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Both my family and the Academic Husband's family have a habit/flaw/whatever you want to call it that drives me absolutely crazy. They don't tell you things. They aren't generally keeping them from you, no. It's not as simple as that. They just... don't pass important information on--information that other people might really like to have.

The AH's cousin is due to have her first baby this month, July 25th. She and her husband were lovely when we had the twins, and I've been looking forward to being able to give a little bit of that back. She came and visited me in the hospital when I was trapped there for almost two weeks, and was generally lovely. So, when I talked to my mother in law this afternoon, and asked her how T was doing, and asked what her due date was again (because I'd forgotten), she kind of went 'oh, just wait until I tell you' in that wry way that is textbook my mother in law (I love my mother in law, btw. She is made of awesome and sunshine, and she never does this to me).

She tells me that T's doing great, since she's just been released from the hospital for the weekend, where she's been for a week, on mandated bed rest, due to skyrocketing blood pressure. Oh, and she's being induced on Monday, about 3 weeks early.


I go "UH!" and she goes, but wait wait--the reason why she didn't tell me is that her sister, this baby's about-to-be-grandmother, didn't tell anyone that T was in the hospital until this morning.


So... just to make this a little bit less about me, and a lot more about where it should be, which is thinking of T and her husband and their wee one... can you please all do that? I'm not sure of anything medically regarding how she's doing, just that it seems they can't be panicking that much if they're willing to let her go the weekend at home from the hospital so that she can be induced on Monday when it's not a long weekend. But even still, high blood pressure and early babies and inductions make me worry. So if you could please think good thoughts for T and her little person, I'd appreciate it.
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