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... but let's not dwell. Instead, I have a favour to ask.

Because, you see, I was trying to distract myself from just how much this week had sucked, and I was thinking that I needed something to distract me from the sucktasticness of it all.

And I thought, self, what cheers you up? And the answer, besides my awesome friends, cute babies, an awesome Academic Husband, and, of course, porn, is:

Music. Yes. Music. So, I have two requests, really.

The first is generic: Rec me your happy music. Downloads, Youtube links, links to purchase... the only thing I haven't managed to do is learn how to buy music from iTunes, so let's not start that, for that way lies madness. Also, I kill my computers way too often to pay for music that only lives there.

And the second is more specific: Hook me up with your Adam Lambert, peeps! Because, you see, he seems like a happy, peppy fella, and I hear that he can y'know, sing and stuff, plus he's all pretty, and he makes out with hot boys, so I am all over that shit.

And hey, if anyone's got porn to rec? I'm not gonna turn that down either. Because see above re: this past week sucking OMG SO BADLY.
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