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If you can't afford to hold the Olympics without slashing the fuck out of education, financially crippling teachers and support staff and fucking up the opportunities of students? DON'T HOLD THE FUCKING OLYMPICS!

Why is this not obvious? Why is this not utterly and completely fucking obvious? Imagine if private citizens decided to hold a giant party in their backyard, redecorate their house, add a few rooms, change the bathrooms and the kitchen, do landscaping, and then when the bill game due went 'oh, shit... guess I didn't have enough money for that. No worries--I'll just cut back the amount of money I pay in taxes per month... I'm sure that the government can get the money from somewhere else. Plenty of other sources out there for them to get money from!'

Yeah. Okay. Probably not the most fluid of all analogies, but come on, here. We don't get to pay for things we can't afford without being the ones to suffer the consequences. But when they do it... we suffer the consequences.

I'm a fan of sport. I see the value in it, and I see the value in athletics, and athletic competition. I also see the value in building infrastructure that holding an event like the Olympics requires, and the benefit to the city and province that comes from having that infrastructure built. I see that it creates jobs.

But you can't sell me on the benefit of the Olympics and how it creates jobs when you turn around and gut the education system. When you cut the jobs from thousands of people, either entirely, or down to part-time, or even casual and substitute work. People who have held jobs for years now are going to be back on the substitute and casual lists in BC because all of a sudden, just coincidentally a few months after the Olympics have been held, the schools budgets have been drastically, devastatingly cut.

And you can't sell me on the concept that we don't have money enough to pay for education when not only did you just hold a giant party in our backyard, but it turns out that millions of dollars were spent on free tickets and complimentary this and that for VIPs.

Because wow. I'm so glad that I'll be working two jobs this fall just to break even, if we're lucky. I'm so glad that I'll be working twelve hour days, at least three days of the week to pay for daycare because the only job I could work that has benefits is smack in the middle of the day--meaning that I have to pay for a full day and not just a half day of daycare--but doesn't pay enough to cover daycare because it's only part time hours. I'm so glad that my husband's going to be substitute teaching for his eighth year running, because, you've raised class sizes, cut programs, and removed actual teaching positions. Again.

No, really. All of this was completely worth it, so long as we managed to impress and wine and dine and entertain the VIPs. And if teachers and support staff are affected by the cuts to education, if children are affected, well. All part of the cost of doing business.
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So there was going to be sleep, and then there were babies, and then there wasn't sleep and now I'm going to toss out some of the last of the thinky thoughts that I had relating-but-not-really to the contents of my last post.

That wasn't in any way a coherent sentence, was it? Imma try again. This is tangential. It's definitely a rant. And it's about something that's very much a side note in this whole discussion that's been going on. But it's making my brain do seething, and that's not good for my blood pressure, I'm pretty sure, so I'm gonna try and see if I can make it make sense.

This is one of those things that I'm sure for most of the people that I know is just common sense. In fact, it outright says on the S&P for Wincon that people are not to be douches toward hotel staff (okay, maybe they didn't put it exactly like that, but still). Tip your bell-people and the housekeepers. Be polite to the front desk staff, especially if you're asking them for things. Don't be loud and obnoxious. Don't describe Two Girls, One Cup in the lobby of the hotel, right across from the group of little old men and ladies from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Daughters of Rebekah who are checking in for their own convention. Don't drink in public spaces where drinking is not permitted.

And do you know why? Because when you don't? The person whose life you make difficult is me. Yeah, I work in a hotel. )
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A lot of thoughts. And because I don't like cryptic, even when I think everyone knows what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the posts made by [ profile] thenyxie, and the resulting, well. Everything, really, that's come from it. Because it's not just wank anymore. There's been wank, and more wank, and People Not Getting It. There's been people sharing their stories, people gaining strength from each other, people being touched, inspired, disillusioned, disappointed. To draw an odd parallel, just like Wincon is no longer just about Supernatural... this isn't just about what it started being about. It's become pan-something. Panfandom, pan a lot of things.

