Aug. 12th, 2010

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Many of you are aware of the Academic Husband. If you are not, he is both an academic (personally and at times, professionally), and my husband, so, kind of what it says on the box. Most of you know that he is also awesome, long-suffering, and has been my main research go-to guy for all things well. Anything, really, since he's scary smart, and has a wealth of seemingly random knowledge available at the snap of a finger--a one man 'little details'. I've floated RPG and fanfic bunnies at him more times than I can count, and bless his heart, he's always come through for me.

What you may not know is that he's been writing long before I ever started, and while I haven't managed to get him writing fanfic (yet), he is working on a few projects of his own. And now he's asked me to ask you for help on one of them.

From the Academic Husband:

The question, if you could post it to those who know:

I'm hoping to do a Quirk Classics-style ("Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," "Android Karenin," etc.) version of a classic CanLit novel that won't be in the public domain for another sixty years. I'm not interested in waiting that long, naturally, and am pretty sure that this would mostly be an exercise in fun and gaining writing chops than something done for profit. With that the case, I'd likely publish it in a blog format instead. That said, I don't want to lose whatever copyright I would be entitled to, either.

If I am to proceed with this endeavour:
1) What sorts of legal declarations need to be made, both for my rights and the rights of the dead author? (I think I know where his estate's agents are, even. Would they need to know, or just be mentioned?) I'm pretty sure I gain any rights to which I am entitled by mere mention of "all rights reserved" or some such, but I'd like to know. Or is there a Creative Commons declaration that fits for this?

2) What sort of venue is best for reading this sort of creation? I'd love to have this be a first step towards a greater writing career, so I'd like it to be as reputable as possible.

3) Anything else I should know, either that's not been asked here (but needs be answered!) or from personal experience with some sort of (sorry) "blovel" effort?

Thanks for whatever info you can provide!

If you have any information that I can pass on to him, that would be beyond awesome. If you don't, but you can think of anyone who might know, or if you'd be able to boost the signal further, that would be beyond amazing. I can't promise that there'll be fanfic in it for you (although he does keep threatening to write his epic Bob Balaban/Fred Willard RPS fic, so consider that either a carrot or a stick), but we would both be very grateful. Thanks!


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