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When I first ventured into fandom, it was through LOTR (FPS and RPS), and Harry Potter. I was never very big in either of them, since I never produced anything, betaed anything, or, to the best of my knowledge, commented on anything. God, that's so embarrassing. It's even more embarrassing that I never commented on anything because I was too shy. It's the lamest reason I can ever think of, but even though I have always been delighted to get feedback that is simple as 'thank you' or 'i liked this', I couldn't ever leave just that. It was either big, long comments, or nothing, and I was too shy to leave the big ones. Anyway--digression is digressing. )

So, yes. My thoughts on fangirl(boy) migratory patterns. Yours?

(Oh, yes, and totally unrelated, because I know someone on this flist was asking--I've updated my [ profile] jay_bean journal, and posted a tummy picture from about a month ago. The link is here if you wanted to see my nineteen-week twin tummy)
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Things that are good:

- Episodes of Leverage, The Mentalist, and two episodes of Heroes on my computer waiting for me to watch them.

- Laughing at my kitten, who managed to get stuck IN my duvet. Well, in my duvet cover. She climbed up inside, trying climb under the duvet, and couldn't get out again. And the other cat kept pouncing on her because she couldn't get away, and she kept crying and trying to escape. Yes, I'm mean, but it was completely hilarious.

- Watching the Academic Husband get to hear the babies heartbeats for the first time.

Things that suck:

- Hospitals. Especially Emergency rooms. Especially emergency omg trips to the Emergency room. (I'm fine, the babies are fine, everything is fine, thank goodness. I go into a bunch of detail here, but 'I'm fine' is the short version).

- Having to eat when you're not hungry. And I mean being required to eat, every two damned hours or so, when you can barely force down food at all.

- Boost. Related to the whole having to eat, whether I'm hungry or not thing. SUCKS.
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Good. Grief. Tired. Seriously, omg tired. And if I've got any sense or logic, I'll be at least trying to go to sleep in the next ten minutes or so.

I'm still so far behind that I can't even get close enough to kick my own ass. I spent the weekend at a Shakespeare festival with a bunch of the drama kids, attending workshops and watching performances and stuff. We've got a few more shows left and then we're closed, and I'll be getting my life back after working on one show or another since September. I love these kids, and I love theatre, but fuck, I need the break.

I've got so much stuff that's been going on that I don't even know where to start. My mother and sister are on vacation in Greece and Italy, so we'll be celebrating my birthday (and the AH's, and my father's) once they get back. I'm finally just about over being sick, although I'm still coughing my guts out like a wounded seal every time I do anything that gets me breathing too quickly.

And I'm about to go on my second meet-a-fandom-person-in-real-life trip! Just over a year after I met [ profile] apetslife, I'm going to get to meet [ profile] ashinae, which will be shiny! I really have to get my act in gear and get myself a passport so I actually can take advantage of the opportunity to meet a few more people, since most of you aren't in, y'know, Canada.

Okay. Sleeping for now, work tomorrow, then drama rehearsal, then actually home for a whole evening! I may have to pinch myself.
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This is always true, but I'm just reminded of it as I sit here with my wet hair still piled up underneath a towel. One that he gave me for my last birthday.

One that is a Pirates of the Caribbean towel that he bought just for me because he thought that the 'rendering of Orlando Bloom as Will Turner was actually pretty accurate, and he knows how much I like him'.

I love my boy.
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Ohhh such an oversleeping headache. 13 hours, what the fuck? Apparently I needed it, but still--damn. I'll be sleep-hungover all day.

Also, I have a massive list of shit-to-do that I've barely even started on, so there's that. My main problem is that I'm so used to being able to multitask that when it comes to something that you really can only do that at one time it kind of irritates me. This is probably one of the main reasons why I really don't solo fic.

Either way, today I have things to beta, things to edit, things to organize, things to post, things to tag, logs to start, and many, many things to knit or crochet. Plus I have various theatre related nonsense for Romeo and Juliet that has to be done.

Big day. Gonna need a Pepsi. And some Tylenol. Oof.

In other news, I have a new/used TV that is so big it frightens me, and it's snowing outside. So, not really so bad, on the whole.

