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I've been commenting in a lot of places over the past few days, and I've friended a few new people, and I realized that I don't have one of those handy 'all about me' posts to give people the quick 'who is this person?' details about who's just shown up to babble in their journal. So I'm gonna do that now.

Jay Linden used to be my 'oh my god, you're a total freak' name. As in, someone would approach me, be a total freak, and ask for my name, and this was the name I gave out automatically. It was an obvious choice when I came onto live journal, where being a freak is kind of the order of the day and all.... )
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Anyone want to guess what I've been watching? I know, I'm Canadian and this is the first time I'm actually watching Due South, which I think [ profile] apetslife has been trying to pimp me into for even longer than the Fast and Furious franchise. I'm about halfway into my second disc, in the middle of an episode where there is a baby and a baby faced Mark Ruffalo, and this episode is making me SAD. Because however it ends up, it's going to be sad in some way and I don't ever like adoption storylines because it just... something always feels sad about the whole thing, whichever way the adoption goes. Which I suppose is realistic. I just don't have to like it. SAD.

But. Still. I have questions. Questions which the Due South people will have to answer for me, as I am, of course, very late coming to this party.

Fetish mounties? In 1994? )

In unrelated to that news, the babies are both disgustingly sick. Frog's worse than Monkey right now, with the head cold to beat all head colds, combined with a truly disgusting cough. I'm still not even going to get into the colours of what's coming out of their noses, except gross. I've had a humidifier going in the nursery around the clock, to the point that I hear white noise every time I close my eyes. I've clearly watched too much SPN because it's freaking me out. Still. Poor wee ones.

So if you don't see me right now, it's because I'm packing around wee aliens who are doing their best to wipe every yucky thing coming out of their noses and mouths on every shirt I own. Pray for me.
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I sometimes feel like either a very naive person or a very young child when I'm reading about things to do with American politics, particularly during election time. We just had a federal election here, and the whole thing was over and done within six weeks, pretty well. I'm sure we wasted our share of money with all the polling and campaigning and such, but still. Six weeks. Hell, you guys have been putting up with this since before the series finale of Gilmore Girls, where Rory's off and puttering about the campaign trail with Obama and the team. Weird, thinking about that now.

Anyway... I'm going to stow my wide eyed confusion about the American election process for the moment and just start with saying this: to all of you who've voted already, or are planning to vote, thank you. I'm serious--thank you, very much. It's sometimes very strange being Canadian. We're glued right to America, but we have absolutely no fucking say in what happens. Which, y'know. Appropriate. We're not Americans after all. But it's scary sometimes to have all these global changes happening, and be stuck right to you, and absolutely powerless to do anything at all to affect the course of change.

So if you've voted, or you're going to vote, thank you. Thank you even more if you've done your homework, really looked into things, and made informed choices. Not just for President, but regarding your local representatives. I know enough about American politics (ie: I've watched enough West Wing *snort*) to know that the President can't do everything. He needs a House and Senate who he can work with.

If you haven't voted, or aren't planning to, I won't nag, I promise. But I will say this--please do. Please inform yourself, please take the time and get involved. Your vote matters. No, it really, really, really fucking does. Even if you're in a state that's tattooed red, even if the vote you cast won't change the status quo. Every vote is a voice speaking out in the darkness. It matters. If nothing else, do it for the rest of us living out here in the world whose fates are so tied to the fate of America, and who can't vote. And if that doesn't help? Remember: If you don't vote? You can't bitch. No, you really can't.

Okay. End lecture/praise from the Jay. I'll be holding my breath for the next few weeks. Good luck and God speed to all of you.
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Gay Marriage - pros and cons from an alternative lifestyle supportive straight person. Discuss. *makes hand wavy gesture*

Okay. I have owed [ profile] darknight999 this rant for... lord. I don't even know how long. Long before she asked me for it. But this is one of those subjects where my thoughts tangle around themselves, and I worry that I won't be able to get my words to cooperate properly. But because I love [ profile] darknight999, and because I've promised for a long time, I'm gonna try.

There's more than one issue at play here to start with. )


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