Aug. 31st, 2010

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The aliens have a cousin who was born less than a week after they were. I'm sure that those of you who have been around remember when she was born, but I'll summarize for anyone who doesn't. Literally, she's about six days younger than they are. Technically, she's six weeks older. The aliens were 4 weeks early, she was two weeks late.

A lot of you probably also remember that we planned for everything to go absolutely apeshit crazy go nuts with the aliens delivery. The only thing that's usually predictable about twin deliveries is that they're ridiculously unpredictable. So we prepared for the worst--as much as anyone can prepare for that--and ended up with a really straightforward, fast, uncomplicated delivery. My niece was not so lucky.

It was nearly three days of unproductive labour, epidurals that didn't work, pushing that went nowhere before she was delivered by c-section. They had to go in fast, and her mother couldn't even be awake for her birth, her father couldn't be in the room. Within 24 hours, they realized something wasn't right, and before she was two days old, she was having brain surgery due to bleeding in her brain. The surgery was a success, and as far as all that's concerned, she's doing really well.

Now she's dealing with another issue altogether, although I honestly don't know if it's at all related to the surgery, or just my little bad luck baby niece getting yet another thing thrown at her, poor wee one. I don't know the medical term exactly, but her brain has "turned off" one of her eyes. They tried using drops and a patch (ever tried to keep a patch on the eye of a 15 month old? Yeah, pretty much not happening), but it didn't work, and today, she's having surgery to correct the problem.

They're saying it's not complicated, they're saying it's relatively minor. I'm sure that the 'they' who are saying this are right. But this is a little girl who's already had to have her head poked around with, and it just hurts my heart that she's having to have it done again before she's hit a year and a half old.

So, if you could spare some good thoughts for my niece today, as she has surgery at 12:30pm, PST, that would mean a lot to me.

Thank you all. Love the Jay.


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