And since I'm gonna keep talking about it, and linking to it, and talking about other things, I'm gonna jump under a cut now, just to be safe. Back here there will be discussion and links that may be triggering. )

For the past few days, I've read. And I've read, and I've read, and I've read some more... )

Stakes, and why it matters when they don't matter. )

And then there are the people who restore my faith in humanity... )

Wincon again, the scary people who kidnap you from the swingset, and thank yous, to ethrosdemon and coiledsoul in particular... )

I'm tired. I've read a lot over the past few days, and I feel wrung out by it... and that's just from reading people's accounts, people's stories. Seeing people's pain and frustration and rage and wisdom poured out. I feel older, smarter, and I feel dumber. I feel sadder because of the things I've read. I feel hope because of the things I've read. And because of that hope, I want to end positive here. Thank you. Thank you for the people who have shared their stories. Thank you for the people who've stood up and said that things that are not okay are NOT okay. Thank you for the people who step up to back up the people who aren't in a place yet to be able to be the one who stands up. Thank you.

Just thank you.
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Yes. Um. That. I posted that on twitter, and never quite explained myself. So, new job!

This is one of those situations where someone went 'hey, the night auditor at the hotel doesn't have nearly enough work to do--so why don't we also have them do all the pool maintenance, as well as mopping the pool area/vacuuming the front lobby area/other work that we used to pay a bellman to do. This is much better!' As it happens, I disagree with this assessment. But they don't pay me to disagree.

As much as I tangle my work, home life, and fandom all together, I think I'm going to be mostly blogging at work over at [ profile] jay_bean, just to keep it away from the [ profile] jay_linden identity. I'll also probably be flocking most of my work related rants whether they're here or there, but particularly if they're here (oh, there are going to be work related rants... I can see this already), so if you want to be on that filter, or you want off that filter, then look! It's a handy poll!

[Poll #1557066]

Later, I can do the actual, y'know. Ranting. But I figured I should know who wants to listen to me do the ranting first.
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If you forward me an email, and it's a joke, I'll read it and laugh, especially if it's funny, and not sexist, racist, or homophobic.

If you forward me an email, and it tells me I have to send it to X number of people in order to incurr good fortune/save the spotted owls/earn money/not bring on the apocalypse? I will delete it. Unless it's meant as a joke, in which case I'll probably still read it, but then delete it, and I wouldn't expect me to forward it to anyone else. Just saying.

If you forward me an email that has seven THOUSAND forwarded lines in it above the actual message and I have to scroll for an hour to get to the message? I will yell at the top of my lungs and frighten my children and cats, before I delete it with a growl and an angry stab of my mouse finger. I will then wish bad things to happen to you. Not really bad things, because I'm not that guy, but maybe your milk will go bad before the expiration date, and you'll eat a bite of really bad eggs and it'll taste gross, and you'll run out of toilet paper and forget the next time you sit down and have to use tissues or paper towel. Something like that.

This rant inspired by some dippy twit I friended back on facebook, not anyone on any journaling system, but y'know. Sometimes you gotta rant.
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This is just inhuman. It's Saturday, I couldn't sleep until almost 3 am last night, and I'm up before 8:30 am. Why? Because I have to be sworn in as a shiny brand new member of the union. What kind of union has meetings at nine am on a Saturday for the love of Pete!

They can make me go. They can't make me happy about it, and they can't make me pay attention.

Gah. I should bring my knitting or something. At least then I'd have something to keep me awake.
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Dear Vancouver Canucks

Hi, it's me, Jay Linden. Yes, yes, Linden as in Trevor, my favorite player on your team since he joined the team--a team I've been watching and supporting since my daddy and I switched from being Oilers fans to Canucks fans when Gretzky got traded--and the only player on your team who didn't disappoint me tonight.

You lost two games in a row while on home ice. I've been to GM place. I've WORKED at GM place, and I know what that place feels like when you're in the playoffs. I remember the smell of the ice, I remember the roar of the fans. And in that building, with those people at your back and everyone watching at home, you lost. Hell, tonight, you didn't just lose, you gave up a 2-0 lead in the third period, then lost in overtime. And now you're down 3-1 for the playoff series, going into their building for game five.

You know the statistics as well as I do--coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the playoffs is just about impossible. You've done it. I was there, in the building, when you did. And then the very next round, I watched you give up a 3-1 lead and get sent home with your tails between your legs. Lets just say when you're playing the way you've played the last two games? My trust level isn't very high that you're going to defy expectations.

So here's what we're gonna do. You fucked up tonight, and I'm pretty pissed at you for that, so you're gonna have to get a little punishment. You're scheduled to play at the same time that Supernatural is on this Thursday, and since the Winchesters showed up with their A-game last week, they're getting the start. Sorry Canucks--I love you, but that's just the way it's gonna be right now. Once they get done with the saving people and the hunting things, I'll come along and see how you're doing. It'd be really nice if you could not embarrass me and show up to fucking play.

