Jul. 22nd, 2010

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So, I've been thinking about this... about the things in fandom that we, meaning specifically me, but also you, take as our own personal canon and fanon. What things are there that you hold as true, both for what actually could exist in the fandom's own canon, and what you hold as true when it's more fanon, and more unlikely to be untrue in the actual show/book/whatever itself.

Hang on, I can make that more sense by using examples.

In Harry Potter, it's my personal canon that Charlie Weasley is gay. There's nothing in canon that supports it, nothing in the canon (as far as the text goes) that refutes it, and I'm not aware of anything that the writer has said that puts a yes or no stamp on it. So until explicitly told or shown otherwise, in my canon, Charlie Weasley likes dragons (but not like that), doesn't mind getting roughed up (but not like that. Well. Maybe depending on the story...), and likes the fellas. It'd also be my fanon interpretation of the character as well, but it's something that as far as I'm concerned, could be true in the story itself.

My personal fanon is that Lupin and Snape had a thing. I'm not sure how far that thing went, whether it started as friendship and developed into something more, but it ended before they did their OWLs. Lupin regrets letting what James and Sirius thought bully him out of something that he wanted for himself. Snape regrets everything.

And my personal canon and fanon is that James was straight, Lupin bisexual, and Sirius gay.

So ask me others! Ask me about my other fandoms (see my userinfo), ask me about specific characters... ask me things. It's gonna be a long weekend at work, people, I need the distraction. And, as a bonus, you get Supernatural below the cut!

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