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I've been commenting in a lot of places over the past few days, and I've friended a few new people, and I realized that I don't have one of those handy 'all about me' posts to give people the quick 'who is this person?' details about who's just shown up to babble in their journal. So I'm gonna do that now.

Jay Linden used to be my 'oh my god, you're a total freak' name. As in, someone would approach me, be a total freak, and ask for my name, and this was the name I gave out automatically. It was an obvious choice when I came onto live journal, where being a freak is kind of the order of the day and all.... )
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So there was going to be sleep, and then there were babies, and then there wasn't sleep and now I'm going to toss out some of the last of the thinky thoughts that I had relating-but-not-really to the contents of my last post.

That wasn't in any way a coherent sentence, was it? Imma try again. This is tangential. It's definitely a rant. And it's about something that's very much a side note in this whole discussion that's been going on. But it's making my brain do seething, and that's not good for my blood pressure, I'm pretty sure, so I'm gonna try and see if I can make it make sense.

This is one of those things that I'm sure for most of the people that I know is just common sense. In fact, it outright says on the S&P for Wincon that people are not to be douches toward hotel staff (okay, maybe they didn't put it exactly like that, but still). Tip your bell-people and the housekeepers. Be polite to the front desk staff, especially if you're asking them for things. Don't be loud and obnoxious. Don't describe Two Girls, One Cup in the lobby of the hotel, right across from the group of little old men and ladies from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Daughters of Rebekah who are checking in for their own convention. Don't drink in public spaces where drinking is not permitted.

And do you know why? Because when you don't? The person whose life you make difficult is me. Yeah, I work in a hotel. )
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A lot of thoughts. And because I don't like cryptic, even when I think everyone knows what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the posts made by [ profile] thenyxie, and the resulting, well. Everything, really, that's come from it. Because it's not just wank anymore. There's been wank, and more wank, and People Not Getting It. There's been people sharing their stories, people gaining strength from each other, people being touched, inspired, disillusioned, disappointed. To draw an odd parallel, just like Wincon is no longer just about Supernatural... this isn't just about what it started being about. It's become pan-something. Panfandom, pan a lot of things.

And since I'm gonna keep talking about it, and linking to it, and talking about other things, I'm gonna jump under a cut now, just to be safe. Back here there will be discussion and links that may be triggering. )

For the past few days, I've read. And I've read, and I've read, and I've read some more... )

Stakes, and why it matters when they don't matter. )

And then there are the people who restore my faith in humanity... )

Wincon again, the scary people who kidnap you from the swingset, and thank yous, to ethrosdemon and coiledsoul in particular... )

I'm tired. I've read a lot over the past few days, and I feel wrung out by it... and that's just from reading people's accounts, people's stories. Seeing people's pain and frustration and rage and wisdom poured out. I feel older, smarter, and I feel dumber. I feel sadder because of the things I've read. I feel hope because of the things I've read. And because of that hope, I want to end positive here. Thank you. Thank you for the people who have shared their stories. Thank you for the people who've stood up and said that things that are not okay are NOT okay. Thank you for the people who step up to back up the people who aren't in a place yet to be able to be the one who stands up. Thank you.

Just thank you.
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1) I am tired. Raise your hand if you're shocked. Really, I need to find a new #1 thing to whine about, but it's just so, well. True.

2) The aliens have been getting slightly better about sleeping now that they're not sick anymore, but that didn't stop them from having a truly epically wretched night last night. Poor Monkey kept falling asleep and waking up in hysterics, like she was having nightmares, and the Frog was just completely stubborn and Do Not Want as regards sleep. I blame it on them having shit naps on Sunday in the daytime. Hopefully I can break the cycle if I can get them down for two good naps today.

3) Work continues to be... interesting. I only get one more training shift at my actual job before I'm all on my own on a weekend *cue panic*. I left a note for my boss that said I didn't feel ready and that I'd like one more training shift before my last training shift, but he never called me back. Which leads me to:

4) Work has called me three times already today. At nine am. NINE AM. 1) I have babies, and 2), dude, I know I didn't work last night, but I work the night shift. Who calls someone who works the night shift at nine am!?!?! The first was to ask me about my tax forms (which I left in a pile with the note that never got answered, so clearly he didn't find those), the second was to ask me for my Social Insurance Number, and the third was to ask me for my birthday. This is all for my paycheque, so y'know. I'll take the calls, but he better not have been kidding when he promised not to call again today.

5) I am on episode 12 of Season Two of Doctor Who. I have been warned by [ profile] ashinae that my opinions re: some things/characters/whatnot might be considered heretical in circles, so I will tread carefully until I know what kind of Whosits I have on my flist. I will say this though--watching Doctor Who? Making Torchwood make OH so very much more sense.