No love tonight, just a big FROWN of disapproval,

Jay Linden.

(PS-Trevor, baby, I still love you. It's them I'm mad at--this is some tough love for them, all right? CALL ME. JL)


Apr. 24th, 2007 05:02 am
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I'm tired, I'm cranky, it's five am and I just tried to go to sleep completely unsuccessfully, and my internet connection right now is as stable as a fifteen year old girl after a 30 Seconds to Mars concert.

This does not bode well for how my Tuesday is likely to go.

And down my connection goes again. Seriously, this is getting old so, so, so fast. I get about two minutes at a time of it working, unplug the modem, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in again, and it works for, well, two minutes. And then we start again. It's one thing to be insomniac and puttering around and watching the sun come up and all, it's another to be doing the same thing, but without being able to distract myself with porn.
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I'll admit that I'm really not the best when it comes to computers. I'm pretty good with them operationally, but I don't know that much about them as machines, and I don't know much about one brand over another. I want them to work, and when they don't work, I want them fixed and fixed quickly, and I'm willing to be the guy who shells out the extra $200 for the 3 year warranty so that when things fuck up, it can be fixed. Sense and logic, right?

Except that despite the fact that we paid for the 3 year extended warranty, AH just got back from having to pay another nearly $200. $80 for them to try and save my stuff, if they have to do a complete and total burn it to the ground system restore (which I'm pissed about, but fine, we never got an external harddrive to do a backup of all my stuff, so I guess this is our penance) but the other $100? Because apparently this sounds like a software problem. And the extended warranty doesn't cover software problems.

What the ever-loving FUCK? I don't even... is this standard? What's the point of paying for the extended warranty if they're going to charge you all over again when you bring the damned thing in? I do NOT understand and I am confused and more than a little pissed off, although not quite as much as the Academic Husband, who just had to take the computer to Future Shop on the freakin' bus in the middle of a blizzard, and then argue with the guy at the store about this, lose the argument, and pay for them to fix the damned thing.

Going to watch Pride and Prejudice (BBC) with the boy. Colin Firth-therapy is clearly required.
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Okay. So, my luck with computers? Not so great this year, apparently.

I've been having trouble with my computer on restart for awhile lately, sometimes taking over an hour to get it to start up again after it had been turned off or restarted. No idea why, although I'd tried everything I could think of and the AH could think of to get it to Stop Doing That, finally giving up and just leaving it on full-time. And then last night it decided to do a Windows Update and restarted itself, and I couldn't get it to restart properly, even though I tried for over 2 hours. I abandoned it, AH couldn't get it to work, and now, joy of joys, it's off to Future Shop to get fixed, which will take God knows how long, and no idea if the stuff I wasn't able to back up or save is going to be retrievable.


So I'm gonna be a little more random lately, since I'll have to be sharing the AH's computer with him. And he's got that whole silly 'doing a PHD' thing that goes and takes up time. Honestly, what kind of an excuse is that for actually needing the computer? PFFT! I have porn to write!

Not. A. Happy. Jay.
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Okay, I know that I'm totally like, lacking for having a sense of humour for even posting this, but Celine Dion is singing and I'm REALLY trying hard to tune her out, so I've got some time...

I worked as an usher in a movie theatre for most of a year, and most of my time at work was spent cleaning theatres. Sweeping popcorn, picking up peoples garbage, and--delight of delight--digging people's used kleenex out of cup holders. So yes, I really don't have a sense of humour about the 'agreed on' arrangement where people get to throw garbage all over the place because they got overcharged for the popcorn. It sucks.

I swear, I'm still scarred for life from working May long weekend just after Star Wars III came out and we were showing it in three theatres, with people lining up 3 and 4 hours in advance and wanting into the theatre seconds after the other people filed out, and yelling at us because we had to clean up the mess from when the previous audience trashed the place and--shock of shocks--cleaning up after 400 people who all dump their crap on the floor takes a little bit of time.

There's something utterly bizarre about the crap that people will leave behind in a movie theatre--and sadly, when I say crap, I'm not just being metaphorical, and I'm not even talking just about diapers, although those were left behind too. Those people just make me tug at my hair and want to cry--because I really always love picking up people's used condoms for minimum wage--but I still don't get what makes it okay to dump your garbage all over the inside of the theatre. Stuff is gonna spill--yes. That happens. But if you could manage to carry the stuff into the theatre--which I know can be tricky--please, please, PLEASE carry it out.

