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Any and all RPS fic that [ profile] linden_jay and [ profile] darknight999 have written together in LOTRiPS.

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When I first ventured into fandom, it was through LOTR (FPS and RPS), and Harry Potter. I was never very big in either of them, since I never produced anything, betaed anything, or, to the best of my knowledge, commented on anything. God, that's so embarrassing. It's even more embarrassing that I never commented on anything because I was too shy. It's the lamest reason I can ever think of, but even though I have always been delighted to get feedback that is simple as 'thank you' or 'i liked this', I couldn't ever leave just that. It was either big, long comments, or nothing, and I was too shy to leave the big ones. Anyway--digression is digressing. )

So, yes. My thoughts on fangirl(boy) migratory patterns. Yours?

(Oh, yes, and totally unrelated, because I know someone on this flist was asking--I've updated my [ profile] jay_bean journal, and posted a tummy picture from about a month ago. The link is here if you wanted to see my nineteen-week twin tummy)
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We were nominated! And we didn't win, but they gave us a pretty banner anyway, and looklooklook!

We got iconses too! Yes, it's possible I'm a little overexcited over it which might be due in part to the sheer amount of sugar I've had tonight, but seriously- we're just itty bitty fish in the RPS pond, we were writing Viggo/Karl, and we got nominated for a part of the very first fic Jess ever strongarmed me convinced me to write with. And it started off a whole chain of other stuff, and I just love what we've written together. *hearts Jess like whoa*

So whichever of you it was that nominated us in the first place, and everyone who voted, everyone who didn't and everyone who just reads our stuff and enjoys it- seriously, thank you.

And it's all Jess's fault.

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So... [ profile] darknight999 and I got nominated for a [ profile] slashy_oscars award.

I am seriously so tickled by this. It gave me a lovely smile when I really needed one, so whoever it is of you wee creatures either here, or over on [ profile] darknight999's journal- thank you. We'll try and come up with some thank you fic, methinks... if you want to out yourself and tell us what you'd like to see (no promises we can do it, sighs sadly at abandoned ('cause it sucked) Liam Neeson/Jeremy Irons fic) you can go 'head and give us a suggestion. Hell, comment anon iffen you want. Or you can just stay quietly in the shadows and know that we think you're lovely and precious whoever you are.

Just to give the details on it- we were nominated in the "Best Fight/Break Up Scene" category for "Nobody's Quite Like You"- which was our six part Viggo/Karl fic (also, the first complete RPS storyline that Jess and I wrote together.) The scene that was nominated is from part six of the fic, and can be found here:

"Nobody's Quite Like You" - Chapter Six

And if you wanted to read the entire arc, including the two epilogue pieces that follow the last scene, you can find it here:

"Nobody's Quite Like You" - Memories

(And if you wanted to vote for us, which I'm saying all small-like because mentioning it is making me blush, the ballot is here.)

So- from both [ profile] darknight999 and myself- thank you to whoever nominated us, and to everyone who reads and enjoys our stuff! MWAH!
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Title: Watching the game

Authors: [ profile] linden_jay & [ profile] darknight999

Fandom: LOTR

Pairing: KU/HS

Rating: Oh yeah – adult rating baby! There be smut here!

Disclaimer: Like I really know anything, about anybody... Lies, all lies!! No harm meant!!

Summary: Harry’s watching the game and Karl drops by to distract him – just a bit of friendly PWP with some teasing and fun smut!

Watching the game

Title: Good Boy

Author: [ profile] linden_jay & [ profile] darknight999

Fandom: LotR

Rating: Adult - PWP – smut - Pr0n

Pairing: Harry/Karl

Disclaimer: Like I really know anything, about anybody... Lies, all lies!! No harm meant!!

Summary: Karl shifted closer, leaning his head into Harry's lap. After a moment he looked up and said, "C'mon Harry, please mate. For Christ’s sake, just give it up already."

