Dec. 15th, 2009

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Okay--it's ten am, and I haven't slept since about one-thirty in the morning or so, when my children decided it would be AWESOME to keep mummy up all night with the yelling and the fussing and the whatever, so! I have a question. Mostly RPG related, but I think it actually applies to FPS/RPS as well.

What prompts you to make the decisions that you do about the spouses/partners/significant others/parents/siblings/children of your characters, and how that relates to how you play your character in game/how you present them in fic?

More specifically--why do you keep them as part of your characters life, or why do you not? How do you keep them or not keep them?

Are RL partners fair game? What if they're a celebrity themselves? What if their parents are celebrities themselves, or their siblings? Does that make a difference in your decision? Do you invent/fictionalise the people in your characters lives? To what extent--do you keep the names and make up the details (yes, I know it's all pretend so to a degree we're always making shit up, but you know what I mean, right?), or do you invent people all together? Do you find that the way that you include "canon" relationships has changed throughout the time you've been writing/rpging?


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