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Some of that's my fault. I slept in too late on Saturday, which led itself to being up way too late (say, seven am) on Sunday, then only getting 4 hours sleep before waking up again, but ugh. So. Tired. And this is going to be a hell of a week at work, then I've got a weekend of wedding and wedding related events, a baby shower one night this week that I haven't even considered what to get for the mom as a present (my sister in law), work is going to be batshit fucking insane all week 'cause I've got 65 Colombians in town to contend with, and to top it all off, we're moving in just over two weeks.

Oh yeah. You all wish you had my life, don't you?

Cut for moving related nonsense... )

In other news:

- I've updated the [ profile] jay_bean journal here, if you're following things along there, but not friended.

- I'm so far loving all of my shows that I'm watching this season. I'm a ridiculously easy fangirl to please, and I enjoyed last season of Supernatural and Heroes, so I'm not surprised that I'm liking this season too. I'm still a very laid back fangirl, but I might try and post fannish related things more often.

- The AH officially decided not to continue his doctoral studies, and I'm glad he made the decision. You really can't know until you're immersed in the world of higher academia whether it's where you want to be or not, which is kind of a bitch because it's not like choosing to leave a job, where it's seen as just a change in career path. People see it as quitting. I don't, partly because I just don't, and partly because he passed his comps. As far as I'm concerned, that proves anything he may have needed to prove. So he's now teaching high school, writing in his spare time (or will be once we move), and a much, much happier creature. Which is all that matters to me.
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Also packing tape, and balled up newspaper, and other moving related nonsense. Except that no, I don't love these things, and I'm totally fibbing because yeah. No. And we haven't even really, really gotten into an unpacking groove yet, because we've had company for the past two days. Now, granted, he was here on a research trip, and he couldn't really help the timing because it was sandwiched in around a conference and his flight home, but there's been better timing in the world. I feel like it's kind of knocked us off our momentum... we were unpacking and finding stuff that we needed and everything, and now we've spent the past few days driving around and visiting and just not doing much of anything at all. Which is kind of irritating. But he's gone now, back on his way to Ontario, and we can get back doing that whole unpacking thing. Joy.

The cats are giddy though, finally having space to run around in. They're spending all their time going from room to room, hanging out on top of the fridge, generally making a nuisance of themselves. It's pretty cute.

I've been looking all over town, and I have yet to find a place that has wireless internet, and is open past nine pm. The joys of living in a small town, man, I tell you. Only four more days, I know, but gah. Annoying.

I miss writing, and I miss everyone SO much, but it is wonderful finally being in our own place again. I feel like I have room to breathe again. I've got my dishes, and my things organized in my fridge, the way I like it. It's amazing how fast that's the sort of stuff you really miss. Yes, I organize my fridge. Yes, as I've said before, I'm a total and utter dork. I've dealt with this.
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It took two hours for us to load the truck at the storage locker and unload it at the new place. Another two hours to get the last of our things from my inlaws place, and run a few truckloads there. So four hours total, and everything was in place. The actual unpacking, well, that's gonna take a lot longer, especially since we don't have any bookshelves to put our seven thousand books on. But either way, it's DONE.

The bad? Internet isn't getting hooked up until the 21, and AH tried this evening to see if we could pirate someones internet, and, well, not so much. Damn it. So, I'll just have to manage as best I can until Friday. Which, well, not pleased. But not much I can do about it. One thing's for sure--my apartment will be unpacked like hell by the time I get live again.

So, I'll miss you all, and I'll be about when I can, but I'll be pretty random for the next bunch of days. If there's anything urgent, email me, and I'll try and keep up.

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Moving Day!!!!

I don't think I've been this excited about moving since... hell, I don't even know. Maybe never. Most of my stuff I haven't seen in over four months, and the rest of it I haven't seen in nearly three YEARS, since we left it behind when we went to Ontario. I get my wedding dishes back, I get all my BOOKS that I abandoned, and most importantly, I get a place of my own that I actually get to live in with my HUSBAND again. It's like a Christmas miracle in September.

Of course, not everything is perfect (because nothing ever is). )

In other news, I might have a job. )

I can't imagine that I've got a big crew of lurkers or anything like that, but if you do read me via friendsfriends or someone elses friendslist, either on journalfen or livejournal, I may start flocking things a bit more, particularly if I am talking about work. So if that's something you'd want to read, and you're not on my flist, or I haven't friended you back (because I'm a space cadet about things like that), just holler at me by email (jay.linden at gmail dot com) or comment here that you'd like to be friended. I'm not about to go friends only or anything like that because most of the time I just really can't be bothered, and I prefer being public with most things, but yeah. You get the point.

AH is already starting to give me sideways looks which I'm translating to mean 'Jay, we really need to put the computer in a box NOW', so I'd better scamper off here. I'm hoping to be back later on tonight, but if not, I'll be stealing the laptop and finding some hot spots so I can still manage to be around at least some. Worst comes to worst, you'll be stuck with me again come the 21st.

