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2010-05-11 03:26 am now I have thoughts.

A lot of thoughts. And because I don't like cryptic, even when I think everyone knows what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the posts made by [ profile] thenyxie, and the resulting, well. Everything, really, that's come from it. Because it's not just wank anymore. There's been wank, and more wank, and People Not Getting It. There's been people sharing their stories, people gaining strength from each other, people being touched, inspired, disillusioned, disappointed. To draw an odd parallel, just like Wincon is no longer just about Supernatural... this isn't just about what it started being about. It's become pan-something. Panfandom, pan a lot of things.

And since I'm gonna keep talking about it, and linking to it, and talking about other things, I'm gonna jump under a cut now, just to be safe. Back here there will be discussion and links that may be triggering. )

For the past few days, I've read. And I've read, and I've read, and I've read some more... )

Stakes, and why it matters when they don't matter. )

And then there are the people who restore my faith in humanity... )

Wincon again, the scary people who kidnap you from the swingset, and thank yous, to ethrosdemon and coiledsoul in particular... )

I'm tired. I've read a lot over the past few days, and I feel wrung out by it... and that's just from reading people's accounts, people's stories. Seeing people's pain and frustration and rage and wisdom poured out. I feel older, smarter, and I feel dumber. I feel sadder because of the things I've read. I feel hope because of the things I've read. And because of that hope, I want to end positive here. Thank you. Thank you for the people who have shared their stories. Thank you for the people who've stood up and said that things that are not okay are NOT okay. Thank you for the people who step up to back up the people who aren't in a place yet to be able to be the one who stands up. Thank you.

Just thank you.
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2009-12-15 10:52 am

The Jay is Thinky.

Okay--it's ten am, and I haven't slept since about one-thirty in the morning or so, when my children decided it would be AWESOME to keep mummy up all night with the yelling and the fussing and the whatever, so! I have a question. Mostly RPG related, but I think it actually applies to FPS/RPS as well.

What prompts you to make the decisions that you do about the spouses/partners/significant others/parents/siblings/children of your characters, and how that relates to how you play your character in game/how you present them in fic?

More specifically--why do you keep them as part of your characters life, or why do you not? How do you keep them or not keep them?

Are RL partners fair game? What if they're a celebrity themselves? What if their parents are celebrities themselves, or their siblings? Does that make a difference in your decision? Do you invent/fictionalise the people in your characters lives? To what extent--do you keep the names and make up the details (yes, I know it's all pretend so to a degree we're always making shit up, but you know what I mean, right?), or do you invent people all together? Do you find that the way that you include "canon" relationships has changed throughout the time you've been writing/rpging?
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2008-11-03 10:52 am

Supernatural, Heroes, and more

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Spoilers and commentary below the cut:


And now, it's time for some General thinky-thoughts on Supernatural... actually, not just Supernatural. Supernatural, Heroes, and just... Jay-fannishness.

Warning--behind here lies Opinions. I think they're unpopular fandom opinions, but I've started ducking and covering so I'm not sure. Do I have to warn for unpopular fandom opinions if they're positive? Scary. )
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2006-08-28 05:34 am
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Domestic Violence.

This is a post that I've been intending to make for awhile now, and a story that someone told me tonight is finally prompting me to actually post. Some of you have heard this before, most of you haven't, but it forms the basis for my opinions on the issue of domestic abuse, specifically on people who are in abusive relationships and don't "simply" just leave.

(And before I tarnish the Academic Husband's reputation, this is not a story about surviving domestic abuse. That's not something that has ever happened to me... this is just a story about something that happened to me that changed some of my thinking.)

Read more... )
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2006-08-19 07:32 pm

The International AIDS Conference

I saw this on [ profile] commodorified's journal, where she's speaking about the International AIDS conference, specifically about the issue of women's rights in curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

These words are hers, not mine, but I 100% share the sentiment.

AIDS is not an epidemic because of women -- or men -- who say yes to consensual sex.

AIDS is an epidemic because there are so many women who can't say NO.

Who can't say no to early marriage.
Who can't say no to forced marriage.
Who can't say no to rape inside or outside marriage.
Who can't say no to forced or coerced prostitution.
Who can't say no to partners who have unprotected sex with others.
Who can't say no to the people who want to deny them access to safer sex supplies.
Who can't say no to people who want to deny them access to contraception, even when they already know they are HIV positive.
Who can't say no to men who don't want to be bothered with condoms.

If you believe in abstinence as a religious duty and choice, that's your perogative to believe, hold to, and teach. AS a religious duty.

If after all this time and all we know you still honestly believe that that preaching sexual purity to women has any credibility at all as a primary means of controlling the spread of AIDS, Hepatitis, or any other STD, especially in the absence of even a pretence of gender and sexual equality, you're criminally ignorant.

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