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Yes. Um. That. I posted that on twitter, and never quite explained myself. So, new job!

This is one of those situations where someone went 'hey, the night auditor at the hotel doesn't have nearly enough work to do--so why don't we also have them do all the pool maintenance, as well as mopping the pool area/vacuuming the front lobby area/other work that we used to pay a bellman to do. This is much better!' As it happens, I disagree with this assessment. But they don't pay me to disagree.

As much as I tangle my work, home life, and fandom all together, I think I'm going to be mostly blogging at work over at [ profile] jay_bean, just to keep it away from the [ profile] jay_linden identity. I'll also probably be flocking most of my work related rants whether they're here or there, but particularly if they're here (oh, there are going to be work related rants... I can see this already), so if you want to be on that filter, or you want off that filter, then look! It's a handy poll!

[Poll #1557066]

Later, I can do the actual, y'know. Ranting. But I figured I should know who wants to listen to me do the ranting first.
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Okay, so don't laugh, but I realised something important yesterday.

The aliens are going to come out.

I said don't laugh! Okay, fine, laugh. Lord knows I am. It was this strange, sudden realisation though. All this being pregnant, all this putting cribs together and making baby nonsense and appointments and counting down... and at the end of the countdown, this whole thing is gonna happen, and there are going to be babies, and not pregnant anymore.

I really think someone should have reminded me of this sooner. This is information that might have been useful! Or... something. I'm not sure. But, anyway, since it turns out that the aliens are actually going to be born, at some point, likely some point really damned soon, I figured it was time for a poll. Isn't that how we solve all internet related things? With polls? I thought so. So, whoever gets things right gets... I don't know. Bragging rights? A metaphorical pony? Something cool, I'm sure.

What are the aliens, and when are they getting here? )


Feb. 6th, 2009 01:25 pm
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I am in a current phase where it seems that the babies want me to sleep all the time... but are not willing to let me get comfortable enough to actually DO this. I'm really not entirely sure this is fair, but my comments to the complaint department are going so totally unheard.

I've gone and gotten behind on TV again, except for this week's Leverage, which I might actually have thinky-thoughts on at some point, if I can wake up enough. I've got this week's Heroes, 3 episodes of Bones, and 2 episodes of Supernatural to watch (plus I haven't watched the series finale of SGA yet), and I'm still puttering around going 'hmm... WHAT TO WATCH?'. Plus, I just went through the list of things I've downloaded onto my computer and not watched yet and I don't even know where to start. Oh, and the number of DVD's I have in plastic has reached truly scary amounts, but until I get my DVD drive fixed, there's nothing to be done about that.

So--democracy! Or, y'know, mob rule, whichever works. Help me figure out what to watch, and please feel free to provide (non-spoilery) commentary on polled items!

What should Jay watch next? )
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Day two home and sick. At least today I'm slightly more able to walk around without feeling like I'm going to fall over and land on my head. But I am not so strong with the decision making right now, which means, of course, poll! All of these shows are ones that I have on DVD, and are pretty much still in the plastic--I've never seen any episodes of any of them. Help me, oh flist!

[Poll #1134751]

Feel free to elaborate on your decision in the comments, or tell me what else I'm not watching that I should be!


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