Pepsi. Now.


Nov. 26th, 2007 07:12 pm
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I want another kitten.
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Yeah, I know--how does one 'accidentally' get a job? Well... I didn't apply for the one I've been temping at because I was quite sure that someone else would apply, and then no one did, and the principal came to talk to me and wanted to sweet talk me into taking it. It's less hours than I wanted, but the salary is great, and I'm still available to get called out for afternoons if they need extra people elsewhere, so... yeah. I have a job *blink*.

Now I seriously, SERIOUSLY need some clothes, since they've already seen everything I own about seventeen times. Guess that's this weekend's goal. Not today though. I'm in too good a mood to go clothes shopping.

So, yes. JOB! Yay!

Oh, and in other news, I need some kind of a portable media player. iPod, MP3, whatever. I know nothing about them at all, so... this is the part where you rec me whatever it is you have, or make suggestions or whatever. Thank you!
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So, we went on a historic tour, which included two hours in Costco. Very shiny. The girls are in the hot tub (I forgot a swim suit, so I am not in there with them), and the boys are watching hockey. I am drinking a mix of Red Bull, raspberry vodka, and regular vodka. This is following having a "martini" that was vodka and pomegranate cherry juice. I think. I'm not in charge of mixing things.

I also have a full bottle of wine on the counter, we have another bottle of vodka, and a bottle of kaluha the size of my head.

Pray for me.


Jun. 16th, 2007 04:36 pm
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Oh god.

I have the flu.

I will not barf, I will not barf, I will not barf x 1000 and maybe it'll actually come true.

Kill me now.
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- I officially have a moving date. We're flying out of here on May 25, at 7:15 in the morning. *claws about for paper bag to breathe into*.

- We are going to be flying with the cats as two of our carry on items. I find it odd that we have to pay to fly the cats (fifty bucks each), and that even though we're paying extra, we still have to count them as a carry on item, but I don't make the rules for Westjet. I predict the cats reactions to flying will be 'not at all impressed, and yet amusing'.

- All of our stuff except for the cats, and whatever is going on the plane with us will be picked up the day before. This should make things interesting in terms of such thing as sleeping, since we will have no furniture, and no bedding. It is possible that looking into spending a night in a hotel might be a plan at this point.

- This also means that I won't have a computer, or access to one, as of some time on May 24th at the latest. Remind me again why I didn't get a laptop when I had the chance?

- I have done a lot of organizing/sorting/throwing away/giving away, but to date have only packed eight boxes. This is discouraging and not of the good.

- It is just under two weeks until my birthday--YAY! Even though this will be the year of no material items for my birthday since that just means more things to pack, I still LOVE my birthday and will insist on going out with the AH to get a steak the size of my HEAD.

There's more, but really, I should be doing that packing thing. Why do I have so much CRAP?!
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Oh lord. Note to self--muscle relaxants make the Jay goofy as FUCK.

I've got recurring (for the past few weeks or so) intermittent pain behind my right shoulderblade, and I don't know what or why--it doesn't feel like I've pulled anything, more like something is just pinched or pissed off. It'll be la la la la fine, and then instant stabbity pain of death so bad that I can't even breathe, and then it goes away again. Tylenol and Ibuprofen (which does nothing for me at the best of times--seriously, it's like swallowing an M&M and calling it medicine) are doing dick, so I got AH to pick me up some extra-strength Robaxacet, since usually it takes a Mack truck's worth of meds to get anything to affect me (post-surgery, I had a pain level of about five or six, and three morphine shots later and I was still exactly the same. Totally disappointing). But Robaxacet?

Goofy. As. Fuck. I just spent five minutes laughing my ass off and when AH asked me what I wanted for dinner, I told him bacon and a Cadbury Creme egg.

I don't even like bacon.
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I have so many things to do that I can't settle down to any of them. I keep distracting myself and scampering off to do other things instead, then scampering to the next one. I have a list sitting RIGHT in front of me and I still can't settle down and behave and accomplish anything. My brain has turned into a magpie or something, and this is ANNOYING. The only things that I've really accomplished today was cleaning out a bunch of icons and uploading new ones, and a bunch of tagging. So, not nothing, but my list is still sitting here, TAUNTING me.

