Apr. 22nd, 2010

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Well. That was a giant clusterfuck of a night.

My parents always take the aliens on Wednesday evening... go for a walk in the stroller, show the babies off at Safeway, whatever, and they were worried about how wheezy The Frog was, and how badly he was coughing, and I decided okay, no more screwing around, and I took him to the walk in clinic. I figure that we go in, they say 'oh, it's a virus, blah blah blah' like the last two times, I go home, and I've just wasted some time, but gotten some peace of mind.

We got in, saw the doc, who'd been able to hear him coughing in the waiting room from way in the back, and she took one look at him, a quick listen to his breathing, and said that considering what time of night it was, and not being able to get to a pediatrician until tomorrow, she didn't want to screw around, so she sent us right to the ER. This is what happens when you've got an ear that looks red and horrible, and are coughing and wheezing like a smoker with a fifty year habit.

I stopped at home, grabbed a bag for him and myself, and went to the hospital. They treated him with Ventolin by mask, and checked his lungs in an hour, which were perfectly clear. He has congestion in the upper airway, complicated by a massive ear infection, which I can't believe hasn't had him screaming his fool head off. My wee one is a trooper.

We are now home with a prescription for antibiotics for his ear, an inhaler, and I swear, the phone number of every nurse and doctor (men and women) in that ER. He charmed them all. They thought he was awesome. I think it was the peekaboo with his blanket that put him over the top, plus the part where he only cried once, when the doctor looked in his ears.

So. Yeah. That was fun. *falls down goes boom*
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... I got the job. Part-time for now. I start tonight. At 11pm. And the babies are flat-out refusing to take a nap so that I can nap too, after being worn out by the ER trip and very little sleep last night due to sick, hacking baby whose antibiotics haven't kicked in yet.

I predict that this will be a day wherein there is not enough Pepsi in the universe, let alone the world.

But- I got the job! Yay me!


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