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Both my family and the Academic Husband's family have a habit/flaw/whatever you want to call it that drives me absolutely crazy. They don't tell you things. They aren't generally keeping them from you, no. It's not as simple as that. They just... don't pass important information on--information that other people might really like to have.

The AH's cousin is due to have her first baby this month, July 25th. She and her husband were lovely when we had the twins, and I've been looking forward to being able to give a little bit of that back. She came and visited me in the hospital when I was trapped there for almost two weeks, and was generally lovely. So, when I talked to my mother in law this afternoon, and asked her how T was doing, and asked what her due date was again (because I'd forgotten), she kind of went 'oh, just wait until I tell you' in that wry way that is textbook my mother in law (I love my mother in law, btw. She is made of awesome and sunshine, and she never does this to me).

She tells me that T's doing great, since she's just been released from the hospital for the weekend, where she's been for a week, on mandated bed rest, due to skyrocketing blood pressure. Oh, and she's being induced on Monday, about 3 weeks early.


I go "UH!" and she goes, but wait wait--the reason why she didn't tell me is that her sister, this baby's about-to-be-grandmother, didn't tell anyone that T was in the hospital until this morning.


So... just to make this a little bit less about me, and a lot more about where it should be, which is thinking of T and her husband and their wee one... can you please all do that? I'm not sure of anything medically regarding how she's doing, just that it seems they can't be panicking that much if they're willing to let her go the weekend at home from the hospital so that she can be induced on Monday when it's not a long weekend. But even still, high blood pressure and early babies and inductions make me worry. So if you could please think good thoughts for T and her little person, I'd appreciate it.
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It's been a full week since my interview, I've heard nothing yet, and they're still running the ad in the paper. I'm really not sure what to take from that... or what the policy is for what someone should do, in this eventuality. Is a follow-up email appropriate? Assuming I could find an email address to even write to. Gah. This is why I hate looking for work. Just hire me, people! I'm awesome! I will bring the internets to vouch for me! I'm organized and all kinds of shiny... can the people in my RPG who have seen my dorktastic organizational skills be my reference? Perhaps not.

The Frog and Monkey are mostly over the cold/flu/respiratory virus of doom, except that the Frog is still coughing his little lungs out. All night. Which wakes him up even more than usual, which wakes me up even more than usual. I can't tell if my sore throat is just a protest of the seasonal change and lack of sleep, or if I'm getting Since I don't know that I ever got over being sick in the first place.

It's kind of ridiculous the stuff that happens while under the influence of lack of sleep. I know that the Frog woke me up at sometime past 5:00am. I know that I took him to bed with me and we both fell back asleep. I know that I did not put him back in his crib. I have no memory record of the Academic Husband coming in and relieving me of the Frog. So, at some point, he came in and like, literally took my wee one out of my arms and spirited away with him... and I do not remember this at all. One hopes that if it were someone, y'know, OTHER than my husband doing that, I would remember it. SIGH.
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When I went into the nursery to feed this morning, they greeted me with new hats on the babies and happy one week birthday greetings. The people here really are totally lovely.

I had my expected meltdown yesterday... I'd been doing way too long for way too well with my zen, and it lasted right up until they told me they were probably going to have to send me home yesterday. I listened to the doctor (who is pissed as hell that I might have to go home before the babies, and her level of pissed offishness is nothing compared to the nurses, which is nothing compared to the pediatrician, who wrote a bitchy note to the hospital bed assigning people saying that he wants me to stay. They're trying really hard, and if they can at all manage it, they will. It still sucks.

I called my mom right afterward, said "I'm okay, they're okay, now I need to sob in your ear for fifteen minutes straight". So far, I'm still here, but we're making plans for if I can't stay much longer, just in case.

The babies are doing really, really well. Healthwise they're awesome, it's just feeding that they need to figure out. Basically, they have to be feeding entirely on their own, without the tubes, for 24 hours, pass their carseat test, and keep holding their temperature in order to go home. We're still working on nursing every feed, and we're bottle feeding every alternate feed. Whatever they can't get by bottle goes in their tube, and on the alternate feeds they just nurse and get tube fed.

I'm exhausted, and doing the best I can to get sleep. That's today's real mission for me--to nap as much as is possible, more than I usually do. I'll probably even block off from visitors except my parents and inlaws. The boy is, of course, not a visitor, he is the boy and may come and go as he pleases. Oh man. When I have more time, expect a gushing post about how freaking amazing he's being, for serious. Just the baby talking voice whilst talking about Radiohead and politics alone is awesome.

Okay. Must go sleep. Love you all, miss you all so much. I want to answer comments and emails so badly, but I just don't have the time right now, which sucks! Please know that I've read them all, and that you really should be careful about being so sweet to a just-had-aliens chick... don't you know we have extra hormones and are all emotional? HEE!

Love so much.
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So, so cranky. I've decided this is my new favorite word. And I can't decided if I'm actually stressed, or mostly just, well. Cranky.

Work. )

Babies. )

Everything else... is everything else. I'm still behind on SPN and Heroes, which I think I'll be getting caught up on in the next few days. I'm so not ready for Christmas that it's not even slightly amusing--I have yet even to make a list of who I need to get stuff and things for, and as for a trip to the mall, that hasn't happened in quite some time yet. For today, I'm curled up with a blanket and my cats and my computer, and that's good enough for now.

Even if I'm cranky.
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Let me repeat that. It's FIVE THIRTY in the morning. Anyone who knows me will know that I am about the world's farthest thing from a morning person. At the best of times, I'm an insomniac, and I'm much better at 2am after having been awake all day than I ever am at say, well, FIVE THIRTY after trying to sleep all night.

Basically, my job is trying to kill me.

I'm still doing the job for the woman in my office who got hurt and won't be back for god knows how long. Besides, once she gets back, she won't know how to do her job anymore, so I'll either have to train her, or keep doing it until she gets caught up again, but still. So we've had a casual in to do MY job, while I do her job. Except, for the past two weeks, we couldn't get anyone. So, instead of doing the job that already had me averaging a couple of hours of over time every few days, I was doing two jobs. My original job, and the job I'm covering. And having disaster after disaster that pulled me entirely away from the job I'm covering.

So now, it's two weeks later, I put out all of the metaphorical fires, while getting behind like whoa on my other job, and I've got a two inch high stack of emails (literal, not metaphorical) that all need to be answered this second, and people getting pissy at me because of all the stuff I'm behind on. Oh, plus about two major projects that have to be done by the end of today, while doing all that stuff.


Thank god I've got a sense of humour. If I didn't? I'd be crying right now.


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