Good Boy
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I've been a really horrible reader in the past few months, and I've always been bad at feedback, so today I'm actually going to try and get back into it, at least a little. It was tough for me to decide what to repost, since almost everything [ profile] darknight999 and I write is an arc and considerably more than one part, but I picked The other side of want - the poetry arc.

Fanfic Review Day

I'm sure that anyone who's ever posted fanfiction to Livejournal will know just how great it feels to read comments from other users (and how depressing it can be if no one comments). I also know that I don't review other people's fanfiction half as much as I really ought to. So to make up for that, on Sunday I'm going to try and post a review for every piece of fanfiction I read on Livejournal (and I plan to read a lot). Why not do the same, and let other writers know their efforts are worth it?

Writers, why not take the opportunity to re-post a story you think slipped under people's radars the first time around?

Copy and paste to your own journal if you intend to take part.


Title: The Other Side of Want- Part 1/4
Author: [ profile] darknight999 and [ profile] linden_jay
Fandom: LOTR
Rating: Bit o’ language
Disclaimer: Like I really know anything, about anybody... Lies, all lies!! No harm meant!!
Summary: Viggo – a discussion with Dennis and a phone call.
A/N: Bit of angst, bit of smut, and lot of Dennis Hopper acting like a meddling loon... 'course that's over all four parts, and I'm only giving you the first bit... but if you want to read all of it, the link to my memories is here.

The other side of want  )
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Man I suck at cross posting this stuff *ducks* Jess and I wrote this a few couple buncha days ago, as replacement fic for the [ profile] anglicandoorway ficathon.

Title: Wet Naps
Author: [ profile] linden_jay & [ profile] darknight999
Pairing: VigOrli
Rating: PG-13 for language
Request: [ profile] ollopa Vigorli first time together, duped by hobbits into realizing mutual attraction
Summary: "You might as well put an advert in the paper, Orlando. Because if you're obvious enough that Elijah here discovered your secret, it's only a matter of time before - well everyone knows." Dom nodded happily.
Warnings: None really
Disclaimer: Big ol’ pack of lies – non-profitable whoppers of lies.. no truth – not even pretending it’s true!
Author's Note: This is Jay and Jess writing while laughing 'til we almost pee... so beware- insanity lies within.

Wet Naps

Oh, and just as a sidenote, once you've read the fic, you should really read the blooper we posted, because... well, because it's just plain sad, and it allows you to make fun of me. And that's nothing if not fun. MWAH!
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Title: Scotch and Cola
Author: [ profile] linden_jay & [ profile] darknight999
Fandom: LotR
Rating: Adult - PWP – smut - Pr0n
Pairing: VM/?
Disclaimer: Like I really know anything, about anybody... Lies, all lies!! No harm meant!!
Summary: It’s PWP people – there is NO summary…

This was written for [ profile] angiepen’s birthday! Hope you like it!!

Scotch and Cola )
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So- Jess and I have finished up our Marton/Orlando arc. All previous chapters are indexed here: Better than any high

While we were at it, we wrote a Viggo/Karl one shot, with a strictly pants-on cameo from Dennis Hopper *hangs head* We are sick, sick people. So... if you wanna read it- here it is: At the beep.

*snugs Jess, skitters off to post more stuffs*
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So... just over two months ago, [ profile] darknight999 did her lil lip wobbly thing that she does so very, very well, and she conned convinced me to write a challenge fic with her... ‘just this one time, just this one challenge, you can do it, won’t ever make you do it again’.


Fic spawned a sequel, which couldn’t be wrapped up in just one more part and became a six-part fic, and then we did another one, and now we can’t stop OMG! And I’m having ever so much fun doing it, and I love [ profile] darknight999 and I’m so glad she made me do it, except I’ll never admit it- ack- people can read the strikeout’s OMG I just did admit it!! I just want everyone to know that blame or praise, it’s all [ profile] darknight999’s fault! *snugs*.

So- just in case you missed it, because I went and stopped cross posting links, *ducks* here’s links to the ficlike stuff I’ve been doing with [ profile] darknight999 since end of March. )
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Umm... *scuffs shoe in the dirt* Remember how I said I wasn't going to write RPS any more after Jess and I finished the last one?