6) It may be Monday, but I have hot chocolate, three cattens curled up on my bed, and napping aliens. I'll take that as a win, for now.
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Anyone want to guess what I've been watching? I know, I'm Canadian and this is the first time I'm actually watching Due South, which I think [ profile] apetslife has been trying to pimp me into for even longer than the Fast and Furious franchise. I'm about halfway into my second disc, in the middle of an episode where there is a baby and a baby faced Mark Ruffalo, and this episode is making me SAD. Because however it ends up, it's going to be sad in some way and I don't ever like adoption storylines because it just... something always feels sad about the whole thing, whichever way the adoption goes. Which I suppose is realistic. I just don't have to like it. SAD.

But. Still. I have questions. Questions which the Due South people will have to answer for me, as I am, of course, very late coming to this party.

Fetish mounties? In 1994? )

In unrelated to that news, the babies are both disgustingly sick. Frog's worse than Monkey right now, with the head cold to beat all head colds, combined with a truly disgusting cough. I'm still not even going to get into the colours of what's coming out of their noses, except gross. I've had a humidifier going in the nursery around the clock, to the point that I hear white noise every time I close my eyes. I've clearly watched too much SPN because it's freaking me out. Still. Poor wee ones.

So if you don't see me right now, it's because I'm packing around wee aliens who are doing their best to wipe every yucky thing coming out of their noses and mouths on every shirt I own. Pray for me.
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I wonder if I went back and did a check, how often I'd find that as the lead up phrase in any post I write? Probably it would just depress me if I found out the answer to that. I haven't slept yet--at all--and I still need to go out shopping for jeans, go to a physio appointment, and then--joy of joys--I will be taking the babies on their first airplane ride as we go to visit my grandmother and aunt for a week. My mother's coming with me, I'm not so totally insane to fly with two not-quite-ten-month-olds on my own.

I'll be gone for the better part of a week, and I won't have much access to the internet, although I will be at least checking email, so if anyone needs to get a hold of me, use that, or contact [ profile] fiercy or [ profile] ashinae. They can track me down.

This has been a really tough week for a lot of people I care about. I'm crossposting this, and of course many of you already know this all too well, but for those who don't, we lost [ profile] lunasv to cancer this past week. I have thoughts, and I'm trying to get them in coherent order, and if I do, before I go, I'll post them. For now, I have two things to say. I respected [ profile] lunasv deeply, as a writer, as a person, as a mother, and as a friend, and I wish very much that I'd known her better. The second is, in the words of [ profile] apetslife, fuck cancer. Fuck it so hard. I know that's not a positive or uplifting thought, and I'm usually better at those, but I'm so tired of losing people to it.

Take care of each other, and be good to yourselves. Be at peace.
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I spent the entire evening caught in a wiki loop, researching up on orcas. One news story, and I got stuck for hours. IRRITATING. I had PLANS.

I have more or less learned how to use delicious, and I will now be moving most of my bookmarks over onto there, for the stuff what I read. This will make me much less tense about losing the links for the bunches of stories I've got saved. It's also giving me the impetus for a project I've been wanting to do for ages.

See, I suck at feedback. I mean I epically suck at giving feedback. I get shy, I get worried, I'm afraid that my comment will suck... whatever. And it's all stupid because I know how much I love getting feedback, especially on my older stuff. It's neat knowing that people are discovering things years after I write them.

So. I plan to bookmark things as I reread them, and try and leave feedback for the authors. So, if you're wondering why you're getting feedback from me on something that you wrote years ago? It's because I've had it in my memories or my bookmarks and I've reread it seventeen times, but been too shy up until now to comment. So... yes. Anyway--that's my plan.

That and scouring around for every bit of good fic from the Fast and the Furious world as I can possibly find, now that I've finished the fourth movie. (And am not watching the third one. I need the thirty second version, because no Paul, no Vin, no Tyrese? NO.) I babbled about the fourth movie here, and I'm glad that I finally watched them. After poor [ profile] apetslife had to keep at me for like, hell, nine months? Hee.

Also sleeping more. Good luck there though.
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Okay, so I need something to poke at when I'm sitting here with babies that are not awake, but not asleep, but no, mum, you can't put us down in our nice cool bassinet, that would be TERRIBLE! We must be in a wrap and all smooshed up against you because that is much better. SO.

Unpopular fandom and fannish opinions. Pretty sure I've got them. So if you like, I shall give them to you, if you give me a fandom or fandom related thing. These aren't necessarily negative, incidentally, just unpopular, at least from my perspective. So go 'head! My fandoms are in my userinfo.
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When I first ventured into fandom, it was through LOTR (FPS and RPS), and Harry Potter. I was never very big in either of them, since I never produced anything, betaed anything, or, to the best of my knowledge, commented on anything. God, that's so embarrassing. It's even more embarrassing that I never commented on anything because I was too shy. It's the lamest reason I can ever think of, but even though I have always been delighted to get feedback that is simple as 'thank you' or 'i liked this', I couldn't ever leave just that. It was either big, long comments, or nothing, and I was too shy to leave the big ones. Anyway--digression is digressing. )

So, yes. My thoughts on fangirl(boy) migratory patterns. Yours?