In other unrelated news, I love Rome way more than should be reasonable, considering how much it scares the living FUCK out of me. I'll admit, the acting/plot/set/naked James Purefoy really makes up for a lot of gore/nastiness/oh my god that was DISGUSTING.

Also, am I the only person who it annoys the hell out of on the movie version of the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack when every time Christine sings the word 'Angel' and holds it, she doesn't hold the note on the vowel in the second syllable, but on the 'l'? "Come to me strange Angellllllllllllllllll." It sounds weird, and it irritates me. I've got no problem with her in general, but that just sounds odd.

Yeah. Random, huh? Now I'm distracting myself from making a post about procrastination by jumping topics. I really should just go put my head down on my desk or something...
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Oh my lord, why am I still awake? *cue whining*

I'm just waiting for the AH to stop hitting snooze so I can go crash for a few hours--if I manage to fall asleep before his alarm starts going off, I don't even hear it. If I miss that window though, I have to stay up until he actually GETS up, which is usually when I all of a sudden slide into omg must sleep NOW mode.

Insomnia. Fun. Only not.

I've been watching Supernatural with the AH, even though it freaks him out, and we've just gotten up as far as Shadow, which has got to be one of the most Vancouvery episodes ever... talk about making me homesick. From the opening scene with shredded-by-MOTW-girl, it's just scene after scene, location after location that are familiar as breathing to me. )
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I have a... well, I don't know if it's a good habit or a bad habit, but if a movie is recced strongly enough for me by people I trust and I find it for a really good price, chances are I'm going to buy it, even if I've never seen it before. But sometimes even if they're sitting on my shelf, it takes me forever to actually just sit my ass down and watch them, so... this is my list of movies/TV shows that are actually in my house, and the boxes still have the plastic on them.

On VHS: )

On DVD: )

And I have 'acquired' these, and have them on my computer, but haven't watched: )

So... what haven't I seen that I need to go and watch right this minute, young lady!?
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It's Monday. I've been awake since... whenever I woke up on Saturday. Now is the time when I try and do the thing called sleep... we will hope I pull it off. I'll do the New Years thing tomorrow, but I hope everyone enjoyed the night, and ate something wonderful and disgusting. All of the ones of you that I love... you know who you are, and how much your friendship means to me. And if you don't... believe me, imma find a way to tell you.

Love y'all.


Snow day

Dec. 8th, 2006 05:44 pm
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Snow day doesn't even begin to cover it, really--this is INSANE. Two days ago, we didn't have any snow at all--nothing. Now we're buried in over 50 centimetres of it (that's about 20 inches for those of you playing along from those imperial measurement countries).

I've got pictures that I'm going to upload later, but it's just plain mental--all the schools are shut down, (and they NEVER do that here) university exams are canceled, the buses aren't running, taxis are designated as emergency service only... I'm about to start checking the cupboards for canned goods and candles and like... I don't know what else--I'll have to go read Little House on the Prairie or something.

So far--this is my favorite quote from the (online, 'cause paper delivery didn't happen) newspaper:

The fire department is asking people to clear off the tops of fire hydrants if they know where they are located.

I'm never going to be able to bitch when people start making the jokes about Canada being buried in snow and ice ever again.

ETA: A weather satellite picture of the giant snowstorm that got stuck right over our heads last night...


Dec. 7th, 2006 09:03 am
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I just finished the last present that I have to make before I can send away the packages for my family for Christmas! Now I can turn into a human being who doesn't talk about knitting ad nauseam, thank holy fuck!

*faints go crash go sleep*

Uh... okay.

Nov. 9th, 2006 04:48 am
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So, I put my copy of disc one of season one of The West Wing in my computer DVD drive to watch, and the track listing and album cover comes up.

As "Bellydance Surprise... Queen of Flowers".

Oh, it's playing disc one of "The West Wing"... but not according to the track finder-thingie on my WMP.

I have like... no words.


Sep. 22nd, 2006 10:27 pm
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oh my god!

My cat just defiled a carebear!

He dragged it off my dresser and made it his prison bitch!

My childhood will never be the same again.!


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