yet--they can take it.
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It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Spoilers and commentary below the cut:


And now, it's time for some General thinky-thoughts on Supernatural... actually, not just Supernatural. Supernatural, Heroes, and just... Jay-fannishness.

Warning--behind here lies Opinions. I think they're unpopular fandom opinions, but I've started ducking and covering so I'm not sure. Do I have to warn for unpopular fandom opinions if they're positive? Scary. )
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Gay Marriage - pros and cons from an alternative lifestyle supportive straight person. Discuss. *makes hand wavy gesture*

Okay. I have owed [ profile] darknight999 this rant for... lord. I don't even know how long. Long before she asked me for it. But this is one of those subjects where my thoughts tangle around themselves, and I worry that I won't be able to get my words to cooperate properly. But because I love [ profile] darknight999, and because I've promised for a long time, I'm gonna try.

There's more than one issue at play here to start with. )


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