Jan. 29th, 2010

linden_jay: (Gummi Bears--Tools of Revenge)
If you forward me an email, and it's a joke, I'll read it and laugh, especially if it's funny, and not sexist, racist, or homophobic.

If you forward me an email, and it tells me I have to send it to X number of people in order to incurr good fortune/save the spotted owls/earn money/not bring on the apocalypse? I will delete it. Unless it's meant as a joke, in which case I'll probably still read it, but then delete it, and I wouldn't expect me to forward it to anyone else. Just saying.

If you forward me an email that has seven THOUSAND forwarded lines in it above the actual message and I have to scroll for an hour to get to the message? I will yell at the top of my lungs and frighten my children and cats, before I delete it with a growl and an angry stab of my mouse finger. I will then wish bad things to happen to you. Not really bad things, because I'm not that guy, but maybe your milk will go bad before the expiration date, and you'll eat a bite of really bad eggs and it'll taste gross, and you'll run out of toilet paper and forget the next time you sit down and have to use tissues or paper towel. Something like that.

This rant inspired by some dippy twit I friended back on facebook, not anyone on any journaling system, but y'know. Sometimes you gotta rant.


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