And, just to kind of start gauging interest, is there anyone out there who'd be interested in reading an Alternate Reality which is a blend of Firefly and Heroes? Think the Firefly 'verse, but with the characters from Heroes, superpowers included. You'll be hearing about this more soon, since Ash and I've writing it for awhile, but it'd be shiny to know if there's a potential audience *g*.

See you soon! *loves*
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Yeah, I might be just a little bit excited about that. I'm sure it doesn't show *g*.

So instead of watering the lawn and cutting it today, which is what the original plan was, I am trapped in the house hiding from the really big, really cranky bear that's decided to hang around our place. Not the wee cute bear of a few days ago, but a bigassed mean male bear who's come down to look for food and is lurking around our house. I found this out this morning when I got up and found a note on the kitchen table, written in big black marker in my Dad's serial killer handwriting. Pretty amusing way to wake up.

My dad bought a few bear bangers just in case, which aren't nearly as dirty as they sound (I know you were all thinking about it!) A bear banger is like a cap and a firework combined, but without the light show, and with a delayed fuse. It looks like a pen, and you wear it in your pocket if you're walking in the woods, and if you need to scare away a bear, you take the safety off and fire this thing in the direction of the bear. It goes about 100 feet, and then goes off with a HUGE bang, which scares the fuck out of the bear and it runs away. Just don't fire it behind the bear, or it can get freaked out and run AT you. Not so good.

Also, I had my Dad watch Shut Up and Sing, and now we've got a brand new Dixie Chicks fan on our hands. It's pretty darned cute. I'm clearly going to have to burn him a few cd's.
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Well, first of all, yesterday there was a bear.

Wee, cute little bear, that ambled up and along the side lawn, past my house, and up into the meadow. I got a picture of it (maybe), but that'll have to wait until I burn off a whole roll of film (because yes, I am one of those crazy people who has not succumbed to the digital revolution). I have however gotten a cell phone after 5 years of not having one, but that's a whole different kettle of lampshades.

I also got an apartment. )

In other good news, my Nana is out of the rehab centre and back in her own place. )

Also, I haven't mentioned anything about it because I didn't want to jinx it, but I've been on a series of job interviews over the last week or so. )


Aug. 21st, 2007 03:37 pm
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Okay, know what? It's someone elses turn, m'kay? I'm done. Too much nonsense, fate, do you hear me?

Probably not.

So, I need a place to live. )

And here comes the part where I rant. )
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I was checking my settings before I started writing this, changing my profile so that it didn’t list me as being in Ontario anymore, whatever, and found out this is my 300th entry in this journal. Huh. Shiny!

So, moving. )

So, that’s The Move to British Columbia. Wow, I really babble. 30 second version—cats were bitchy, we survived, never moving again. Well, until the next time, a couple months from now, anyway.

For the rest of today? I think some jelly beans, Pepsi, and curling up with the AH and watching Casino Royale sounds just about perfect. Then dinner, writing, posting (I hope!) and internet-hanging-about. See some of y’all later!

*hugs to all*
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We made it! I've got the dehydration headache that ate Vancouver, and I'm travel fucked and exhaustified, and my brain can't figure out what time it's supposed to be, but we got it all done, and we made it. Adventures and details to follow, but for now, just letting everyone know that we're here and we're good, if tired, and only small crazy things happened, nothing majorly crazy. And I'm not unpacking a THING until tomorrow at the very, very earliest. Maybe not for longer, if I can get away with it.

More later--for now? Family and visiting and a few litres of water.

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Or, stuff-moving-day. We move tomorrow. I've got about 20 minutes before the AH pries my keyboard from my cold, dead hands and packs my computer away in a box, and then I'll be out of reach until I'm three time zones away from where I am now.

So, it's looking both less good than I thought it would, and better than I thought it would at the same time. )
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So... two days. Well, two days and five hours, if we want to be all technical, until we get on a plane and head way out west. Our stuff gets picked up on Thursday sometime, then we've got the rest of the day to clean an apartment that's empty of everything but what we'll be flying out with on Friday morning.

We're not ready. We're closer than I think we are, I know that, but we're not ready, and I wanted to be ready. We've done so many last minute, hell, last second moves, working it down to the wire, and I wanted this to be the one that was organized and relaxed and not stressed out. Guess that's why you're not supposed to get the death plague-flu for well over a week before a cross country move.

We've gotten rid of and sold a lot of stuff, and we've gotten most of the difficult stuff packed up and boxed, but there's still a bunch of things we couldn't get rid of or sell that now we're either going to have to pay to ship or abandon, and there's still that stupid random crap that you can't quite get rid of scattered all over the apartment. Which is making me half crazy.

And I still feel like shit, although a lot less like shit than I did this time last week. But I still get tired way too easy, I'm coughing my guts out, and weak and gross and just UGH. Hate this.