Or at least don't stuff your kleenex in the cup holders and leave it there, if nothing else. Please.
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This is a post that I've been intending to make for awhile now, and a story that someone told me tonight is finally prompting me to actually post. Some of you have heard this before, most of you haven't, but it forms the basis for my opinions on the issue of domestic abuse, specifically on people who are in abusive relationships and don't "simply" just leave.

(And before I tarnish the Academic Husband's reputation, this is not a story about surviving domestic abuse. That's not something that has ever happened to me... this is just a story about something that happened to me that changed some of my thinking.)

Read more... )
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I saw this on [ profile] commodorified's journal, where she's speaking about the International AIDS conference, specifically about the issue of women's rights in curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

These words are hers, not mine, but I 100% share the sentiment.

AIDS is not an epidemic because of women -- or men -- who say yes to consensual sex.

AIDS is an epidemic because there are so many women who can't say NO.

Who can't say no to early marriage.
Who can't say no to forced marriage.
Who can't say no to rape inside or outside marriage.
Who can't say no to forced or coerced prostitution.
Who can't say no to partners who have unprotected sex with others.
Who can't say no to the people who want to deny them access to safer sex supplies.
Who can't say no to people who want to deny them access to contraception, even when they already know they are HIV positive.
Who can't say no to men who don't want to be bothered with condoms.

If you believe in abstinence as a religious duty and choice, that's your perogative to believe, hold to, and teach. AS a religious duty.

If after all this time and all we know you still honestly believe that that preaching sexual purity to women has any credibility at all as a primary means of controlling the spread of AIDS, Hepatitis, or any other STD, especially in the absence of even a pretence of gender and sexual equality, you're criminally ignorant.

Originally posted here.
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Ants. There are ants in my apartment.

ANTS! Itty bitty tiny little sugar ants all over the place.

What- the flood and the several months of near famine eating nothing but grilled cheese wasn't enough, now it's the insect invasion?

*grits teeth and keeps counting to ten over and over*
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Okay- if you don't want to hear me bitch about the past week+ since I moved, bail out now people, because I've gone rantwards.

Carpet and tile and flooding and back pain and and and... )
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Okay- before I go into full on rant mode, I can say that my anniversary was lovely, I got Firefly and he got season one of Batman- the Animated Series, and we had a really great dinner and evening out before coming back to pack.

Now, I'm gonna scream.

The people who live in the place we're moving into were evicted for stuff to do with their dog, which was, I believe, a big old disturbance, plus messy and stuff. I don't know the details, but I do know that it was a big part of the reason they had to leave. I also knew that the dog had done some damage to the place and the carpets, but I was imagining that in the scratching them up sense. Turns out, not so much. Was more of a biological issue.

And the carpet is destroyed. )
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I am just in the most pissy-assed mood of all pissy-assed moods, and I've been stuck there for a good three or four days, and I just can't quite snap out of it. Particularly since I'm not quite sure what's caused it.

Could be moving.
Could be my job and the fact that I am steadily loathing it more and more every day.
Could be reading about wank that made my tummy turn inside out and backwards.
Could be the fact that I still have to clean my whole apartment.
Could be that I'm stuck in place, and I don't know where I'm going with my life yet while we're in London.
Could be that I'm just a pissy-assed cranky bitch person lately, and I need to snap out of it and get over myself.

I want to sleep for a month. But instead, I'm going to go to work and deny movie tickets to 12 year olds who think they should be allowed into 14A movies with no ID... because god knows that'll cheer me up.

Lord, I really am self pitying right now... somebody slap me around or feed me sourdough bread or just tuck me into bed for about a year.
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I dread being scheduled to work Wednesdays. Well, I dread Thursdays too... and Friday... pretty much any day that ends in a ‘Y’. But Wednesdays are particularly gruesome if you work at a Famous Players Cinema, because of one thing *cue low ominous music*

Famous Babies. )

[Cross posted to [ profile] customers_suck]
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So, I work box office and as an usher for a twelve screen movie theatre in a largish city in Ontario, Canada. I don’t know how ratings systems work worldwide, but in Canada (Ontario at least) it goes like this: Cut for Rating explanation and mass sarcasm re: inforcement of ID policies... )

[Cross-posted to [ profile] customers_suck]


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