I lied.

The Other Side of Want

All warnings, etc. on the top of the page!

And oh- for those who read last time? It's a different story, but...

Dennis is back. *hides in fear*
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So, Jess and I are all finished now. Apparantly, I can no longer claim to not be a fiction writer now that I've posted RPS outside of my Role Playing Game, but we'll see. If nothing else, it's fun getting to drive her crazy. *giggles and ducks*.

Thank you to everyone who read and all the people who commented- I was truly amazed with how much attention our wee story got- Jess could tell you how many times she had to coax me out from underneath my desk where I hid and blushed from all the lovely comments.

But thanks mostly to Jess for poking me and making me do this. I had an absolute blast. Love you, Cricket!

Part One: Nobody's Quite Like You
Part Two: Clueless
Part Three: Be Subtle
Part Four: Eyes Wide Shut
Part Five: What's the Difference?

(And, the conclusion)

Part Six: What Have I got in my Pocket?
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Okay- so that thing that Jess ([ profile] darknight999) and I wrote that was just going to be a one shot, and then we wrote the sequel, but that wasn't enough, so we had to keep going?

Parts three and four are posted on Jess's journal. And there's another *mumble* part(s) coming. *headdesk* Bloody Enabler.

Either way, here be the links:

Part three: Be Subtle

Part four: Eyes Wide Shut

And, just in case you missed the first few:

Part one: Nobody's quite like you

Part two: Clueless

*snuggles hella Jess*
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So- Jess and I kept writing that Viggo/Karl RPS. And it's still not done, because the muses won't behave. This is part two, we're partway through part three, and I'm thinking we're going to need at least part four. If I didn't love her so much, I think I'd smack her one *snuggles Jess up*

Anyway- here be the fic, all warnings at the top of the page: Clueless

And in other totally unrelated news, my amazing Academic Husband is on his way home from work right now, and he's taking me for dinner for our 10 year (dating) anniversary. Yeah, I know, once you're married you're not supposed to celebrate dating anniversaries, but I don't care, because ten years is special, I'm getting a steak out of it, and I love him to bits and bits and beyond belief, and I'll take any excuse to celebrate that.

*Runs off to see if I still own any makeup*
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So... [ profile] darknight999 is evil. It's not like anyone who knows her will be surprised by this information- but yes, she is, in fact evil. Also tricksy. Adorable as all hell, but still. The darling wench talked me into co-writing a RPS challenge fic with her when I do not write outside of my happy, safe little role playing game world.

But I'd do damn near anything for that one. So here it is- Karl/Viggo, written for the [ profile] lotrpschallenge Challenge 33 - Tattoos.

Nobody's quite like you

*eta- hokay- 'pparantly we broke the rules, and you're not allowed to cowrite fic for challenges *sighs*. Still- we wrote it and it was fun, so read it anyway.
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Written by: [ profile] linden_jay, [ profile] darknight999, and [ profile] anorienbean

Written for: [ profile] lunasv

Pairing: Craig Parker and Harry Sinclair

Rating: *wrinkles nose, tries to think* PG13 for cussing and some innuendo? Hell if I know. That sounds about right

Warnings: Piercing. Ooh- and it's not songfic, but there are song lyrics in the text at one point. [ profile] angiepen grumbled whilst betaing, so there- you stand warned.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I know nothing, generally nothing at all but especially nothing about the personal lives of anyone I'm writing about. And if you recognize the original character Belle as being like someone you know... well, lets just say I think we'd both be damned pleased!

Notes: I struggled for a bit trying to figure out how to play out the wedding for these two, when I realized that for them, it's not about the ceremony or the wedding itself- it's about the relationship that makes them want that commitment. So that's what you see here... the moments that make them want to be married... so for my wedding ficathon piece, I did not, in fact, write the wedding. The shame I feel *headdesk* *grin*.

Beloved One )


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