I know it'll get done, because, well, it has to. But it's going to be hard, and frustrating, and I'm just tired of it all right now. I'm a big kitty macro going DO NOT WANT.
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I am so fucking sick, oh my god. This time, next week, I am going to be on a plane that's just minutes from landing in British Columbia. I'm not done packing, haven't even started cleaning, and I can barely lift my arms. This... death flu, or whatever the hell it is has completely drained me of energy, and I've got the strength of a wee little kitten. I can make it from the bedroom to bathroom to computer, even though I end up breathless and almost panting just from making that short of a trip, and I have to lean on the damned walls to make it there without falling over. I can't taste anything and I'm not at all hungry, so I'm having to force myself to eat. I'm sleeping 10-12 hours at a time, and I still feel exhausted.

If I had the energy required to pull it off, I have a feeling I'd be in a full-blown panic attack about how little time is left until we move and how much is left to get done, and the fact that I can't DO anything. I mean, I really actually can't. I've tried. I can't stand up without getting exhausted and dizzy and having to go sit down again. I can't lift anything that weighs more than my CAT (and just the little one that's about six pounds, not the bigger one that's ten pounds). Just taking a shower yesterday put me out of commission for about half the day. This just... gah, this just SUCKS. I don't have time for this right now, and I'm frustrated and annoyed and I feel GROSS and I want my mommy.

Okay, so.

May. 15th, 2007 02:46 am
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The good:

- I had an awesome weekend in [ profile] apetslife-land. We watched SPN and bird documentaries and put together an exercise bike (I tell you, we are party people, man!), and chattered our heads off pretty much non-stop. Oh, and I got to visit the worlds cutest pony who did not eat me or even freak me out at all (usually I have some pretty serious horse-fear, but he was a complete doll). There were awesome hot dogs and talk about Winchesters and RPGing, and it was completely worth the ten-plus hours on a bus each way. The move back to BC and everything around that has had me massively stressed lately, and being able to take a weekend and just RELAX and have fun and not be staring at everything I should be cleaning and/or putting in boxes was exactly what I needed.

More of the good stuff... )

The bad:

- I have the plague. Or something. I feel like I got run over by one of those buses that I rode for all those hours, for serious... my throat is killing me and I'm blowing my nose every two seconds, and I feel like death even though I slept for ten hours last night, then another five hours this afternoon/evening, and I'm about to crash now, about 3 hours before I usually do. AWESOME. Just what I need in the final week of packing/cleaning/organizing before a cross-country move.

More of the bad stuff... )
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- I officially have a moving date. We're flying out of here on May 25, at 7:15 in the morning. *claws about for paper bag to breathe into*.

- We are going to be flying with the cats as two of our carry on items. I find it odd that we have to pay to fly the cats (fifty bucks each), and that even though we're paying extra, we still have to count them as a carry on item, but I don't make the rules for Westjet. I predict the cats reactions to flying will be 'not at all impressed, and yet amusing'.

- All of our stuff except for the cats, and whatever is going on the plane with us will be picked up the day before. This should make things interesting in terms of such thing as sleeping, since we will have no furniture, and no bedding. It is possible that looking into spending a night in a hotel might be a plan at this point.

- This also means that I won't have a computer, or access to one, as of some time on May 24th at the latest. Remind me again why I didn't get a laptop when I had the chance?

- I have done a lot of organizing/sorting/throwing away/giving away, but to date have only packed eight boxes. This is discouraging and not of the good.

- It is just under two weeks until my birthday--YAY! Even though this will be the year of no material items for my birthday since that just means more things to pack, I still LOVE my birthday and will insist on going out with the AH to get a steak the size of my HEAD.

There's more, but really, I should be doing that packing thing. Why do I have so much CRAP?!
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This could not be a bigger pain in my ass if it tried. SERIOUSLY.

All right, so as it stands right now, we are selling everything that isn't a book, a DVD, a cd, a photo album, or absolutely irreplaceable. Every stick of furniture, every piece of clothing that we don't regularly wear, all of it. As well, it looks like right now, the most likely method of shipping our stuff? By greyhound. That's right, we're going to move an entire apartment's worth of stuff (what's left anyway) by bus. It's just quite simply the most cost-effective alternative.

The price for shipping companies is insane--upwards of $4000, because it's going so far that there's a minimum payment in affect before the regular shipping costs kick in--and that's before we fly ourselves home. If we drive anything that far, they have to pay to fly someone out there and drive it back, which factors into the cost. Again, well over $4000, plus gas, plus hotels, plus food, so really, more into $5000+. So fine. Box everything up well, tape the crap out of it, ship it by Greyhound five or so boxes at a time. Not the end of the world.

Oh, except that they will not insure electronics for anything even close to what they're worth. And we have two computers. Awesome. So, I'm trying to find out the best way to ship two computers and a monitor (and my sewing machine--I forgot that, damn it!) across five provinces.

So--does anyone have any particular courier (operating in Canada, please) that they'd like to recommend, or that they've had a bad experience with? Because right now, it's looking like Purolator or UPS or something like that.

Have I mentioned how much I despise and loathe moving? A lot? *cries*.


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