(Oh, yes, and totally unrelated, because I know someone on this flist was asking--I've updated my [ profile] jay_bean journal, and posted a tummy picture from about a month ago. The link is here if you wanted to see my nineteen-week twin tummy)
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Things that are good:

- Episodes of Leverage, The Mentalist, and two episodes of Heroes on my computer waiting for me to watch them.

- Laughing at my kitten, who managed to get stuck IN my duvet. Well, in my duvet cover. She climbed up inside, trying climb under the duvet, and couldn't get out again. And the other cat kept pouncing on her because she couldn't get away, and she kept crying and trying to escape. Yes, I'm mean, but it was completely hilarious.

- Watching the Academic Husband get to hear the babies heartbeats for the first time.

Things that suck:

- Hospitals. Especially Emergency rooms. Especially emergency omg trips to the Emergency room. (I'm fine, the babies are fine, everything is fine, thank goodness. I go into a bunch of detail here, but 'I'm fine' is the short version).

- Having to eat when you're not hungry. And I mean being required to eat, every two damned hours or so, when you can barely force down food at all.

- Boost. Related to the whole having to eat, whether I'm hungry or not thing. SUCKS.
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It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Spoilers and commentary below the cut:


And now, it's time for some General thinky-thoughts on Supernatural... actually, not just Supernatural. Supernatural, Heroes, and just... Jay-fannishness.

Warning--behind here lies Opinions. I think they're unpopular fandom opinions, but I've started ducking and covering so I'm not sure. Do I have to warn for unpopular fandom opinions if they're positive? Scary. )
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Some of that's my fault. I slept in too late on Saturday, which led itself to being up way too late (say, seven am) on Sunday, then only getting 4 hours sleep before waking up again, but ugh. So. Tired. And this is going to be a hell of a week at work, then I've got a weekend of wedding and wedding related events, a baby shower one night this week that I haven't even considered what to get for the mom as a present (my sister in law), work is going to be batshit fucking insane all week 'cause I've got 65 Colombians in town to contend with, and to top it all off, we're moving in just over two weeks.

Oh yeah. You all wish you had my life, don't you?

Cut for moving related nonsense... )

In other news:

- I've updated the [ profile] jay_bean journal here, if you're following things along there, but not friended.

- I'm so far loving all of my shows that I'm watching this season. I'm a ridiculously easy fangirl to please, and I enjoyed last season of Supernatural and Heroes, so I'm not surprised that I'm liking this season too. I'm still a very laid back fangirl, but I might try and post fannish related things more often.

- The AH officially decided not to continue his doctoral studies, and I'm glad he made the decision. You really can't know until you're immersed in the world of higher academia whether it's where you want to be or not, which is kind of a bitch because it's not like choosing to leave a job, where it's seen as just a change in career path. People see it as quitting. I don't, partly because I just don't, and partly because he passed his comps. As far as I'm concerned, that proves anything he may have needed to prove. So he's now teaching high school, writing in his spare time (or will be once we move), and a much, much happier creature. Which is all that matters to me.
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Pick a fandom and I will tell you who I would...

01. bake cupcakes for:
02. trust with the keys to my car:
03. put thumbtacks on their chair:
04. have a crush on:
05. pack up and leave if they moved next door:
06. vote for President / Prime Minister:
07. pick as my partner in a buddy movie:
08. pair up:
09. vote off the island and into the volcano:
10. wheedle into fixing my MP3 player:

My fandoms are listed in my userinfo, if you don't know what they are.
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Gay Marriage - pros and cons from an alternative lifestyle supportive straight person. Discuss. *makes hand wavy gesture*

Okay. I have owed [ profile] darknight999 this rant for... lord. I don't even know how long. Long before she asked me for it. But this is one of those subjects where my thoughts tangle around themselves, and I worry that I won't be able to get my words to cooperate properly. But because I love [ profile] darknight999, and because I've promised for a long time, I'm gonna try.

There's more than one issue at play here to start with. )
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What are 10 of your most favorite actors' portrayals of characters in movies or television?

I have cheated. A lot. But I tried to make myself pick 10 different shows or movies, and in the process, I realized that a lot of the characters I truly love, it's a package deal, and not even usually in a shippy way.

In no particular order: )
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... I will never watch [fill in the blank].

Because as soon as I do, the universe takes notes. And someday, somehow, for some reason, I end up doing it after all.

This time? SG1.

