Mar. 28th, 2010

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Okay. Point one--happy (belated) birthday to [ profile] apetslife! I hope you had a wonderful day and got into all kinds of wicked and wonderful trouble. And that there was cake.

Point two--happy on-time birthday to [ profile] ashinae! I expect you to have a wonderful day, and get into all kinds of wicked and wonderful trouble. And have cake.

pet, you are about nineteen different kinds of awesome, you know that? You're one of those people who is a truly good person, just because that's who you are. I love your writing, I love your Daniel and Jensen and Adrian, I love your enthusiasm, I love how you love your ponies, and I forgive you for talking me into watching The Fast and the Furious, even though I had to put up with Paul Walker wearing those horrible clothes in the one with the numbers in the title. Because really, the hot, the gay, and the awesome fanfic? Totally worth it.

Bee, you are my bee. You push me and you challenge me, and you trick me into fandoms, and into writing things that are dirtybadwrong in the very best of all ways. Really, it's all your fault, because like I've told every other person who talked me into writing naughty things, I'm a very innocent person. Heroes is your fault, SGA and SG1 is your fault, Chuck is your fault, Torchwood is your fault even though you told me it was too scary for me to watch because you also made it sound too good to resist. Hayden is definitely your fault. And if I haven't said thank you any time lately for all of that, and all of the wonderful people in your brain, oh, and for you yourself? Thank you. So much.

Happy birthday, ladies. You make my world a better place to exist in.

Love Jay.
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Anyone want to guess what I've been watching? I know, I'm Canadian and this is the first time I'm actually watching Due South, which I think [ profile] apetslife has been trying to pimp me into for even longer than the Fast and Furious franchise. I'm about halfway into my second disc, in the middle of an episode where there is a baby and a baby faced Mark Ruffalo, and this episode is making me SAD. Because however it ends up, it's going to be sad in some way and I don't ever like adoption storylines because it just... something always feels sad about the whole thing, whichever way the adoption goes. Which I suppose is realistic. I just don't have to like it. SAD.

But. Still. I have questions. Questions which the Due South people will have to answer for me, as I am, of course, very late coming to this party.

Fetish mounties? In 1994? )

In unrelated to that news, the babies are both disgustingly sick. Frog's worse than Monkey right now, with the head cold to beat all head colds, combined with a truly disgusting cough. I'm still not even going to get into the colours of what's coming out of their noses, except gross. I've had a humidifier going in the nursery around the clock, to the point that I hear white noise every time I close my eyes. I've clearly watched too much SPN because it's freaking me out. Still. Poor wee ones.

So if you don't see me right now, it's because I'm packing around wee aliens who are doing their best to wipe every yucky thing coming out of their noses and mouths on every shirt I own. Pray for me.


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