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So, I've been thinking about this... about the things in fandom that we, meaning specifically me, but also you, take as our own personal canon and fanon. What things are there that you hold as true, both for what actually could exist in the fandom's own canon, and what you hold as true when it's more fanon, and more unlikely to be untrue in the actual show/book/whatever itself.

Hang on, I can make that more sense by using examples.

In Harry Potter, it's my personal canon that Charlie Weasley is gay. There's nothing in canon that supports it, nothing in the canon (as far as the text goes) that refutes it, and I'm not aware of anything that the writer has said that puts a yes or no stamp on it. So until explicitly told or shown otherwise, in my canon, Charlie Weasley likes dragons (but not like that), doesn't mind getting roughed up (but not like that. Well. Maybe depending on the story...), and likes the fellas. It'd also be my fanon interpretation of the character as well, but it's something that as far as I'm concerned, could be true in the story itself.

My personal fanon is that Lupin and Snape had a thing. I'm not sure how far that thing went, whether it started as friendship and developed into something more, but it ended before they did their OWLs. Lupin regrets letting what James and Sirius thought bully him out of something that he wanted for himself. Snape regrets everything.

And my personal canon and fanon is that James was straight, Lupin bisexual, and Sirius gay.

So ask me others! Ask me about my other fandoms (see my userinfo), ask me about specific characters... ask me things. It's gonna be a long weekend at work, people, I need the distraction. And, as a bonus, you get Supernatural below the cut!

Supernatural (FPS):

My personal canon: Sam Winchester is bisexual. Truly bisexual, split kinda right down the middle. I've got this whole big explanation about how a lot of it (his choice to actually act on it, not what "made" him bisexual, because c'mon) has to do with having been raised almost entirely separate from any female influences, and not really being comfortable around girls or women as a kid and then teenager.

I could see it being partly a rebellion thing, even if Dean and John never knew he was doing it (that would be so Sam, having a private little rebellion by kissing boys, HA, take THAT Dad and Dean omg not that I'm ever going to TELL or let you know). Most of the love and affection he's gotten has been from his brother, and even WITHOUT going to the Wincest place, I could see that driving him to seek out something similar in a partner.

I don't believe that Jessica was Sam's first girl, or first girlfriend (although definitely his first long-term relationship with a woman), but I think she was the first one who made him realize that he could fall in love with a woman, and believe that it would last and they could be safe and happy together.

My personal fanon: Dean Winchester's taken money for sex. From men and women both. He's not actually bisexual, but money's money, men pay better, and he's done a hell of a lot more difficult things in his life than give a blowjob. It's a last resort these days, and he doesn't do it if he has any other options, but if he's out of options, he puts on the tight jeans, and he goes hunting. The first time he ever did it, Sammy was still in middle school, John disappeared for almost a month, and they weren't gonna make rent. Dean didn't have time to find a job, get hired, and wait to be paid. He needed money now, or they were gonna go hungry and end up on the street, or worse--in the system.

It turned out that John'd gotten slashed up pretty good by some damn thing, and what was supposed to be a weekend hunt turned into three weeks of fighting for his life in a hospital, battling an infection that the doctor who treated him still can't explain. John could have told him that it was from a toxin that came from under its nails, and that he's just lucky that the fever and gangrene didn't kill him, or cost him a limb, but he was raving and out of his mind for the first two weeks, too weak to stands for the next four days, and restrained to the bed for two days after he kept trying to get out of bed and get home to his boys (and falling on his ass). The second he could get up under his own power, he signed himself out of the hospital and drove home.

Dean never explained how he'd made rent and kept food on the table for Sammy. John knew, and he never said how he knew. And he never forgave himself. Sam never found out. He still doesn't know. Dean's taking that one to the grave. No matter how many trips to the grave and back he makes.
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