Once upon a time, [ profile] lady_adrian started watching it, and tried to talk me into it, and I said 'ah ha ha ha NO'. Going on (at that point) nine or ten seasons of canon? Science Fiction? Aliens? HELLS, no. Especially because of the aliens. Jay+aliens=badness.

Also, I don't think Michael Shanks is cute.

But then, I watched SGA ([ profile] ashinae's fault), and she's been gradually working her way up with a whole get-Jay-to-watch-SG1 mission, and, well... I'm currently watching Meridian, which those of you who've seen the show will know well. For anyone else, it means that since I'm at the 21st episode of the fifth season... I'm now almost half-way through the series.

I'm funny about TV. Especially when I know something's over and not still ongoing. I watched seasons 2-4 of Angel as they aired, then didn't have cable when the final season was showing. It took me years to watch it because I knew that that would be it once I did. No more Angel. I'm the same with Rome right now--I've gotten as far as half-way through the final season, and I can't seem to make myself finish watching it, because then I will have seen all that there is to offer of the divine James Purefoy chewing scenery in the most glorious of ways as Marc Antony.

But still... SG1 is interesting. I prefer SGA, and I still don't think Daniel is pretty (although he has lovely eyes, and thank GOD he got rid of that hair and those glasses from the early seasons).
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If I ever finish the '100 things about Jay' meme that I started oh, quite some time ago, one of the things that will be listed on it is my love/fear relationship with horses. I think they're beautiful and wonderful and cool and shiny and all things good, and they scare the absolute PISS out of me. They're big! And too damned smart! And I fear their hooves and how they could stomp me into Jay-pudding. But at the same time as the aforementioned scaring-the-piss-out-of-me, I love them and think they're wonderful.

The most wonderful one I've met is [ profile] apetslife's pony, Dom. I got to meet him when I met her, back last spring, and he's just the sweetest, cutest, suck of a pony ever. Like a big puppy, really. Even I, scaredy-pants that I am, wasn't afraid of him, and was snuggling him before long.

And Dom needs some help. He's having eye surgery this weekend to correct blindness in one of his eyes and cataracts in both. As you can imagine, pony-surgery isn't cheap, especially since you can't just put them in the back of your Honda and take them to the vet. There are trucking costs involved, the surgery costs themselves, and medication following the operation. [ profile] apetslife's been working her butt off at two jobs to save up and pay for it, and manage to feed herself as well (although sometimes I wonder about her... I think she'd live on noodles and vitamin water if it would mean her horses got something they needed, bless).

If you're able to help, and chip in even a couple dollars, she's got a paypal link set up on her livejournal. If you've got a few dollars you can spare and you'd like to donate to help the pony-love-bug, that would be beyond lovely. I don't know how to make icons, and I don't solofic, so I can't offer that in exchange, but I can rant and rave about things! Yeah, I'm kind of useless. But either way--whether you can chip in or not, spare a few thoughts for [ profile] apetslife's pony this weekend. Thanks, everyone. *big Jay squishes*

Donation link and picture beneath cut )
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Today is clearly a day wherein I need a list, if I'm going to get a quarter of the things I want to get done accomplished.

Big fucking list of shit to do... )

And in other news, I broke my toe yesterday. I tried to convince people that I did it kicking a child that really annoyed me, but no one believed me. I guess I'm just too nice. I was running through the kitchen and I caught my toe on the strap of my bag, and my foot went one away and my pinky toe went the other. And poor AH was on the phone, talking to the University, as I let loose an absolute swear TORNADO from the pain. He ran out of the room FAST.

I only thought I stubbed or sprained it though, so I get home, and it's still hurting (after walking on it all day, go figure) and I ask the AH to take a look at it and see if it's swollen. He takes my sock off and goes GAH! because my toe is so purple it's almost black. So. Yes. Broken. Also gross. Which is of course, why I had him take a picture. If you don't want to see my gross toe, don't look behind the second cut. )
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Day two home and sick. At least today I'm slightly more able to walk around without feeling like I'm going to fall over and land on my head. But I am not so strong with the decision making right now, which means, of course, poll! All of these shows are ones that I have on DVD, and are pretty much still in the plastic--I've never seen any episodes of any of them. Help me, oh flist!

[Poll #1134751]

Feel free to elaborate on your decision in the comments, or tell me what else I'm not watching that I should be!
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Farewell my Concubine
by: [ profile] linden_jay
Characters: Sam and Dean (gen)
Rating/Warnings: G. I don't even think there's hardly any swearing... I'm a little shocked my own self
Spoilers: Nothing past Houses of the Holy.
Disclaimer: Despite living six hours from where SPN films, I own nothing. Not mine, never will be.
Summary: What kind of sick bastard goes through an entire roll of quarters in one afternoon on 'Magic Fingers'?
Word count: ~ 782


"Shut up."

"Look, if you-"

"Shut. Up."

"It's your own fault, you know."

''For the love of God, would you shut the hell up?'' )


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